Pen-y-Wern Holiday Park, Ceredigion

Waste Disposal

There are Two areas where you are required to dispose of any rubbish you have. Near the top end of the site, there are several large \'wheelie\' bins where you are able to dispose of your bags of rubbish etc.
At the bottom end of the site, there is an area where any \'greenery\', grass cuttings etc can be disposed.

Speed Limit

There is a speed limit around the park which is in place for everyones safety.

You and your dogs

Dogs are allowed on the park, under the condition that they are looked after responsibly, and kept on a lead.
There is a large field in the middle of the park (see aerial pictures) where you can excercise your dog, and a smaller, narrower area where the Touring caravans are allowed to set up. The main thing that you must do at all times, is PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG!, there are people and children using the field areas all the time, so it is very important that you do this, to ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy !