Restavon Park, Kent

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Are you looking for a park home at Restavon Park in Kent? Rickwood Park is a residential mobile home park set amidst the beautiful Surrey Hills and within the Mole Valley.  Beare Green is home to the Rickwood Park home estate, where village life meets country living affording suberb views of the North Downs and easy access to the historic market towns of Dorking and Horsham.


Restavon Park
Biggin Hill
TN16 3AR

PARK Berrys Green Road, Berry's Green, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3AN


1. Age limits. Restavon Park is a family park with no age restrictions. 2. Number of Residents (a) The park home may be used by the resident and members of his/her permanent household and short term bone fide guests provided they do not exceed the number of berths specified in the written statement. (b) Guests may not stay longer than 28 days. The resident shall be responsible for their guests confirming to these rules. 3. Installations (a) Residents are responsible for ensuring that both gas and electricity services and appliances comply at all times with the requirements of the IEE, GasSafe, or other appropriate authority. (b) Residents are responsible for the water supply to their home from the in line stop cock fitted under the home to the services inside the home. 4. Pitches (a) Pitches must be kept neat and tidy. (b) The planting of trees and shrubs is subject to prior written permission of the park owner in respect of types and positions. Trees and shrubs may not be cut down, removed or damaged without prior written permission. No planting shall overhang the park roads or footpaths. (c) The growing of vegetables is permitted as follows: - Vegetables may be grown in ‘grow bags', pots or planted in the ground subject to the surface area not exceeding 5.5 square metres in area and 1.5 metres in height. The growing of vegetables is not permitted at the front of any home or to the side where such growth is readily visible or may cause a nuisance to adjoining homes. (d) Fences are not permitted except on those plots where dogs are permitted or where it is necessary for the safety of the resident. (e) Hedges shall be maintained at a height not exceeding 2 metres and front gardens must be maintained in an open plan condition except those plots covered by rule 4 (d) above. (f) Green waste shall be disposed of by whatever means are advised to residents from time to time. (g) Domestic hose pipes may be used to water gardens. Fire point hoses must not be used for any commercial purpose. Fire point hoses must not be used for any purpose other than firefighting. (h) Decking will only be permitted where it meets the requirements of the London Borough of Bromley and the London Fire and Rescue Service 5. Outbuildings (a) Only one shed per pitch is permitted measuring not less than 1.83m x 1.52m and not more than 2.14m x 2.00m. All sheds shall be of a non-combustible construction. (b) Greenhouses and cold frames for domestic horticultural use are permitted as follows. A maximum of one greenhouse per pitch is permitted subject to the approval of the location on the pitch by the owners. No greenhouse may exceed 2.00m in any one dimension. Greenhouses located within the separation distance between homes must be of flameproof metal construction with glass panelling. Cold frames are permitted subject to the approval of the location on the pitch by the owners. Cold frames should not exceed 5.50 sq.m. in area or 0.6m in height. Cold frames located within the separation distance between homes must be of flameproof metal construction with glass panelling. (c) Any other structure is only permitted with the prior written permission of the park owner to ascertain conformity to site licence conditions. 6. Skirting (a) All skirting and steps must comply with guidelines laid down by the home manufacturers, gas and LPG authorities. (b) Air vents must be correctly placed and be provided for each room. (c) The area under the homes must not be used for storage to enable access to pipework and cables and to avoid encouraging vermin and/or fire. 7. Household refuse (a) Residents must use bins supplied by or approved by The London Borough of Bromley. (b) Bins must not be placed at the front of the home for collection more than 12 hours before that collection. 8. Washing Only rotary washing lines are permitted and should be placed to cause minimum inconvenience to neighbouring homes. This rule may be relaxed in the case of registered disabled residents where the use of a rotary line is impracticable. 9. Pitch Fees and electricity accounts (a) Monthly Pitch fees shall be paid by 16.00 hrs on the 1st Friday of each month, or the first working day thereafter should the 1st Friday fall on a bank holiday. (b) All new residents shall pay monthly pitch fee by Direct Debit. (c) Electricity accounts shall be paid by 16.00 hrs on the Friday immediately following the due date printed on the quarterly account. The company reserves the right to install a pre-payment meter for residents consistently in arrears. (d) Default charges will be made where payments are received late, where payments due are in arrears or where payment is returned unpaid by the resident's bank. Notice of such charges will be advised in writing 14 days before they are applied to the resident's account. 10. Vehicles (a) All vehicles must be driven carefully on the park. They must not exceed the speed limit of 10 mph and must comply with the signed one-way system. (b) Residents vehicles must be parked in their allocated parking space or garage. Residents must not park in visitors parking bays. (c) Parking is not permitted on the park roadways except for very short periods to unload items from the vehicle to the home. Roadways must not be obstructed. (d) All vehicles kept on site must be in a roadworthy condition and comply with the requirements of the Road Traffic Acts in respect of tax, insurance and MOT. (e) Drivers must hold a current driving licence and insurance appropriate to the vehicle being driven. (f) Commercial vehicles over 1800kg are not permitted. Commercial vehicles are only permitted when suitable parking spaces are available. (g) Touring caravans, motor homes and trailers are not permitted to be parked on site. (h) A maximum of one motorcycle may be stored on the plot. The motorcycle must not be stored at the front of the plot and shall be stored and used so as not to cause inconvenience to adjoining homes. (i) Residents may only carry out minor repairs and servicing of vehicles on site. Work such as dismantling major parks of the engine or transmission is not permitted. Any work involving the removal of oil or other fluids is not permitted. Vehicles must not deposit fluids which are likely to adversely affect tarmac areas. (j) Visitors must park in allocated visitors' spaces. On no account must they park in residents allocated and numbered spaces. (k) Parking on plots is not permitted unless there is a properly constructed parking bay installed by the park owners or an approved contractor. Such parking bays must meet the requirements of the site licence as laid down by The London Borough of Bromley. 11. Noise (a) Residents, their families and guests must conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner so as not to cause a nuisance to other residents. (b) Noise from musical instruments, recorded music, radios, TVs, motor vehicles and similar equipment must be used/played at a volume which is reasonable especially between the hours of 10.30pm and 8.00am. (c) Generators may only be used during interruption of the mains electricity supply and should be contained in an insulated box to minimise the noise nuisance to neighbouring homes. 12. Pets (a) One cat only per home is permitted. (b) Caged animals and birds outside the home are not permitted. (c) One dog per plot is permitted on plots fronting Berrys Green Road and from 9 to 18 St. Johns Rise. A dog (where permitted) must not be one where the breed is listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or is a cross breed of such dogs. A dog (where permitted) must be kept under proper control and must not be allowed to frighten other users of the park. A dog (where permitted) must be kept on a lead not exceeding 1.00m in length and must not foul any public area of the park or pitch of any other resident. No dogs may be exercised on the recreation area North of St Margaret's Avenue or on the grassed area, West of St Peters Avenue. No dogs are permitted on any pitch not specified above, save that nothing within these rules prevents you from keeping an assistance dog if this is required to support your disability and Assistance Dogs UK or any successor body, has issued you with an identification book or other appropriate evidence. 13. Homes (a) Residents must maintain the outside of their home in a clean and tidy condition. Where the exterior is repainted or recovered, residents must use reasonable endeavours not to depart from the original exterior colour scheme. (b) To conform to the requirements of the 1968 Caravan Sites Act enclosed porches are not permitted on twin unit homes. Enclosed porches will be permitted on single unit homes where they do not exceed 2.23 sq.m and do not encroach into the statutory separation distance between homes. (c) Alterations to the home must comply with the requirements of the site licence issued by The London Borough of Bromley. Where a home is altered in size, the pitch fee shall become that which is published for a home of the finished size. (d) Tents or awnings will only be permitted for the purpose of outdoor entertaining or relaxation. No tent or awning may remain erected overnight. No tent may be used for the purpose of occupation at any time. (e) Each resident must provide a secure letter box either at the entrance to the pitch or on the park home itself. 14. Business Activities (a) Residents must not use the home, the pitch or the park, or any part thereof for any business purpose. (b) Residents may not use the home or the pitch for the storage of stock, plant, machinery or equipment used, or last used, for any business purpose. (c) Residents are however at liberty to work individually from home by carrying out any office work of a type which does not create a nuisance to other residents and does not involve other staff, other workers, customers or members of the public calling at the home or the park. 15. Sub-letting Residents must not sub-let their pitch, home, parking space, garage, or any part thereof. The park owners may from time to time rent homes. Where that occurs, the tenant shall abide by these rules. 16. Fire Precautions Each home shall be equipped with a means of tackling fire such as an extinguisher, fire blanket or similar. It is expressly forbidden to interfere with fire points and hoses which are for use only in the event of fire. 17. Vacant Pitches Residents must not enter vacant pitches and must not disturb building material and plant. 18. Weapons Residents must not use guns, firearms or any other offensive weapons on the park. Residents must only keep them if they hold an appropriate licence. 19. Flammable items (a) Items such as cylinder gas, petrol etc., may only be stored on site in such quantities as are necessary for domestic use. (b) Bonfires and incinerators are not permitted. (c) BBQs may only be used in a manner which does not cause inconvenience to other residents. 20. Feeding of wild animals and/or birds One high level seed container per plot is permitted subject to being constructed in a manner where seed cannot fall to the ground. The feeding of birds and/or animals at or near ground level is prohibited to avoid attracting animals which may damage the planting on the park or pitches contained therein and to avoid attracting vermin which may be a health hazard. 21. Limit of liability The park owners do not accept any responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to or from any park home, shed or outbuilding or the contents thereof or of any property brought onto the park by any resident or visitor unless there is proven negligence by the park owners.

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