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Are you looking for a park home at Riverdale Park in Nottinghamshire? Nottingham, in the heart of the Midlands, is home to some of England's best-loved historical sites of interest.  It is also a city and region of legend, with the world-famous Robin Hood and his Merry Men having reportedly laid siege to the Sheriff of Nottingham centuries ago.  Whether or not you read into the legends, Nottinghamshire is a beautiful county to explore, and the majestic Riverdale Park is ready and waiting for you to call it home.

The park is based in Gunthorpe, a pleasant and sleepy village based near the River Trent.  Just a few miles away from Nottingham centre, the park itself is ideally located for anyone who wants to take time out of a bustling lifestyle.  It's also appealing to those who still want access to nearby facilities and sites of interest.

Moving to a park community can be a big step.  Rest assured, however, you will always be amongst like-minded neighbours, those of whom you can enjoy a peaceful, laid-back retirement alongside. 

About Riverdale Park

Riverdale Park is blanketed by stunning Nottinghamshire countryside.  The village of Gunthorpe is a fantastic little vantage point for local pubs, shops and eateries.  The park home community itself is abundant in a variety of fixtures and fittings you'll need on a daily basis.  However, if you do want to make yourself at home as part of the wider community, make sure you head into Gunthorpe regularly.

The site is well-connected to main road and public transport services.  This means you will always be able to head out to some of the area’s more popular attractions and locales.  You will find a handy bus stop right on your doorstep.  Why not take a trip out to Nottingham, or explore some of the local heritage?

This development is carefully curated and well-looked-after by passionate community staff and property specialists.  Take a look at landscaped gardens, ample parking and a quiet homestead to call your own.  If you’ve always wanted to explore Nottinghamshire and the midlands in a little more detail, now is your chance to find your own home in the heart of the rural county. 

Exploring the Local Area

Nottinghamshire can hardly be explored in just a few days.  That's why so many people choose to buy park home property in the region!  Not only is it a quiet escape from city and town metropolises, but it's also an ideal chance for you to set up a home base with access to hundreds of fantastic historic locations and local attractions.

The site is very well-connected.  Drive from the park community itself and head onto the main roads to head to Nottingham, just six miles down the road.  Want to take public transport?  No problem.  As mentioned, there are regular buses which come by each day to help you into the city centre and beyond.

But what are some of the specific sites of interest you can explore once you’re a resident here?  Let’s take a closer look at some ideas. 

Nottingham City

Of course – if you enjoy exploring new towns and cities across the UK, you’re probably going to want to take in Nottingham for yourself.  The city is well-known for its museums, its creativity, its legends and its varied history.  Football fans will also find two local clubs – Forest and County which play locally.  It is also a huge metropolis for shopping and modern art.  There are public installations which are regularly rolled out for visitors to enjoy.

You will also find lots of entertainment venues, restaurants, bars and pubs to visit in the city centre.  There is award-winning cuisine to be sampled here, and if you want to take in a show, there is the famous Motorpoint Arena.  Nottingham is a city which is going through something of a renaissance, which means now really is a great time to head out and see the sights.  Just a few miles away from Riverdale Park, getting here and back is never going to be much of a strain for you. 

Nottingham Castle

Nottingham's famous Castle boasts over a millennium's worth of history inside its museum walls, and there's more on top of that to discover.  The Castle was once used as something as a stronghold in centuries past.  While the days of sieging and storming the gates have now long gone, you can still dip into this incredible history by taking in the exhibits on display.

Nottingham Castle is famous for its interactive displays and exhibits, as well as its active demonstrations and events.  As a crucial part of the Robin Hood legend, it is also something of a magical visit – well worth exploring with the family, or for a simple stroll around.  As a scheduled monument, Nottingham Castle is also home to archaeologically important relics. 

The site is well worth visiting if you are in the local area.  However, do ensure that you have access to visit, as it can often undergo maintenance and renovation.  All the more, of course, to make the site spectacular for all who come and visit. 

Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest is, of course, where Robin Hood and his Merry Men were said to have once resided.  The Forest is more than just the stuff of legend, however, as it is a fantastic location for wooded walks and trails.  There are organised trails and walks, too, meaning that you can explore the area on foot based on an itinerary, or you can take it all in at your own pace.

Do make sure to head to Sherwood Forest for its regular events and celebrations, many of which are tied in with the local legend.  These occur on a seasonal basis.  What's more, the site is closely partnered with the RSPB and is a stunning habitat for all manner of wildlife.  There are regular ‘bat walks' here, for example, where you can take a guided, night-time trek through the greenery to spot nocturnal animals.  Why not become an RSPB member and start birdwatching in the Forest? 

Trent Bridge

If you love your English sport, you are probably going to want to make a beeline for Trent Bridge.  This expansive cricket ground plays host to Nottinghamshire Cricket Club, who you can regularly see playing matches on TV.  The ground also hosts matches between other famous teams on a regular basis. 

It's widely accessible to all and is by all regards a modern cricket stadium for the contemporary age.  If you love cricket or competitive sport in general, you are going to want to make a trip to Trent Bridge a priority.  Prefer football?  Both Nottingham Forest and Notts County play in the local area, and they play each other – alongside Mansfield Town – as part of local derby contests.

The Attenborough Nature Centre and Reserve

If you’d prefer to get up close to the nature and wildlife of the local area, a great place to start is the Attenborough Centre and Reserve.  Open seven days a week, this Wildlife Trust site offers beautiful habitats and protected nature reserves where you can spot birds, wetland critters and more.  It’s a fantastic window into wildlife in Nottingham and the local area, and a site which is supported by passionate volunteers.

If you’ve had your fill of walks and city exploring, why not take your spot in a local hide and see if you can spot some rare birds?  Alongside Sherwood Forest, this reserve offers some of the most fascinating wildlife moments you’ll find on this side of the River Trent. 

The Nottingham Arboretum

Having been cared for since the 19th century, this public park hosts several nature trails and walks, easily accessible from Nottingham city centre.  It is regularly used for large-scale events and community celebrations, meaning the Arboretum is close to many local people’s hearts.  With over 800 trees continuing to grow here, it’s a lush, natural wonderland for nature lovers and those looking for quiet walks in the region.

Even more fascinatingly, the Nottingham Arboretum is said to have been instrumental in inspiring the classic story Peter Pan, written by Nottingham author JM Barrie.  Did Neverland spring from the Arboretum’s gardens?  Why not see for yourself?  There’s also lots of history to take in here, too – as the park has been standing for over 150 years.  It’s easy to reach from Riverdale Park as well as Nottingham itself. 

Why Move to Riverdale Park?

Nottinghamshire has such a lot to offer people!  Whether you are familiar with the region or are excited to explore it in a little more detail, Riverdale Park will offer you a home base that's well-connected, and always a pleasure to return to.  People move here to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life – and that's perfectly possible for you, too.  Take a look at the park community for yourself, and be sure to arrange a booking while spaces last!


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