Ream Hills Holiday Park, Lancashire

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What Features Does Ream Hills Holiday Park Have?

On-site WiFi
Adjacent to wakepark
Semi-rural location

What's Near to Ream Hills Holiday Park

Blackpool Zoo
Stanley Park
Sea Life Centre
Blackpool Wakepark
Blackpool Tower

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Ream Hills Holiday Park is an excellent lakeside holiday destination for all the family to enjoy. The park is situated in a semi-rural location, next to a lake, with pastoral views and an abundance of wildlife including many species of birds and local deers in the adjacent fields. The park is directly next to Blackpool Wakepark which is open to the public and offers wakeboarding, stand up paddle boarding and open water swimming. Members of Ream Hills can enjoy exclusively discounted activities which are available for all abilities from beginners to experts. The wakepark also has an on-site cafe-bar with an excellent selection of food and drink as well as stunning views of the lake. Luxury lodges are available to purchase at Ream Hills and are built in a variety of models, all at high-standards, with prices starting from £119, 000.

Ream Hills benefits from an idyllic countryside location with natural surroundings, however, is only under five-miles from the bustling lively town of Blackpool. Blackpool is a famous tourist destination and has much to do and see including visiting the famous Blackpool Tower, seeing the spectacular illuminations or visiting the golden beaches. Children will also love visiting Blackpool with family-friendly attractions such as Blackpool Zoo, the thrilling Pleasure Beach and the fascinating Sea Life Centre. For a more peaceful day out, St-Annes-on-the-Sea is just over six-miles from the park and has a stunning golden beach with a traditional pier as well as local cafes and independent stores along the high-street.


Ream Hills Holiday Park
Mythop Road

Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park Rules
These park rules are in place for the good management of Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park and the benefit of all who use it. These rules form part of the Licence Agreement that is the contract between us for your occupation of a pitch on the park. They should be read alongside your Licence Agreement.
The rules set out below are the park rules referred to in your Licence Agreement. You are reminded that breach of these rules is a breach of your Licence Agreement and could result in termination of the Licence Agreement.
The park rules do not affect anything to which you are entitled under the terms of your Licence Agreement.
The expression ‘you'/'your' means the Lodge owner and/or occupier [and this includes anyone using or hiring the Lodge from you].
The expression ‘we'/'us'/'our' refers to the park owner and/or manager.
Please make sure that anyone using the Lodge is aware of the park rules.
The park rules can be amended by the park; owners will receive a month's notice of the amendments before they come into effect.
The holiday lodge cannot be used as your main residence. It can only be used for recreation or holiday use.
Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park Ltd require a utility bill in your name as proof of your main residence elsewhere as well as a passport or drivers licence.
All occupiers at the park must adhere to the conditions attached to the site licence, of which a copy is available at the reception office.
You should use the park safely and should not cause danger to others.
You should obey all health and safety notices displayed on the park and act on the reasonable instructions of park staff in matters of health and safety.
You agree that you will not commit any criminal offence at the Park or use the lodge for the furtherance of any criminal activity, commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance or use any unlawful drugs.
Guns, firearms or offensive weapons of any description are not permitted on the park.
All lodges must be equipped with a fire extinguisher/blanket, which conforms to the requirements of the Fire Officer.
The chimney flue and cowl of all lodges must be kept in good repair. Sparks or objectionable smoke should not be discharged.
It is recommended that the gas appliances in your lodge are serviced once a year.
External fires, including incinerators, are not allowed. Bona fide BBQ's are allowed by lodges and they must be sited on slabs obtained from Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park Ltd.
The lodge must be maintained in a state capable of movement but may not be moved off the pitch without our prior written consent. Disconnection and removal of lodges from a plot shall only be carried out by Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park Ltd.
Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park Ltd reserves the right after consultation with the pitch occupier to alter individual pitch boundaries where necessary, and move lodges to re-develop the area.
Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park Ltd and its employees and agents shall not be liable whatsoever for any loss or theft of, or damage or loss to, or theft from any lodge or other vehicle or property whatsoever. The park owner shall not be liable whatsoever for the loss or theft of any lodge keys. Further, the occupier shall indemnify the park owner and keep him indemnified from and against all actions, proceedings and claims by a third party. This should be in respect of all and any loss, damage or liability caused by or arising out of neglect or default or wilful act of the occupier or members of his household or guests or visitors.
The occupier also agrees and covenants to insure and keep insured the lodge and its contents with a member of the Association of British Insurers/FSA against loss or damage by theft, fire, storm and tempest and liability of not less than two million pounds to any third party and such other risks. If you decide to take out your own insurance you must produce an up to date copy of the policy of insurance to be kept on file, an annual admin fee of £35 will be made for this service.
You must act in a courteous and considerate manner towards other guests of the park and ourselves.
In case of emergency, owners must supply us with a spare key for their lodge.
The ventilation in the lodge must not be obstructed No launching of boats or jet skis etc. is allowed on the lake Only water sports offered through Blackpool Wakeboard Park are permitted on the lake. No other access is permitted on the lake.
Occupiers are not permitted to wade or swim in the lake unless you enter through Blackpool Wakeboard Park and sign their declaration to use the lake.
You are solely responsible for securing the Lodge.
You may only use alarms of the silent, monitored type and not audible alarms.
Permitted number of occupiers
Your Lodge may not be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the ‘maximum sleeping capacity'
stipulated in your Licence Agreement; if no number is stipulated then it may not be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number for which it was designed.
Visitors to the Lodge
Only people lawfully staying with your permission have permission to enter the park.
Your visitors must leave the park by 11pm.
It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors and all occupiers of your Lodge adhere to the park rules.
If you have friends or family staying, we ask that for security reasons you notify us in writing at least one week prior to their visit. You are responsible for your guests' behaviour.
At least one member of any party using the lodge must be over the age of 21.
The Park is private property and we reserve the right to refuse anyone entry who is staying without prior permission/notification.
Ejection on grounds of behaviour
In the event of persistent or serious misconduct by you, a member of your family, your occupiers, visitors or guests, we will follow any relevant notice procedures in the Licence Agreement. We do not have to follow any formal procedure to eject other visitors.
Condition of the Lodge
The lodge must be kept in a clean and tidy condition at all times.
You must not change the colour of the exterior of the Lodge without our prior consent in writing.
Nothing may be displayed in the windows or on the exterior of the lodge except its nameplate or number of a reasonable size.
If you wish to add any external structure to the lodge such as a, veranda/decking, storage shed/box or balcony, you must first produce plans of what is proposed for our authorisation. The installation of any approved decking/veranda, shed, storage boxes or slabs etc. must be undertaken by Ream Hills Lake Leisure
Park Ltd. A maximum of 2 storage boxes per pitch.
We do not permit workmen, traders or salesmen access to the park, except with prior written consent.
Any callout for maintenance will incur a minimum charge of half an hour amounting to £50 unless it is an external problem, i.e. gas related, resetting electric trip or water from stop tap is down. If repeated callouts for external trips of gas or electricity are found to be the fault of an item inside the lodge, the callout fee will be charged.
Your pitch
You are responsible for the cleanliness of the Lodge pitch.
You are responsible for keeping the area around the Lodge clean and tidy.
The planting of trees and shrubs is also subject to Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park Ltd prior approval of type and position. Existing trees or shrubs may not be lopped, felled, removed or damaged without the consent of Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park Ltd.
End of season
It is your responsibility to drain down and prepare the Lodge for the closed season.
You must ensure all gas, electricity and water connections are switched off throughout the closed season.
During the closed season we recommend that the curtains of your Lodge are drawn back and all items of value removed.
Access to the lodge out of season cannot be guaranteed as to site work in the winter. You may visit your lodge for maintenance or to remove items but it cannot be used as a base for the day and cannot be stayed in overnight. Services to the lodge may be disconnected during the out of season times.
Vehicles are not to be driven onto the grass during the out of season period.
Utilities installations
You must switch off all gas, electricity and water connections when the Lodge is not occupied.
If you experience any problem with the park's electrical, gas or water system, you should contact us. You must not attempt to work on any part of the park's electrical, gas or water system yourself; this includes any installations on the pitch.
Drainage system
You must not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including cleaning cloths, babies' nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engine oil, grease or paint.
The occupier is responsible for the sewerage connection from ground level upwards, electrical connections from the meter housing, gas on outside areas from the regulator and water from the external stop tap.
You are responsible for the cleaning/clearing of your own gutters and painting your own lodge as and when necessary.
You must not erect any tent on the park.
Enclosure of pitches
We do not permit the erection of fences or any means of enclosure of a Lodge pitch.
Trees and shrubs
You must not cut any trees or hedges at the park. If you find any tree or hedge a nuisance or unsatisfactory you should take the matter up with us; do not deal with it yourself.
You must not plant any tree or shrub.
The planting of trees and shrubs is also subject to Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park Ltd prior approval of type and position. Existing trees or shrubs may not be lopped, felled, removed or damaged without the consent of Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park Ltd.
You must not dig any hole at the park.
The use of outside washing lines on site is not permitted.
You must not deposit refuse outside your Lodge. You should use the refuse bins provided.
Recycling points are available on the park and you should use these facilities where appropriate.
Vehicles, driving and parking
You must insure all vehicles you use on the park as for use on the public road.
Occupiers and visitors drive vehicles on to the park at their own risk.
All vehicles must be driven carefully on the park and not exceed the displayed speed limit
All vehicles must be taxed and insured as required by the law and be in running order.
All drivers on the park must hold a current driving licence and insurance.
Vehicles must keep to authorised parking spaces outside the lodges, occupiers with additional vehicles must park in the visitors' car park.
All vehicles not covered by the road traffic act must not be used on the park, e.g. scooters, quad bikes etc.
No cars / boats/ Jet Ski's etc. can be left by the lodge when the owner is not in residence, there must also be a vehicle capable of towing the car / boat etc. at the lodge.
Commercial vehicles of any size may only be parked on the park with the prior written permission of Ream Hills Lake Leisure Park Ltd.
No vehicles are to be parked on the grass or roadways at any time nor driven on the grass at any time.
You must insure all accessories and items towed by vehicles (such as towed boats and jet skis) as for use on the public road.
You must not keep disused or un-roadworthy vehicles anywhere on the park. We reserve the right to remove any vehicle which is apparently abandoned.
Motor vehicle repairs must not be carried out at the park but a recognised breakdown service may attend in the event of a breakdown. You must not carry out the following works or repairs on the park:
ï‚· major vehicle repairs such as dismantling of part(s) of the engine
ï‚· works which involve the removal of oil or other fuels
You must not wash cars with a hosepipe.
We permit cars onto the park for the purposes of access to the Lodge only. Accordingly, save to the extent that you may need to do so because of a disability, you must not drive cars round the park for other purposes such as visiting other locations on the park. We may ask for reasonable evidence of any disability relevant to this rule.
Driving on the park is restricted to the park roads.
You must drive all vehicles on the park carefully and within the displayed speed limit.
You must hold a full current driving licence to drive any vehicle on the park.
You are not permitted to give anyone driving lessons at the park and we do not permit learner drivers to drive on the park.
You must not park anywhere except in the 2 parking space[s] allocated to your Lodge.
You must not park on the grass or roadsides.
Other than for delivering goods and services, you must not park or allow parking of commercial vehicles of any sort on the park, including: light commercial or light goods vehicles as described in the vehicle taxation
legislation and vehicles intended for domestic use but derived from or adapted from such a commercial vehicle.
You should respect the privacy of other Lodge owners and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am.
You must keep away from any vacant pitches.
You may only consume alcoholic drinks within the boundaries of your pitch or on the park's licensed premises.
You must not use fire hoses for any improper purpose including such as washing cars or boats.
You must not use a drone, powered model aircraft or any other powered flying object on the park.
You must not use any Chinese lanterns, fireworks or similar.
You may not ride bicycles, scooters (or similar) so as to cause a nuisance or undue noise.
You must keep any dog on a short lead at all times on the park.
You must clean up if your animal defecates on the park.
You must not bring any pets or animals when you visit the park except the following:
Not more than 2 dog(s) (other than any of the breeds subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991).
Not more than 2 domestic cat(s).
Breeds such as Rottweiler's, Dobermans, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and any dog on the dangerous dogs list are not allowed. Any dogs causing harm or continual nuisance will not be allowed on the park and will be asked to be removed.
You must not keep any pet or animal at the Lodge or on the pitch except those which are housed in a cage,
aquarium or similar and remain at all times within your Lodge.
Your Licence Agreement contains undertakings not to cause any nuisance, undue noise or disturbance.
These extend to the behaviour of pets and animals.
No commercial enterprise or business activities are allowed on the park.
Musical instruments, record players, radios, other appliances and motor vehicles must not be used to cause nuisance to others, especially between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am.
Children must be supervised properly so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.
This includes when they use the children's play area.
Ball games are not allowed in the vicinity of the lodges.
Kites must not be flown on the park.
You may only play ball and other games in the areas set aside for recreation.
You may not use skateboards, roller-skates, rollerblades or micro scooters at the park.
You may not use the park address for postal deliveries.
Fire Precautions
You may not use fire hoses for any improper purpose such as washing cars or boats.
You must ensure that all occupants of your Lodge are familiar with the location of the Fire Points and the contents of the Fire Notices displayed at each point.
You must not store fuels or combustible materials on the park.
The Guidance below does not contain any new licence conditions or park rules. We use it to highlight some practical points about spending time on our park and to remind you of some of the important conditions and rules in a less formal way.
Clause 4.5 of the Licence Agreement requires you to insure the Lodge and its contents. Please remember that you must keep this insurance in place during the closed season as well.
Clause 4.7 of the Licence Agreement requires you to comply with the Site Licence. A copy of the current site licence is always available in the reception office. Please note that the Site Licence may be updated from time to time.
Clause 4.8 of the Licence Agreement says that you need our permission for any building works. Please note the following:
If you wish to add any external structure to the Lodge such as a veranda or balcony we ask that you send us plans of what is proposed. If we give our permission, it will remain your responsibility to ensure that the work would not breach any term of the site licence and that your unit will still be a Lodge in the eyes of the law and in particular be physically capable of being moved by road from one place to another (whether by being towed, or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer). Planning permission may be needed and we may attach reasonable conditions such as requiring an inspection at intervals during the course of construction. We will not withhold consent unreasonably.
Slabs and paving count as building works and so require our prior written permission.
Satellite dishes count as TV aerials and are a potential nuisance to your neighbours. They also require our prior written permission. If we grant permission, we will expect installation on your Lodge rather than on the ground.
Clause 4.9 of the Licence Agreement requires you to give us written notice of any work to be carried out by external contractors.
Clause 5 of the Licence Agreement sets out our Behaviour Standards and they are important. You are responsible for your behaviour and that of your family, visitors and contractors whilst on the park. We recommend that you supervise your children at all times.
Last Updated 10th March 2016