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Bothy Home 45x22 Queensland Country Park


Bothy Home 45x22 Queensland Country Park










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What Features Does Queensland Country Park Have?

Rural Development
Fishing Lake
7.5 Acres of Countryside
Dogs allowed
Customer wi-fi
Good sized plots

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Queensland Country Park is one of the most beautiful holiday parks in Lancashire. There's little wonder why the Park has been so popular with the discerning holiday homeowners. Based near the sleepy village of Hambleton, this bespoke slice of paradise is open and welcome to all who wish to explore the region, with stunning lodges available from Prestige Homeseeker. 

Based in the heart of the Lancashire countryside, the park is designed to be the perfect country getaway. Not only are the park grounds themselves something to look upon in awe, the surrounding greenery and countryside will make for some genuinely great walks and many memorable days out. What's more, you will be staying in a peaceful community alongside like-minded holidaymakers. The noise and the hustle of town and city are far behind you – as the Park welcomes you to the quintessential countryside experience.

If you have ever wanted to escape to the country, this beautiful gated holiday park will give you more than enough opportunity. Let's take a closer look at the Park, and what you can expect once you've found a place here. 

About Queensland Country Park

Situated just a stone's throw from the coast, yet deeply situated in the lush, verdant countryside, this park is a private idyll that's well-positioned for a variety of reasons. However, before we discuss its perfect location, it is well worth exploring the grounds themselves.

Holiday homes put you right at the waterside, with beautifully-kept private lake amenities available for you to look upon and enjoy all year round. Perhaps you just want to while away an afternoon by the water, or even take on some light fishing. The Park's location in the countryside spans 7.5 acres; this award-winning holiday park offers a balance between private accommodation and a close-knit community.

Queensland offers lodge owners their private lodge in a location that blends in wonderfully with the greenery surrounding it. Each plot is unique, and the bespoke grounds are carefully maintained and landscaped throughout the year. You will even find that the properties here are situated with views and sunlight hours in mind, meaning that you will never be in the full glare of the sun. You can sit out on your veranda and watch it set as the hours while by.

What also inspires visitors is the spectacular 'Well-being Garden'. This private plot of land, easily accessible to park visitors, was designed and set up in 2018 to allow people to relax and unwind in the heart of the community. Boasting rows of trees and water features, it's a soothing, meditative environment which will appeal to anyone looking to break free from the stresses of everyday life. Thousands of trees have been planted in the grounds. Therefore, over the past two decades, the Park has developed into a natural paradise all of its own.

You will even be able to spot a variety of local wildlife, too. The Park has been keenly designed to welcome many different types of bird, rabbits, foxes, hares, butterflies and even deer. Its beginnings as a simple touring park are long behind it - as it remains one of the most prestigious and fascinating private holiday communities in the region.

The best part of all of this is – of course – you could have access to it all, the moment you step out of your new holiday property. For many people, it is a getaway dream come true. And if you do wish to explore the area, there are plenty of links for you to get out and see the world – or Lancashire, at the very least! 

Queensland Country Park Location

The Park is in an ideal position as it is neither too close to busy cities and towns, nor is it too far away. It is based at the edge of the village of Hambleton, where you will be able to head to for your everyday amenities, as well as for local attractions, food and drink. The community in Hambleton is endlessly welcoming, as are the people living in nearby Poulton-le-Fylde.

The country park is based just off Carr Lane, and you can easily reach the community by following Junction 3 off the M55. By heading towards Fleetwood on the A585, and then onto Shard Road towards Hambleton on the A588, you'll be able to find your way easily. As t closely linked to A-roads, you'll also be able to get out and about both by car and by public transport as and when you wish. 

Based towards the Western edge of Lancashire, Queensland Country Park was developed here initially as a small development for local holidaymakers. However, since its inception in 1997, the Park has expanded hugely! 

To that end, the owners and staff have continued to maintain its superb location. It is still considered by many to be something of a hidden treasure in the county, which makes it all the more popular with people looking to holiday across Lancashire. Its beautiful countryside surroundings and proximity to the Western coast make for a location you simply can't replicate elsewhere.

Whether you choose to stay and explore the park grounds, try your hand at fishing or head out into nearby Hambleton, you will never find it too difficult to get around. With private parking supplied, you'll always be able to come back to your little slice of countryside paradise. 

The Surrounding Area

If you do wish to explore the surrounding area, you are, of course, more than welcome to do so! Poulton-le-Fylde is the nearest town in the region, and with rail links, you can get out and explore Lancashire to your heart's content. You may also wish to explore Blackpool, the popular seaside resort, which is just seven miles away from parks front gates. Here, you'll be able to take in the famous promenade, the piers, the galleries and more. You'll even be in a prime position to take in the hugely popular Blackpool Illuminations when they roll around each year.

You can also explore the market towns of Fleetwood, Thornton Cleveleys and Garstang, as well as the gorgeous nature reserve at Wyre Estuary Country Park. If the wildlife in the Park doesn't tickle your fancy, you'll be able to feast your eyes on scores more flora and fauna out in this splendorous parkland.

You're also close to the Affinity Outlet Lancashire, where you'll be able to spend some time exploring big branded stores and shops at your leisure. You will never feel as though you are too far away from the modern amenities you will need. We all need a break from the norm sometimes, and if you do want to explore what lies beyond Queensland, there is absolutely nothing stopping you! 

Take advantage of A-road access as well as public transport links well-established close to the Park. Whether you fancy a day out at the coast, or to take in nearby shows and events, you are spoilt for choice. You might even want to get close to local history, with Lancaster Castle and the Williamson Park grounds awaiting your visit. The possibilities are endless –, and this is all once you've taken in the beautiful park. 

Why Buy a Holiday Home at Queensland Country Park?

It's safe to say that the grounds are amongst some of the most spectacular and most keenly-preserved on the broader region. The gorgeous lakeside lodges here will inspire anyone who dreams of finding a perfect plot out in the countryside. From its simple beginnings in the late 90s, the owners have worked tirelessly to develop a peaceful haven for anyone keen to explore the county and its various attractions.

Lancashire is a stunning county that is home to some of the most attractive countryside walks on this side of England. Not only that, but its famous coast is always playing host to spectacular events and is a joy to behold from afar. There are a million and one reasons to buy holiday property at the Park, and the first of them is that the surrounding area is simply breathtaking. There is nothing quite like it.

As such, the Park remains immensely popular with locals and visitors alike. You'll, therefore, do well to book a viewing here as soon as you possibly can! A joy to behold all year round, take a break to Carr Lane in the Lancashire countryside with your piece of Queensland heaven. 


Queensland Country Park