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Cambrian Plantation (40 x 20) 2015

St. Michaels




Rowanwater is a beautiful, peaceful and secluded development where residents can enjoy the comfort of their bespoke lodges safe in the knowledge that they have, and always will have, their own little private community.


• 45 mins away from Manchester and the Lakes, easily accessible along M6.
• 30 mins by bus or car to Preston, Lancaster or Blackpool.
• 10 mins by bus or car to Garstang. Bus stop right outside the entrance.
• 5 mins walk to the local pub either through the village or down the public footpath along the river.
• Near to Guy’s Court where they have Christmas fairs and ice rink in winter, fun fairs and beer festivals in summer, cricket and bowling club and hot air balloon rides from there too.

Safety and Security:

• During planning flood risk assessments were undertaken and subsequently we have built our lodges at a height no lower than 10.2 metres above sea level. The minimum height above sea level for properties in a flood plain required by law is 10.1 metres. This elevation, in combination with the fact there is a flood gate on the river means that the risk of flooding is minute and even if we did flood the lodges are built high enough to remain dry. Lakeside lodges are actually higher than the flood gate so risk of flooding is near impossible.
• 24 hour CCTV at the gates and on all roadways within the site.
• All lodges set back from the lake are built on 8 inch steel reinforced concrete and all lodges by the lakeside are on 10 inch steel reinforced concrete, they are not moving anywhere!

Fishing at Rowanwater.

As Rowanwater used to be a Fishery, your private lake is stocked with Specimen Carp & Catfish weighing up to 15lbs and can be fished at your leisure.
Residents who occupy lakeside homes can fish from their garden or decking and those residents who occupy plots on the landscape can fish from the communal fishing areas illustrated on the Site Plan.
We can even build you your own private fishing peg on your plot, a dream come true for the keen fisherman.
The River Wyre runs along side Rowanwater and the fishing rights for this stretch of river are own by Rowanwater meaning that no one else is allowed to fish this section of the river.
The River Wyre is home to a variety of different fish, including Atlantic Salmon which travel thousands of miles from the Atlantic Ocean up the River Wyre to the Bowland Fells to spawn.

Places to Eat

Ribble Valley Inns

As the Ribble Valley Inns are a long standing personal favourite of the owners here at Rowanwater, they have made it onto our list of best spots for you to visit. They are a little bit further afield and may be considered “semi-local” if you will but the gorgeous food and cosy atmosphere makes the journey worthwhile.
Inspired and overseen by the legendary Nigel Haworth, all Ribble Valley Inns harvest the finest, freshest seasonal ingredients from their pick of local artisan suppliers and create a menu inspired by tradition but influenced by contemporary twists.
The pubs are full of atmosphere, character and charm but above all are welcoming and relaxing with al fresco dining in the summer and crackling log fires in the winter. If you want to call in for a quick snack or settle in for the long haul and enjoy a full three course meal, these comforting little hubs will provide you with deliciously high quality food and warm friendly service. Regional cask ales & ciders and a quality wine list make the perfect companions for award winning, locally sourced food.

The Cartford Inn

The Cartford Inn is a beautiful 17th century coaching inn which sits on the banks of the River Wyre, just a 5 minute drive or 20 minute riverside stroll away from Rowanwater. This cosy, family-run inn welcomes you with open log fires and friendly staff. With cosy little alcoves to hide away in, a quirky mushroom theme throughout and many intriguing works of art hanging around, this is definitely a unique little spot which is guaranteed to charm your socks off.
The food more than keeps up with the impressive and stylish dining space, with a fresh and creative menu which uses local suppliers. With a selection of tempting daily specials and a la carte dishes ranging from classics such as hotpot and fish pie to more bold dishes like fruit and veg curries or even just a great quality steak, you’re sure to find something to tantalise your taste buds.
It doesn’t stop at the dining table! The Cartford Inn also have a large range of traditional cask ales from local breweries as well as an impressive selection of spirits and wines.

The Farmers Arms

The Farmers Arms is tucked away in the picturesque Domesday village of Great Eccleston in the heart of Lancashire’s agricultural Wyre. For us it’s a bridge between old and new … town and country … a village inn for locals, visitors and tourists alike to enjoy the service standards that have won a string of awards for the Seafood Pub Company.
The market village itself is set back from the A-class Garstang to Blackpool road. Motorists wouldn’t necessarily know it was there. And, once into the village, The Farmers Arms is off the main through-road – making it a quiet secluded retreat to enjoy a drink and a meal.


  • Fishing Lakes
  • Shop
  • Security Gated

Nearby Attractions

  • Restaurants
  • Garden Centre


Garstang Road
Near Garstang

All Owners of Holiday Lodges must provide the Company with details of their registered address.
All Lodge Owners must have valid insurance as specified in their Contract, a copy of which must be provided to the Company.
All Lodge Owners must only park their vehicles in the spaces allocated for the plot on which their lodge is situated and ensure that their visitors use the visitor parking bays or parking spaces allocated for the plot belonging to the Lodge Owner/Owners whom they are visiting.
Parking on the roadways and other lodge parking areas is strictly prohibited.
Washing lines are not allowed on site and washing must not be hung over decking/veranda rails.
Lodges are fitted with washer-dryers.
Sky TV aerials and dishes are permitted on site providing they are positioned unobtrusively by our nominated installer who specialises in the installation of satellite dishes on lodges.
Domestic refuse must be deposited in containers provided and not left out in bin liners.
Pets are allowed on the Rowanwater site but must be kept under control at all times. Dogs must
be kept on a lead around the site and must live inside the lodge, not outside in kennels. The breed
of dog permitted is at the Owner’s discretion and dogs which are considered to be dangerous
breeds will not be permitted to live on the Rowanwater site.
All dog fowling must be picked up immediately and placed in a bin.
Lodge Owners can walk their dogs along the river bank road and along the rivers edge. Access to the public footpath on the Fiddle Neck can be gained through the locked gate which must be
re-locked after access has been gained. There is also access to the lakeside between points A & B on the attached site plan.
External fires and disposable barbeques are not permitted. Residents may barbeque within their own plot with recognised gas or charcoal barbeques.
Rowanwater has been designed as a peaceful country environment and Lodge Owners, visiting adults, parents and grandparents are requested to ensure that children in their care are under control and respect the privacy of other residents at all times and do not cause a disturbance.
Children must be supervised properly to ensure that they are not a nuisance to others or a danger to themselves.
The site is situated alongside the River Wyre and the lake on site has deep areas of water up to 6ft deep. Although life belts are situated around the site and a boat is available for emergency use only, it is the Lodge Owners’ responsibility to ensure that children under their care are kept safe from these potential hazards. The Company will not accept responsibility to any loss or injury that occurs on site.
Occupiers of properties on Rowanwater will not:
Commit any criminal offence on the site or use a property for the furtherance of any criminal activity.
Commit any acts of vandalism, nuisance or anti-social behaviour.
Carry a weapon or firearm on site.
Use unlawful drugs.
Create noise or disturbance.
Carry out any trade or business on site.
Ball games are not allowed on site.
Swimming in the lake or river is not allowed.
The siting of plant pots and garden ornaments etc., must be authorised by the Company. Unauthorised pots and ornaments or any other items left around a lodge will be removed and disposed of by the Company.
All areas around lodges must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
Fishing on the lake is private, for Lodge Owners only and not open to the general public.
Lakeside residents may fish from within their own plot and from the area marked on the attached site plan, between points A and B.
Residents, guests and visitors may fish the River Wyre from any point on the site.
Anyone fishing on the site does so entirely at their own risk.
The volume of televisions or music played must be kept to a level that does not cause a disturbance or offence to neighbouring properties, especially between the hours of 11pm and 8am. Music must not be played on communal areas.
Any motor vehicles must be used in a manner that does not cause disturbance or offence to neighbouring properties, especially between the hours of 11pm and 8am.
Cars must be parked tidily and correctly in designated parking areas. Owners are not allowed to bring quad bikes, off-road motorbikes, lorries, commercial vans, boats, trailers, caravans or motor homes on to the site. Caravans and motor homes may be parked outside of a resident’s lodge for a maximum of two days when loading or unloading but must be stored off site.
Parking is for private cars and road going motorcycles only.
Owners or users of vehicles and cycles are responsible for any damage caused. Unlicensed or uninsured vehicles are not allowed on site.
Drivers must abide by the 10 mph site speed limit at all times.
The Company will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles or contents.
The site is protected by electric security gates. Lodge Owners will be issued with 2 remote devices for the electric gates and 2 keys for the pedestrian gate. Additional keys and remote devices are available at cost. Replacement remote control devices and/or keys will be chargeable.
Lodge Owners can also open the gates from their lodges by use of a telephone to allow access for visitors.
The gates will automatically open between the hours of 8am and 4pm to allow access to service vehicles and Royal Mail vehicles. Once a vehicle has driven through the gates they will automatically close behind the vehicle.
To enter the site between the hours of 4pm and 8am drivers will need to use the remote devices to open the gates which will automatically close after the vehicle has driven through.
At all times the gates will open automatically for any vehicle leaving the site and close behind the vehicle.
The pedestrian gate will allow pedestrian access at all times by the use of one of the two keys issued.
All deposits are non-refundable.

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