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Stately Chatsworth Gold (42x20)

Robin Hood Park

Stately Chatsworth Gold (42x20)

Castlemorton, Malvern



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Swift Biarritz 38 x 12

Robin Hood Caravan Park, Robin Hood Park

Swift Biarritz 38 x 12

Castlemorton, Malvern



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24 Hour CCTV
Pet Friendly
Barrier Access
Small, Exclusive Development
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Robin Hood Park is a holiday park located in Castlemorton. a village close to Malvern in the Malvern Hills District. 

Malvern, a small yet popular town in Worcestershire, is famous for its historic landmarks and quaint, quintessential nature. Robin Hood Park, based in Castlemorton near Malvern, is ideally placed for you to explore the broader region for yourself, as well as to a holiday home amongst like-minded neighbours.  

Robin Hood Park is a thriving community, albeit one which is laid back, tranquil, and designed to offer you a clean escape from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities beyond.  It is a popular choice with many people keen to explore the heritage of England's middle counties.  What's more, it is ideally placed away from the crowds and noise of the metropolises.

About Robin Hood Park

Lovingly designed to home a neighbourhood of people looking for a quiet break away from the norm, Robin Hood Park is a great holiday park for sightseers and explorers alike.  For many people, it is also the perfect community to holiday.  However, what you do with your holiday home is entirely up to you! 

The Worcestershire countryside can go overlooked, which is why Robin Hood Park offers a fantastic opportunity to nature and country ramblers across the UK.  You are well-linked to many local attractions and nearby towns here, but not to the extent where you’ll feel crowded or boxed in.  There is a lovely, pleasant country drive available to historic towns such as Tewkesbury, which you will likely want to explore.

However, the park community itself boasts plenty of appeal.  Spanning an acre and a half of landscaped grounds, the Robin Hood Park community is set up for holidaymakers tired of having to book hotels at the last minute.  It’s a secure community, with barriers and CCTV set up to ensure your safety.  People keen to get to know their neighbours can also take advantage of the exclusive Robin Hood pub, which is home to an excellent menu of food and drinks, changing from season to season.

Robin Hood Park offers breath-taking countryside views and is very easy to access from the motorway.  Therefore, for many people, the community offers convenience, tranquillity and beautiful panoramas.  What more could you possibly need from a park community in the heart of England?

Robin Hood Park Location

Robin Hood Park is easily accessible.  It is based in the general area of Castlemorton, a small, sleepy village just up the road from the park.  Therefore, you will always be well-linked to everyday amenities and shopping should you need them.  Otherwise, Malvern and Tewkesbury are not too far away.

Heading to Robin Hood from further afield?  Don’t worry.  You can break from the M50 or the M5 to access the park via the motorway.  Therefore, while it’s a community that is burrowed deep in the Worcestershire countryside, it is still easily reachable through everyday roads and means.

Based in the Malvern Hills, Robin Hood Park is on the doorstep of several fantastic walks and countryside adventures.  What’s more, if you’re keen to explore local English heritage, there are plenty of historical sites of interest scattered across the region.  With easy parking and road access guaranteed – as well as prime access to public transport – there’s no reason why you can’t get out and explore. 

Exploring the Local Area

New to the Malvern Hills?  There is so much here for you to explore and uncover!  Robin Hood Park is in the perfect spot for anyone looking to take on England at its most quaint and at its most picturesque.  As stated, you will be easily linked to several towns and villages en route.  However, you may wish to plan a weekend or a holiday around some of the more popular sites of interest in the nearby area.

As there is plenty to uncover across the Malvern Hills and beyond, there is far too much to discuss to fit into one guide!  Therefore, we have selected a few of the most popular attractions and sites across the region for you to sample.  Who knows – you may even find a few exciting adventures on your own!

Malvern Hills

Naturally, one of the first areas you are going to want to explore once you’ve moved in will be the Malvern Hills.  These rolling, verdant hills and woodland patches are brimming with exceptional walking trails, as well as lots of opportunities to cycle and ride horses.  The Hills are amongst some of the most unspoilt countryside stretches in the whole of the UK, making for a breath-taking day out no matter what pace you head out at.

The Malvern Hills Trust protects the region, which means that it is closely guarded to ensure the wonderful landscape remains free from harm or negative attention.  You may often find events and galas hosted here, and a great place to start will be to consult the Malvern Hills Trust themselves.  This will be a great opportunity for you to clue up on what to expect from your first visit, and to plan ahead for future escapades. 

Great Malvern Priory

As mentioned, traditional Worcestershire is well-known for its brimming history and heritage.  One of the most popular sites of interest in nearby Malvern is the Great Malvern Priory, which is a local parish church open for services, events and tours.  Certainly, whether you are a practising Christian or simply enjoy touring heritage buildings and locations across the UK, there will be plenty to interest you when you visit.

The history of the Priory is truly fascinating.  Whether you're keen to learn more about its founding, or to simply take a close look at the bells and stained glass windows, you can get in touch with the church to arrange for tours throughout the year.  For those who are practising their faith, Great Malvern provides a friendly, open worship community which is deeply involved with projects taking place across the wider area. 

Eastnor Castle

Heading down towards the very foot of the Malvern Hills is the long-standing Eastnor Castle, a spectacular private home which has elements open to the public for visitation all year round.  The castle itself is an astounding architectural miracle, often proving to be a very popular photo spot for tourists visiting the region.  The grounds are expansive, too, and while the estate is still home to a family, there are plenty of things to dip in and out of as a public visitor.

Not only can you take in the amazing peaks and valleys of the hills beyond, but you’ll want to head down to the castle for its popular events and shows.  Get up close with local wildlife and learn more about the history of the building – whatever you choose to do, it’s all here for you to enjoy on the doorstep of Robin Hood Park. 

Croome Court and Parkland

Croome is a popular National Trust site which is based near to the Malvern Hills, and is open all year round for visitors to explore.  Croome was once a tactical airbase, but has since been lovingly restored and re-opened as a visitor attraction.  Thankfully, its extensive gardens and parkland have been well-preserved, too.  Croome Court itself was a royal household dating back centuries.  You can take a guided tour of the property to learn more about its vivid and exciting history.

It’s a wonderful spot for art and architecture alike, meaning that if you are in search of a visual feast, you’re going to want to place Croome high on your list of places to visit near the park community. 

Why buy at Robin Hood Park?

Robin Hood Park is a close-knit community designed for convenience and genuine tranquillity.  If you have already explored the amazing Malvern Hills and would like to get closer to the English countryside, there is nothing stopping you from taking such an opportunity!

Robin Hood Park’s local links and amenities make it one of the most convenient and exciting communities in the region.  Local pub food and links to the motorway will entice anyone who wants to get back to the heart of England without being too cut-off from the outside world.  Malvern and nearby Worcestershire play host to many hidden delights and adventures.  Why not explore some of them for yourself?

Properties at Robin Hood Park continue to prove popular throughout the year.  Therefore, do always make sure to get in touch for a viewing at your earliest convenience.  Make a break for the country by setting up a home base all of your own! 


Robin Hood Park
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