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Redwell Park

ABI Coworth - New 2023

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What Features Does Redwell Park Have?

Set in Beautiful Countryside
Pet Friendly Site
Fully Serviced Pitches
Close to Red Well Inn
Family Friendly Park
Convenient for Local Amenities


Are you looking for a lodge at Redwell Park in Lancashire? The Lancashire coast and countryside are never too far away from each other, and holiday resorts such as Redwell Park make sure to closely combine the two.  Offering a variety of properties across the year, the park is based close to the village of Arkholme, which you will find near to Kirkby Lonsdale as well as Morecambe Bay.  It is growing popular with many holidaymakers and holiday homeowners alike thanks to both its excellent location and its brilliant amenities. 

The park is based in the heart of Lancashire, with roiling countryside and easy access to scores of woodland and natural walks right on its doorstep.  This luxury community is a competitive and highly desirable foothold.  Therefore, it may appeal to regular holidaymakers and holiday home investors alike.  Many people ensure to book viewings whenever properties become available. 

About Redwell Park

This is a family-run holiday park resort which is completely independent.  It is based close to the hugely popular Redwell Inn, and visitors can benefit from complete servicing at each pitch.  Homebuyers will love the proximity to some of the county's best-loved features, natural sights and holiday attractions. 

The development is built with modern convenience in mind and is designed to replicate and embellish the astounding local area.  The park's grounds are kept and maintained to a wonderful standard all year round.  The park is well-known for its close-knit community as well as for its high-quality pitches, making it a premier choice for anyone in need of a luxury break.  

The extensive grounds also allow for dogs on-site, providing that they are well-behaved!  The park offers twelve-month licenses at any one time, meaning that even during the colder or less popular seasons, the park is always open to visitation.  Lancashire looks stunning all year round, therefore it is always likely to see custom. 

The team have designed a community which offers incredible convenience as well as clear access to some of England's best walks.  From up on high, you will be able to see the best of Lancashire for miles around.  More conveniently, you can park up and drive to where you need to go with ease - thanks to close links to the main road. 

What is also convenient about the park is the fact that the management team is always on hand to help with any queries or concerns about the local area, or for any ideas about what to do when heading out and about.  It makes sense to plan journeys and trips in advance, however, the local team can be relied on as an excellent source of guidance. 

The Location

The sites stunning location helps to make it popular with holidaymakers and holiday home investors all over the county.  It is nestled deep within the Lancashire countryside, but also boasts amazing views of the nearby coastline.  Visitors can enjoy looking over at Warton Crag, Morecambe Bay, and even further out to the Lake District.  All of these sites of interest are within short driving distance of the park itself. 

Getting to and from the park is also very simple.  You will need to make sure to head onto the M6 North or South and be ready to connect to the A601.  You can get here via junction 35.  From here, head towards Kirkby Lonsdale via the B6254, and drive through the village of Over Kellett.  The park will be easy to spot from here as it will loom up on the left hand side. 

The Redwell Inn is a popular local haunt for many people.  The park is built next to the Inn, meaning that it will likely become the regular haunt of many people who choose to holiday here.  It is another good reason to consider establishing a foothold in the region. 

THe park is one of few holiday home resorts which effortlessly blends together the countryside and coast.  These are two elements that Lancashire is well-loved for.  The park is based close enough to main roads and is within close driving distance of several big attractions and popular towns and cities.  However, it is also based just far enough away for a stay here to feel like a true countryside retreat.  Great care has been taken to establish Redwell Park as a name for tranquillity and convenience. 

It is close to many local amenities, too.  While the community has plenty of modern facilities and everything visitors want from a holiday park, it is simple to head out and find local groceries.  It is easy to navigate around the local area via bus route as well as the road.  What's more, there are many train and tram links elsewhere in the region.  Heading to Morecambe, in particular, will link visitors to many more towns and cities in the region via the railway. 

The Local Area

The location is not its only selling point.  The local area is abundant in wonderful things to see and do.  While visitors and holidaymakers can see much of what there is across the area from the park itself, it makes sense to get out and see the wider region. 

Lancashire is, of course, famous for its seaside towns and escapes.  One of the most popular seaside resorts in the country is Blackpool, and families can access the Pleasure Beach and other facilities just a short drive away from the park.  Morecambe, too, is another popular seaside town which will appeal to many people.  It is perhaps not as frantic or as tourist-heavy as Blackpool, however, there are still many reasons to head along and take a walk on the sands. 

Those who wish to get closer to nature will enjoy being within a short drive of Ingleton Waterfalls trail, as well as the Leighton Moss Nature Reserve.  This RSPB protected area is home to a wide variety of birds and beasts which are unique to the local region.  This could be a fantastic day out idea for the whole family, and even better if visitors already have a property in the local area. 

Beyond Lancashire's attractions and sites of natural beauty, Redwell Park is also only a short drive away from the Yorkshire Dales, which are of course world-renowned.  There are some truly stunning countryside trips and adventures to be had across the region.  However, visitors may also wish to take a look at some of the more intriguing towns and villages along the way. 

Lancaster, for example, is a popular metropolitan area with lots of history and heritage waiting to II be uncovered.  It is perhaps most famous for its canal and for its castle, both of which are easy to get to from the park gates. 

This is a holiday home resort which is set up so that visitors and owners can explore the wider region as much as they like.  Its licensing allows people to take a closer look at gorgeous Lancashire in closer detail and to take their time across the various countryside walks and heritage trails.  The park management understands that there is always going to be e need for tourists to find somewhere warm and quiet to stay after a long day of adventuring. 

Why Choose Redwell Park?

There are a number of holiday parks scattered across Lancashire, however, the park remains very popular with regular tourists and local people alike.  It offers simplicity and style from pitch to pitch, and in addition to this, is very well positioned.  Many people will enjoy the careful balance between coastal and countryside living.  Many more will likely app reactivate the close facilities and amenities, balanced with quiet, tranquil living conditions.

This is a holiday home community which takes advantage of its rural surroundings.  It also gives holiday homeowners a great chance to show the county to eager tourists, or to explore Lancashire at is finest in their own time.  The presence of a 12-month licence here will also make sure visitors and owners have plenty of flexibility when choosing to stay.

The park is very accessible and is easy to get to through main A-roads and motorway links heading in and out of the county.  It is a holiday park with security held to an exceptional standard, too, meaning that holidaymakers can rest easy from the moment they set foot in the community.  This gated neighbourhood is its own private resort, though anyone wishing to visit can do so with prior permission.

Redwell Park is a holiday site which benefits from lush, green surroundings, marvellous vantage points and lots of opportunities for visitors to explore wider Lancashire and beyond.  For these reasons alone, many budding holiday homeowners may see a pitch here as a serious investment.  It is also perfect for dog lovers and walkers, as providing their canine friends are well-trained, visitors can bring their pets with them on-site.


Redwell Park