Riverside Chalet Park, Lancashire

Residential Park (find out more here)

What Features Does Riverside Chalet Park Have?

Quiet location
Established park
Close to convenience store
Convenient for Poulton Centre

What's Near to Riverside Chalet Park


Riverside Chalet Park is an established development. Nestled in a semi rural location situated at the Singleton end of Mains Lane with the entrance of the park via Occupation Lane, which is directly opposite the Shell garage (SAT NAV Location FY6 7LH). Riverside Chalet Park is just a short drive from the market town of Poulton-Le-Fylde .


Riverside Chalet Park
Little Singleton

Riverside Chalet Park Rules

• All fees to be paid promptly when due, currently at £735 per year.
• No external alterations must be undertaken unless approved by the Proprietor and the local Planning Officer
• All chalets must be kept in a reasonable state of repair and all the surrounding grass must be kept cut, and be disposed of at the places provided
• A Fire Extinguisher and Smoke Detector to be fixed in ALL chalets.
• The erection of fences, walls or other division structures is strictly prohibited without the prior consent of the site owner.
• The storage of caravans, vans and other high sided vehicles is not permitted without the strict permission of the site owner.
• No ball games allowed on the site.
• Pets must be kept under control and not allowed to foul the site.
• The site is a private one and sub-letting for gain is not permitted.
• Any tenant wishing to sell his chalet must first notify the proprietor, and any prospective buyer must be introduced to me before any transaction is agreed upon. Any tenant failing to do this will receive a notification to remove his chalet from the site.
• The proprietor shall not be liable for any inquiry to any person using the site, or for damage to or loss of property of any such person, however, caused.