Pentland Park, Midlothian, Midlothian

Residential Park (find out more here)


Pentland Park is situated on a great bus route into Edinburgh, approximately 5 miles away. There are a wide range of shops just 5 minutes walk away. The Pentland hills are a mile's walk down a small country road.


Pentland Park, Midlothian
EH20 9PA

The rules set out below are designed to assist in the good management of Pentland Park and to be for the benefit of all residents of the Park. They form part of the agreement under which the owner of a mobile home is allowed to station his mobile home on the Park.
HOMES: All mobile homes on Pentland Park must be of proprietory manufacture or built to at least equivalent standards.
OCCUPATION & USE: Unless specially authorised in writing by the park owner it is forbidden for a home owner to permit anyone to reside in his while he is not also resident there.
POSTAL DELIVERIES: Each home must have a post box or flap for letters.
MAINTENANCE: Mobile homes must be kept in a sound state of repair and exterior decoration. the area under the home should be kept clear and not used for storage.
ALTERATIONS: No alteration or addition to the exterior of a mobile home may be made without the Park owner\'s written permission.
SHEDS: One storage shed may be erected on each site to a design and on a location approved by the Park owner. Floor area should not exceed 30 square feet. sheds erected after April 1991 must be of non-combustible material.
FIRE PRECAUTIONS: All mobile homes must have a fire extinguisher of an approved type plus a smoke detector.
GARDENS: Private gardens are permitted but must be kept tidy and clear of debris.
FENCES: Fences are permitted if well constructed in an approved style, not over on meter high, and well maintained.
PATHS: All homes must have a paved path from the door to the roadway.
WATER & SEWAGE PIPES: Each home owner is responsible for the maintenance of water and sewage pipes above ground level on his site and for keeping clear the drain between his home and the main service drain. He must ensure that all waste water discharges into the drain.
WATER: Water must not be wasted. Taps should not run unattended. Leaks and worn washers must be repaired. Hoses must not be used except in case of fire
ELECTRICITY & GAS: The home owner is responsible for the supply and maintenance of the electricity cable from the supply box to his home. He must ensure that electrical, gas and ventilation systems in his home comply with the relevant regulations and are correctly maintained.
SOLID FUEL: Only smokeless fuel should be used in solid fuel appliances. chimneys must be correctly designed & installed and kept clean and must extend 2 feet above roof level.
CONDUCT: Home owners are responsible for the conduct of residents in, or visitors to, their homes. Ball games must not be played on roads or near homes.
PETS: Pets may be allowed at the discretion of the Park owner. They must not be allowed to foul the Park. Only one dog may be kept in any home. A dog must not be allowed to disturb other residents in any way. Dogs must be on a lead on the Park unless in its owner\'s garden or on the Dog Park.
REFUSE: Household refuse must be put in the bin provided which should be kept on a clean concrete base. For special collection of a larger item, eg an old mattress or refrigerator, the home owner should telephone the Cleansing Department at 0131 6631069.
NOISE: TV\'s, radios, and other sources of noise including motor vehicles must not e used so as to cause nuisance to others especially between 10pm and 8am.
VEHICLES: Vehicles kept on Pentland Park must have a parking permit and current licence on display on the windscreen. Each must be kept within one authorised parking space. Vehicles over 15\' long are prohibited unless specially authorised in writing by the Park owner.
Vehicles kept on the Park must be taxed and insured. Dirvers must have driving licences and drive with care obeying the 10mph speed limit and one-way system.
Vehicle repairs other than of a minor nature are prohibited.
Written permission is required for the construction of a car parking bay (which must be to the Park owners specifications). Only one bay is permitted between any two homes. Only cars under 5\' high may be parked in these parking bays.
WEAPONS: It is forbidden to carry offensive weapons on the Park.