Penwortham Residential Park, Lancashire

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What Features Does Penwortham Residential Park Have?

Pet-friendly site
Bus stop close to entrance
Exclusively for Over-50s
Easy access to Preston city
Energy-efficient park homes
Variety of Park Homes


Are you looking for a park home at Penwortham Residential Park, Preston? Penwortham Park is a residential park owned by Wyldecrest Parks. The park is specifically for retired and semi-retired residents over fifty-five. The excellent location of this secluded park means amenities are all within walking distance in the town of Penwortham (approximately 2 miles).

Penwortham Residential Park is only 2.5 miles away from Preston City Centre by car or 1.8 miles walking. Preston is a dynamic and lively city with much to do and explore, for example visiting the Harris Museum & Art Gallery. Here you will be able to see fine and decorative arts and archaeology. 

The park is full of lush greenery with trees shading the park and brilliant wildlife which has led to the park winning conservation awards. There is mains electricity, water and drainage which ensure homes on the park offer the same services as conventional residential homes and, an LPG gas stockist is local and delivers regularly.

Why Buy at Penwortham Residential Park?

On the park, there is a brilliant collection of new and used properties in various models for sale with prices as low as £59,950. Plots are also available for purchase on the plot, which means buyers have the option to create their own personalised ideal static home from scratch. The park owners will provide buyers with as much advice and assistance as is required and the buyers will have the freedom to choose their own size of the home (depending on the plot size), colour scheme, furnishings and fitting. The option to visit the park manufacture to see how the home will be assembled will also be available. The park is pet friendly; however, no more than one domestic cat or domestic dog is allowed.

The park is four hundred yards from the main road which provides ease of access to the seaside towns of Blackpool and Southport. The park is located at a four-minute walk from a bus stop and the centre of Penwortham which is a small town in the heart of Lancashire with a great range of amenities that can be easily accessed by residents. Penwortham has local and chain retailers which include a Booths supermarket- ideal for stocking up on essentials. There are also great places to eat and drink in Penwortham which include The Shampan Indian Restaurant serving fresh and authentic food and The Black Bull Inn- a traditional friendly alehouse that holds a weekly pub quiz.

Preston is also home to the Harris Museum, which has great neo-classical architecture and holds great art exhibitions and has a delicious cafe that serves brilliant homemade goods. The beautiful Avenham Park is a perfect place for a picturesque walk with its stunning backdrop of the River Ribble, beautiful Japanese gardens and pleasing views. Preston is brilliant for shopping with an extensive collection of local independent retailers and high-street stores and the indoor and outdoor markets where a great variety of goods can be bought from local foodstuffs to jewellery clothes and furniture.


Penwortham Residential Park
Stricklands Lane
Penwortham, Preston

Penwortham Park Rules

The following rules of occupation are for the good management of Mobile Homes-Parks and the benefit of all who use them. Where Agreements for the occupation of Mobile Home pitches are entered into these rules form part of the agreement. Only people who are retired or close to retirement will be allowed to take up residency on the Park. This rule would only be waived under extreme circumstances and under the sole jurisdiction of the Park owner. Only mobile homes of proprietary manufacture which conform to the definitions contained in the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, the Caravan Sites Act 1960, and the Mobile Home Act 1975 are accepted.

Mobile homes must be kept in a sound and clean condition; decoration and external colour must be maintained to the satisfaction of the owner. Wheels must not be removed, nor the mobile home re-positioned without permission.

No external alteration of or addition to the mobile home or pitch is permitted without the prior approval of the owner.

The occupier is responsible for the cleanliness of the pitch. He must also keep the area underneath the mobile home clear.

The mobile home may be used by the occupier and members of his permanent household and bona fide guests only (and in any event for the occupation of such number of persons as shall not exceed the specified number of berths).

Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that both electrical and gas installations and appliances comply at all times with the requirements of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and/or other appropriate Authorities.

The occupier must not permit wastewater to be discharged onto the ground. Where water is not separately metered or rated, the use of hoses is forbidden, except in case of fire. Water supply and Drains. All water connections on the site shall be protected by the tenant from frost and all leakages repaired by him immediately. Responsibility for all clogged sewers above ground will rest with the resident. The occupier is responsible that all household refuse is deposited in approved containers which must not be overfilled. Musical instruments, record players, radios, other appliances and motor vehicles must not be used to cause a nuisance to others, especially between the hours of 10.30 pm and 8 am.

All vehicles must be driven carefully and shall adhere to the road signs and system and shall not exceed the speed limit of 10 mph. Vehicles must keep to authorised parking spaces and to the roads, which must not be obstructed. Vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by law and drivers must hold a current driving licence and insurance. Disused vehicles must be removed from the park. The prior written approval of the owner must be obtained before parking commercial vehicles. The repair to motor vehicles, engine, trailers, boats or similar equipment shall be of a minor nature. Any major repairs must be completed off the park. Storage sheds, fuel bunkers or other structures are only permitted with the approval of the owner and where permitted must be of a design and size approved by the owner. Private gardens where permitted, must be kept neat and tidy.

The planting of trees and shrubs is subject to the owner's approval of types and position. Trees and shrubs may not be cut down, removed or damaged and gardens will be left intact when the occupier vacates the pitch. All landscaping must be completed not later than 60 days following the occupation of the mobile home. Washing lines are to be reasonably screened from public view. No washing shall be put out on a Sunday. Pets, where permitted at the owner's discretion, must be kept under proper control and not allowed to despoil the Park. (See Pet Rules and Regulations) The occupier is responsible for the conduct of children in his/her custody and of visitors.

It is forbidden to carry offensive weapons, or other objects likely to give offence on the Park, or interfere with or disturb any flora or fauna on the park. Everyone using the Park is required to comply with the regulations of the site licence, water authority or any other statutory authority. Access is not permitted to vacant pitches. Building material or other plants must be left undisturbed. No commercial enterprise or business activities may take place on the Park without prior permission of the owner. The owner reserves the right to prevent access to the Park of all persons deemed undesirable and to remove such person or persons. Park property shall be used by residents and their guests with reasonable care. Residents and their guests will be responsible for the cost of any damage, replacement or repair (except ordinary wear and tear). The resident hereby grants to the owner, and or its employees, access to and authorisation to enter the rented premises, mobile home and improvements in an emergency, for the purpose of performing such acts as the owner in its discretion, deems necessary for the safety of the said property, and the resident shall not hold the owners, its employees or agents, responsible for such acts performed while acting in such capacity. Deliveries.

The owners reserve the right to limit and control deliveries within the Park as it may deem necessary to protect the Park property for the comfort, security and privacy of residents. Salesmen or Solicitors must have written permission by the owners before conducting business on or within the Park. Television Antennas. Exterior television antennas on mobile homes should be of an approved proprietary design and shall be approved by the owner prior to fixing. No other aerials will be permitted without the authority of the park owner in writing. Where the owner makes available to each pitch an underground master antenna television cable (MATV) to serve as a television antenna, it is understood that it is provided, without offering any guarantee or assuming any liability for its effectiveness, or on its use by the residents. The tenants shall provide a letterbox for the plot and shall affix in a position approved by the company numerals according with the number of the plot. All notices to the tenant shall be deemed to have been properly served if delivered by hand or by post to the plot, and notices to the company shall be deemed to have been properly served if delivered to the site office or sent by post to its Registered Office address. FIRE PRECAUTIONS

A Fire Extinguisher of a type approved by the local Fire Authority MUST be installed in each mobile home. (Note carbon tetrachloride, methyl bromide and chlorobromomethane can be dangerous in confined spaces and SHOULD NOT be used. A dry powder of at least 5 lb capacity will be suitable. It is expressly forbidden for anyone to interfere with fire points and appliances which are for use only in case of emergency. Children should be specially warned by all occupiers. Gas cylinders must not be placed inside mobile homes unless used in a compartment as prescribed in the British Standard Code of Practice CP339: Park 2 (1956) In solid fuel stoves, only smokeless fuel should be used and chimneys must be kept clean. Only people who are retired or close to retirement will be allowed to take up residency on the Park. This rule would only be waived under extreme circumstances and under the sole jurisdiction of the Park Owner. NOTE Portable oil heaters cause excessive condensation and some fire risk. Their use is not recommended.