Pinfold Leisure Park, Cumbria

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Pinfold Leisure Park is a small, picturesque leisure park nestling on a valley floor surrounded by imposing beautiful Howgill Fells. On one side of the park it is bounded by the River Rawthey that babbles away to join the River Lune. The location of the park is unique and idyllic and offers a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Pinfold Leisure Park consists of leisure homes, a spectacular secluded wood clad lodge development called the Howgills and also a separate private area designed especially for tourers and tents. Amongst the modern facilities provided at Pinfold Leisure Park are a new purpose built shower and toilet block with hot & cold water, showers, shaver and hair dryer points. Full laundry facilities are available on site as is a washing up room, chemical disposal point and calor and camping gas. The park also benefits from a regular mobile shop and daily milk deliveries. The Park is open from January to February each year


Pinfold Leisure Park
LA10 5JL

1) Now the park has an eleven month license the license providers have stressed Pinfold is not a residential park and therefore no-one for whatever reason, will be permitted on the premises after 4th January and before 4th February. The last night to stay on the park is 3rd Januaryl the first night back is the 4th February. Please make arrangements accordingly i.e redirection of mail etc-no mail to be collected from the park.

2) Washing lines of any description are not allowed anywhere on the park. Deckings are not to be used as a substitute. Small window ones are allowed.

3) Laundry and drying (9am-7pm) in our facilities are to be restricted to once or twice a week to allow everyone a fair chance of usage. People have a habit of washing clothes everyday at home; this is not always possible on this holiday park with limited facilities. Laundry facilities are for patrons only. No laundry to be brought in from elsewhere. Please ensure all laundry is removed before 7pm.

4) Gas bottles are available daily from 9am-5pm. Requests made after 5pm will be refused. Gas bottles are to be paid for when ordered.

5) The speed limit on the park is and has always been 5mph, yet some still ignore it. Please observe the speed limit at all times.

6) Noise is to be kept to an acceptable limit at all times.

7) Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and exercised off the park. Accidental fouling must be cleaned up immediately.

8) Although awnings may be left standing this is at your own risk. Park owners accept no responsibility for damage caused to or damage caused by awnings.

9) Sub-letting is not allowed; only close family are allowed to stay in your unit unaccompanied. Friends may stay but you must be present. Family and friends must be made aware of park rules and abide by them.

10) We are having difficulties identifying some people on the park. To avoid this no one is allowed to let anyone onto the park with their barrier remote\'s without prior notice. The rule is one car per unit, and for security all visitors must leave their cars in the car park and report to reception. Food visitors must also report visitors must also report to reception. It is up to you to inform your visitors before they arrive.

11) It is your responsibility to keep the exterior of your unit clean and tidy. Any exterior alternations, DIY, cutting back of trees or shrubbery etc. require the park owner\'s prior permission.

12) These rules are in place to ensure all patrons enjoy the park. Persistant ignoring of the rules may risk the non-renewal of your license.