Plas Coch Holiday Park, Anglesey

Lodges at Plas Coch Holiday Park

Three Bed Pemberton Glendale (44x22)

Plas Coch Holiday Park

Three Bed Pemberton Glendale (44x22)

Llanedwen, Llanfairpwll



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What Features Does Plas Coch Holiday Park Have?

12 month holiday season
Manor House lounge and bar
Spa and Gymnasium
Childrens Adventure Playground
Swimming & hydrotherapy pools
Exclusive Marina Club access
Variety of water sports
3x18 hole golf courses

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Plas Coch Holiday Park - The Jewel of Anglesey

Plas Coch Holiday Park, situated in the heart of Anglesey, is synonymous with luxury, tranquillity and unparalleled beauty.


Plas Coch is located on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales. The Isle of Anglesey, known for its scenic beauty, serene beaches, and rich history, is separated from the mainland of Wales by the Menai Strait. Plas Coch is positioned in a tranquil setting, offering panoramic views of lush landscapes and the adjacent waters. The park's prime location ensures that guests and residents enjoy both the serenity of their surroundings and the convenience of nearby local attractions.


Every convenience is at your fingertips at Plas Coch:

  • State-of-the-art fitness centre

  • Tranquil spa retreats

  • Heated indoor swimming pools

  • Fine-dining experiences with local gourmet delights

Local Attractions

Historic Beaumaris Castle: A testament to medieval architecture, this nearby castle promises a journey back in time.

Menai Strait: Perfect for gentle boat cruises or admiring from the coast.

Anglesey Sea Zoo: Engage with the vibrant marine biodiversity of the British Isles.

Llynnon Mill: Experience Anglesey's rich past at its only working windmill.

Nearby Activities:

Plas Coch Anglesey is the centrepiece of diverse recreational offerings, from meandering nature trails to adrenaline-pumping cycling routes. Plus, local fishing spots beckon enthusiasts.

Why Invest in Plas Coch Anglesey?

Owning a lodge at Plas Coch means securing a slice of Anglesey's paradise: experience year-round luxury, comfort, and nature's bounty.

Become a Part of The Plas Coch Community in Anglesey:

Immerse in the unmatched allure of Plas Coch. You can book your viewing for your dream lodge in this Anglesey haven today.


Plas Coch Holiday Park
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