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Single Unit Plot Quarry Rock Gardens


Single Unit Plot Quarry Rock Gardens




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Part Exchange Available
Close to local amenities
Community atmosphere
Established Residential Park
1.5 Miles to Bath City Centre
Great links to nearby cities

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Are you looking for a park home at Quarry Rock Gardens in Somerset? Set in the heart of the West Country, Quarry Rock Park is located in Claverton - a beautiful suburb of Bath and one of the country's most idyllic settings.

Although the surrounding areas of Bath are wonderful countryside, the city itself is a bustling hub of culture, arts and heritage. It's famous for its abbey and roman baths and of course the architecture which put it on the map in the first place. All the buildings in Bath have been built or clad in the renowned Bath Stone - a honey coloured smooth stone which somehow preserves the heritage of Bath without making it feel too “olde world”. But the Georgian architecture isn't all Bath has to offer - the city centre boasts an impressive variety of shops, from reliable high street chains to independent boutiques and large up-market stores. There are also several venues for the arts - from small independent theatres such as The Egg to world-renowned theatres like the Theatre Royal. And if music is your thing you'll find no shortage of live music every night of the week.

Bath is one of the most popular cities in the south of England - one of the most visited after London and it's easy to see why. The Bath Christmas Market is world famous, with people coming from all over the country to visit. The stalls themselves come from people all over Europe - so expect much more than your average Christmas gimmicks. These treasures involve handmade crafts, beautiful edible treats and one of a kind gifts that your friends and family will delight in. And it's not just Christmas that makes Bath popular - the history, heritage and architecture of this place makes it a popular tourist spot. This means that you'll be able to go on tours, visit museums and discover more about this amazing place situated right on your doorstep.

Quarry Rock Park encapsulates all that is wonderful about this part of the world - peace and tranquillity but without the total isolation that usually comes with this sort of calm pace of life. An already established park tucked away from any main roads, so no need to worry about traffic. But don't let that put you off - access to the city centre is still very easy, with the nearest bus stop only 100 metres - or a two minute walk - from the park itself.

The site itself is just over one mile from the city centre, not far from the university and with great train and road links to the M4 and the rest of the country. This means that you won't be isolated from the rest of the world, but you will often forget just how close you are to civilisation. The idyllic countryside town of Bradford on Avon is only 8 miles away and you can easily access it by car or train. The bustling city of Bristol is only a further 14 miles and again very easily accessible - even if you don't drive. Laycock - home of the famous abbey is also 14 miles away and there are plenty of ways to get here - including even local bus tours.

You'll never be short of things to do here at Quarry Rock Park as there is so much right on your doorstep. So if you're thinking about changing your pace of life for something a big calmer, but are worried about the boredom that comes with it then worry no more! Bath is a people-friendly city due to its small size and marginally smaller population. Consistently rated as one of the safest cities in the world - you'll soon feel right at home here without feeling vulnerable. You'll be able to enjoy all the wonderful attractions and events that Bath has to offer without feeling uneasy or out of place.

Although a modern city with many new buildings and innovations, you'll still find Bath full of the good old fashioned hospitality that the South West is famous for. The people here are all full of that West Country charm that will make you feel welcome for as long as you choose to stay here. This is perhaps why Quarry Rock Park is such a popular park home site. Your new neighbours have all heard about the delights and home comforts that Bath has to offer and have already settled in well. Why not join them in moving into one of the country's most sought after areas? Not only will you make new friends in the city, but on the park itself.

Quarry Rock Park is small and cosy without feeling cramped. This gives you plenty of space to enjoy your retirement but you're close enough to your fellow neighbours that it's easy to just invite them over for an afternoon cup of tea. This means you'll never get lonely and you'll always have someone to invite out for those wonderful trips into Bath, without feeling like you live in your neighbours' pocket. In fact many people who have moved to park homes have said that they actually feel like they have more space than in previous homes - just due to the layout and design of the place. And Quarry Rock Park is no different.

Landscaped throughout with lovely rockery that give the park its name, and a beautiful water feature which cements the peace that you'll feel living here. There are local convenience stores only a couple of miles from the park - all easily accessed by the bus mentioned above. At Quarry Rock Park you are surrounded by trees which keep the park feeling exclusive and blocks out any sounds of the nearby city. You'll forget just how close you are to one of the country's most popular cities.



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