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What Features Does Reculver Court Have?

An indoor swimming pool
Residential Park
Sea views and coastal walks
For 45 years and over
Extensive Leisure Facilities
Market value part exchange
Landscaped plots
Assisted move schemes
Coffee lounge & tea gardens

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Two Bed Prestige Accolade (40x14)

Reculver Court

Two Bed Prestige Accolade (40x14)

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Looking for a Park Home in Reculver Court, Kent? Some of the most pleasant coastal holidays in the South of England can be found in Kent.  Reculver Court, an exclusive development in Herne Bay, is one of the most popular residential parks in the area.  It is a secure development, offering park homes to residents approaching retirement.  It has seen extensive development over the years and continues to pick up interest from people who want to move permanently to the Kent coastline.

Park homes at Reculver Court are carefully kept, with park owners ensuring residents have access to a wide array of facilities and everyday means.  However, the park has a number of spectacular touches and amenities which set it apart from other communities in the region.  As well as being an exclusive residential park, it offers up unique leisure facilities, making it a spectacular, luxury resort that couples and solo residents can call home.

The park hosts a variety of different bungalows and luxury properties.  However, listings may vary from time to time.  Despite the park developing to welcome new residents, early viewings are always a must, should listings become available.  Reculver Court is a desirable neighbourhood which brings together the best of Kent countryside and coast, along with a wealth of exclusive leisure benefits. 

About Reculver Court

Many people choose to retire to the Kent coast for the sea views and the slower pace of living.  Reculver Court brings the best of the county to residents in one lovingly maintained package.  The neighbourhood is famous not only for its luxury properties and warm welcome but also for its leisure facilities.

The park boasts exclusive on-site tea rooms, a full-size indoor swimming pool, and a quiet coffee lounge.  New residents can easily get to know one another through social facilities and clubs.  However, residents can also rest easy knowing that they can retire to a quiet, private home at the park at the end of the day. 

Beyond leisure convenience, the park is also well-loved and maintained.  Homes benefit from private gardens and parking access.  Residents can also take full control of their own private security.  The community also benefits from a front gate, which means it is completely locked to public access.  Only residents, staff, tradespeople and verified visitors will be able to come in and out as they please.  This sense of seclusion and exclusivity proves very popular with many homeowners at the park.

The exclusivity is likely to be a major appeal for many people.  Only residents aged 45 or over may buy property here.  This means that new movers can expect to live alongside like-minded people.  Reculver Court presents a slow-paced, gentle and luxury retirement community experience.  In addition, residents can always enjoy commanding views of the Kent coast and sea beyond. 

The community offers plenty of access to main roads and local attractions without the threat of intrusive noise.  Therefore, while remaining very convenient, residents will never find it difficult to head out and explore the local area.

The site welcomes pets, however calling ahead to confirm residence is always advisable.  The team ensure the park offers peace, tranquillity and safety to all residents throughout the year.  This makes it a much-loved foothold in one of England's most stunning counties. 

The Location

Reculver Court's stunning location is likely to be very appealing to many people who have visited Kent before, and who are interested in getting to know the coastline a little closer.  Right on the doorstep of homeowners at the park are extensive panoramas of the horizon and the beautiful county coast.  It is close to the quiet village of Reculver, which the park is named after.  The village is famous for its history, with much Roman heritage for visitors and residents to enjoy.

Reculver Court is a residential park which nestles carefully in rural Kent.  However, while it benefits from tranquillity and true coastal seclusion, residents are never far from local amenities.  Getting to and from the park, too, is always straightforward.  Based in the Herne Bay area, it is easy to find via the local routes down Reculver Lane and Reculver Road.  Visitors from further afield will need to split East heading Westbound through Grays on the A299.  Drivers can then split onto Reculver Lane from Brook Lane, which will bring cars into more rural settings.

Thanks to the park's rural location, it is perfect for dog lovers and avid walkers.  There are scores of beautiful nature trails and countryside walks, as well as opportunities for residents to take to nearby beaches.  Few residential parks offer a close balance between countryside and coast, making the community a rare find.

Residents can also explore the wider region and beyond, thanks to local public transport links.  Via Herne Bay, anyone living at the park will be able to take connecting trains and buses.  This means, for example, anyone keen to head out towards London can do so without having to spend too much time wandering around the local area.

Few parks in Kent, let along England in general, offer convenience in terms of town and city links, as well as sea and countryside walks.  Therefore, it is likely to remain a very popular point of interest for retirees for some time to come. 

The Local Area

The park is very close to Herne Bay, where residents can head to for everyday groceries and other daily items.  Supermarkets, traditional shops, pubs and restaurants are available to enjoy here, as well as a unique gallery showcasing local art.  Residents can also enjoy the local leisure centre if they want to take a break from the facilities on-site at Reculver Court.  Residents and homeowners simply need to take a 15-minute drive from the main gates to take advantage.

Herne Bay is home to many traditional English seaside conveniences, such as a full pear with fabulous sea views, traditional food and drink, and beach walks.  Residents can also head out to enjoy the Wildwood Trust if they wish to get closer to nature.  The park itself is right at the edge of Reculver's own Roman Fort and Towers, meaning that residents only have to take a short walk to experience ancient history on their doorstep.  There is also a useful visitor centre close by, which will give anyone new to the region plenty of inspiration for exploring the local sites of interest.

Residents can also head down the local coastline towards Beltinge Bay and can enjoy modern town conveniences in Hillborough and Beltinge.  There are plenty of local shops, pubs and restaurants.

Those who would like to take in more of the Kent greenery will never be too far from the Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve, an unspoilt plot of land which is a few miles' drive away.  Heading further East, residents can take in Westgate-on-Sea, as well as the hugely popular coastal town of Margate.  For those who wish to travel even further afield, Manston Airport is only a few miles away down towards Minster and Cliffsend.

The historic city of Canterbury, famous for its cathedral and its stunning architecture, is less than an hour's drive away.  It's here where visitors will find plenty more attractions and sites of interest, as well as a full golf club and railway connections to elsewhere in the region - and the UK. 

Kent is a county with lots of character and a very slow, gentle atmosphere.  It is a great region to move to when looking for a steady pace of living, with plenty of access to history and heritage dating back centuries.  Residents at Reculver Court can, therefore, take all of the county's best features from their doorsteps. 

Why Choose Reculver Court?

Reculver Court is a unique residential park in that it offers incredible leisure facilities, and that it is so close to various attractions in the nearby area.  Residents can settle easily into a community which is close-knit, but with a laid-back atmosphere.  Homeowners are free to enjoy the park as they wish, with plenty of focus on independent living.  There are few parks in the region which encourage retirees to take things quite so easily.

The park's owners make sure to present a wonderful neighbourhood that is carefully attended to all year round.  Maintenance teams and servicepeople make sure the park always offers the height in luxury amenities.

The Kent coastline is easy to see from the park, and many residents will find it difficult to not take full advantage of the various beach and countryside walks that stretch around the park.  Park staff will always be happy to offer more ideas for days out and regular excursions.

Reculver Court is extremely secure and it's free from public intrusion.  Residents can take full control of their properties and gardens as they wish.  The park is available for residence all year round, and with exclusive ownership requirements, it remains a unique foothold for many people.  Easy links to main roads and public transport mean it is easy to access from all directions.


Reculver Court
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