Red Deer Village Residential Park, North Lanarkshire

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What Features Does Red Deer Village Residential Park Have?

Exclusively for the over-50s
Spectacular views
Secure gated community
CCTV cameras
Natural landscapes

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'where the city meets the country'....When it comes to luxury and convenience, Red Deer Village Residential Park is certainly a highly impressive development for buyers over 50. Centrally situated in the charming town of Strepps, close to Glasgow's centre, this wonderful park is all about style and well-being. Each of the 187 properties is a dream come true for persons who wish to enjoy a quiet and elegant home. It provides maximum security featuring CCTV cameras and fabulous surroundings. Thanks to their highest quality facilities, the spacious homes meet the most demanding requirements not only in terms of beauty but in terms of comfort as well. Designed by the most renowned manufacturers in the UK, these parkhomes have been specially created to offer the most enjoyable living experiences. The interiors exceed the expectations thanks to their unparalleled furnishings. The buyers also own their personal garden including the landscaping they prefer. The exquisite park provides easy access to anything you might be interested in. It doesn't only provide serenity in an excellent residence, but it also offers you the chance to be close to Scotland's key cities. Whether you prefer to explore the amazing streets of Glasgow, feast your eyes with Edinburgh's grandeur or walk through Stirling's charming Old Town, there is no better place to live. The variety of attractions will delight anyone interested in living next to fascinating places. The nearby area is a proposed Local Nature Reserve where you can engage in different relaxing outdoor activities.

Getting There:

Red Deer Village Residential Park is just 5 miles away from Glasgow's centre, right off the A80.


Red Deer Village Residential Park
North Lanarkshire
G33 6FQ