Rosewarne Park, Cornwall

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What Features Does Rosewarne Park Have?

Pets Considered
Ten Minute Walk from Cambourne
Golf Course Nearby
Exclusively for over-50s
Close to coastline
Fully furnished homes


Rosewarne Park is a residential park is located in the depths of the beautiful Cornish countryside. The Park is based near St. Dennis, in the centre of mid-Cornwall. This is a location that offers access and opportunity to explore both the Northern and Southern parts of the coastline. The Park also neighbours some beautiful little towns, including the likes of Nanpean and Whitemoor. Additionally, there are some great attractions a little further afield, in the town of St Austell. 

Roseveare Park is exclusive to those over fifty; it is an ideal site for residents looking for a quiet retreat or a slower pace of life, hidden away in the beautiful Cornish countryside. The Park also allows residents to bring and keep their beloved pets to live with them, making it easier for residents to feel at home immediately.

The Park is set in twelve acres of land, with the license for 28 park homes. This is a small yet spacious park, with a lower number of park homes allowing for the benefit of more significant space for its residents.

About Roseveare Park

Roseveare Park is set in the heart of the Cornish countryside, a sought after location with very easy access, via varying transport means.  Not only this but its great location means there are a variety of activities in the surrounding area, including the chance to explore Goss Moore National Nature Reserve. A large reserve with a multi-use circular trail and some incredible wildlife spotting opportunities. 

The Park is owned and run by the Duckworth family, a family with a great deal of experience in property and residential parks. They have owned Roseveare Park since 2004. The exclusivity for those over fifty of Roseveare Park is what makes it so attractive to those looking for a quiet retreat, surrounded by likeminded and similar individuals. The Park offers residents the opportunity to slow down and retreat to the countryside, while simultaneously being able to explore what the surrounding area has to offer.

Roseveare Park Location

Situated in the centre of mid-Cornwall, Roseveare Park is near the village of St. Dennis. It is located in what is often referred to as the ‘Cornish Alps’. This gives the Park an elevated setting which allows it to overlook some incredible scenery across the Cornish countryside. 

To access the Park, there are a range of options available. If you are looking to access the Park via train, there are a few surrounding stations. St Colomb Road or St Austell are some options available. These stations will require further transport means such as a taxi, to reach the Park. St Colomb Road station is around a 10-minute drive from the Park, whereas St Austell is around 15 minutes. 

Furthermore, if you are planning to reach the Park via personal transport means, you should take the A30, leaving at Victoria B3724 towards Roche. Then you should take a right towards Gothers. Finally, if you need to reach the Park from an airport, the recommended option is Bristol Airport. However, Newquay is a closer option. 

The Local Area

The local surrounding area has much to offer residents and is one of the things which makes the Park so desirable. There are a range of beautiful Cornish towns in easy reaching distance.

St.Dennis is one of the closest villages for residents of Roseveare Park, at just a short 4-minute drive or a 20-minute scenic walk.  A historic mining village, famous for its china clay industry. St Dennis is a place for residents to do their food shopping, access a pharmacy, or go for a drink in one of the two friendly pubs in the village. There are also options for outdoor activities to take part in; one option is visiting the Hosking Family Park, a beautiful national forest with endless exploration opportunities. 

Other small villages near to the Park include Nanpean and Whitemoor. Nanpean, similar to St. Dennis, is a small village in both walking and driving distance to the Park. Nanpean has a range of things to offer those who visit; the nearby lakes are often one of its greatest attractions. The Nanpean lakes have a variety of activities to take part in, including different lake walking, running or cycling routes, or even the opportunity to spend the day fishing in the lake.  Whitemoor, again is a similar distance away, offering visitors different amenities and another lake to explore. 

Slightly further afield is St Austell, one of Cornwall’s largest towns and just a 15-minute drive away from the Park. One of the biggest attractions to the town is the St Austell Brewery and its string of pubs. You can tour the Brewery and test some of its famous produce. Another great attraction in St Austell is the Eden Project. Visitors from all over the country and world travel far and wide to visit these impressive biome structures. Finally, you could visit the port located in St Austell, also known as Charlestown. A beautiful and picturesque harbour, which has been known to be used in several film and television series sets. 

Goss Moore National Nature Reserve is another Cornish gem, in close distance to the Park. Goss Moor is one of the largest remaining areas of mid-Cornwall moorland, and it is a National Nature Reserve. Goss Moore is home to a beautiful multi-use circular trail, spanning 7 miles of mostly flat trail. The path is suitable for walkers, cyclists, horse-riders, wheelchair and pushchair users.  Not only this, but Goss Moore is a protected conservation site, this is due to the variety of rare species it is home to. It has been recorded that there are at least 28 species of butterfly, 18 species of dragonfly and damselflies, and more than 70 species of bird within the nature reserve. Otters and deer have also been spotted at the reserve previously. 

Why Choose Roseveare Park

Roseveare Park is an exclusive place to find privacy and serenity within the Cornish countryside. The Park offers residents the opportunity to create a life that is both secluded and homely. Not only this, but the surrounding countryside location is something which should not be bypassed. Due to the fact, the Park is located in the middle of the Cornish countryside; there are easily accessible exploration opportunities in both the North and South of the area. This great location also means that residents will never run out of things to do and places to see; this is great for those who love to stay active and experience new things. 

This Park will appeal to anyone over the age of fifty, looking to settle down in a quiet yet accessible location. This Park is also great for those who love animals and want to bring their own with them. Alternatively, for those who do not have animals, yet love to see them in their natural habitat in the surrounding areas. 

It is hard to find country parks which are in much sought after locations, with this one being located in the beautiful Cornish countryside, with easy access to both the North and South coast, it does have everything you could want. 


Rosewarne Park
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