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Phase 2 Royale Heights Omar Ikon 45x20


Phase 2 Royale Heights Omar Ikon 45x20




Preowned (45x20) Royale Heights


Preowned (45x20) Royale Heights




Preowned Omar Sandringham 7 Cbd Royale Heights


Preowned Omar Sandringham 7 Cbd Royale Heights

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Royale Heights, Poole, Dorset

What Features Does Royale Heights Have?

Gated and Secure Community
Pet-friendly Park
Outstanding Location
Market Value Part-Exchange
Superb Range of Facilities
Landscaped Grounds


Royale Heights Park is situated in Poole, one of Dorset's most popular towns for a variety of reasons.  It is especially popular with people who wish to retire to the coast, or who would like to take their time and explore the local area and history.  There is nothing quite like the breezy quaintness of Dorset.  Now, you can experience everything Poole has to offer by purchasing your very own park home at Royale Heights.

About Royale Heights

Park Homes at Royale Heights are available for purchase.  Situated just outside Poole, this friendly gated community is peaceful, secure and convenient for exploring the wider county.  Take a wander through its landscaped grounds, and don't be afraid to bring your four-legged friends.  The park is completely pet-friendly.  You can bring up to two pets to come and stay with you.

Luxury park homes are available now from as little as £250,000.  You'll find each property here to be fully furnished and to have private gardens for you to enjoy at your leisure.  Available for residents over the age of 45, you will be moving next door to welcome, like-minded neighbours.

If you would like to explore nearby Dorset, there are plenty of accessible links available.  You'll always be able to find a parking space.  It's easy to head out on the main roads towards Poole, Salisbury, Bournemouth and more.  If you'd prefer to use public transport, there is a handy bus stop based just outside.  You can even take a ferry out to Jersey if you like!

What we love about the development is its beautiful, idyllic location.  It's a slice of coastal serenity and complete peace of mind.  As a gated community, it is one of the most secure park locations available for you to buy right now.

What's Nearby to Royale Heights?

One of the main things you'll likely want to know about before buying is - of course - what the local attractions and amenities are like.  As mentioned, Royale Heights is in a fantastic coastal position.  Based in the heart of Dorset on Beacon Hill, you can always feel free to explore the county's many sites of interest.

Here is a quick guide to just some of the towns, communities and attractions you might want to take a closer look at once you've settled in.


Royale Heights itself is based in Poole, which means the famous town will be your closest port of call.  It's perhaps most famous for its outstanding harbour, which is the largest of its kind on the continent.  It's also home to an extensive quayside, which should be of interest to anyone looking to learn more about maritime history.

Poole visitors may be able to unearth fascinating facts and stories about sailors, pirates and more.  This coastal town is immensely proud of its past, and you'll likely be able to find plenty to delve into.  The quayside is a great area to spot active boats and ships, and it is of course well-developed to welcome tourists and locals alike.  There's nothing quite like taking in some of that salty sea air.

Areas such as Brownsea Island will also be of interest to people looking to learn more about historic Devon.  It's here where the first Scouts group set up, and where Lord Baden-Powell laid down his plans for the whole movement.  It's also a wonderful haven for all kinds of flora and fauna.  If you're a big nature explorer, you will undoubtedly want to take a boat across.

Otherwise, Poole is packed with gorgeous, sandy beaches.  Its coastline is the toast of the Dorset seaside.  Take a look at Sandbanks in particular, which is a major Blue Flag award winner.  The beaches here are clean and well-protected, and you'll likely spot RNLI Lifeboat volunteers working hard across the year.

The Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast is one of the most spectacular locations Dorset has to offer.  Easily accessible from the site, take a quick journey on the road towards a trail that boasts over 185 million years of ancient history.  This extensive coastal walk extends over 95 miles of fascinating natural detail, meaning you will need to come back again and again to explore and enjoy it all.

The Coast is also easily accessible from Poole Harbour, which means you may be able to fit in a trip to town as well as a short wander across the historic spines.  There are scores of intriguing sights and communities nestled along the way, meaning you'll want to return here to get the full experience.  By moving to nearby Royale Heights, you can easily make your way back out to see something new on the trail whenever you like.

It's a hugely popular tourist site but is never bustling.  You may recognise some of the coastlines from popular TV shows such as ITV's Broadchurch!


Bournemouth is a little further from the park than Poole centre and harbour. However, it is still not too much of a journey away.  It is one of the most-visited coastal towns in the county, though again, that doesn't mean it is loud or bustling.  Many people make a beeline for Bournemouth for a bright, breezy day out or the odd relaxing walk.

Like Poole, Bournemouth has plenty of great beaches for you to explore.  There's a lot of aquatic history for you to sample here, as well as a huge oceanarium.  Here, you'll be able to see fascinating sea life up close and can learn more about aquatic conservation.  If you prefer to learn about the town's history and culture, there are several museums and galleries scattered across the way.  You can have your cultural fill!

What some people may not know about Bournemouth is that it has acres and acres of beautiful gardens and parkland waiting to be explored.  There are around 2000 acres, in fact, with some Victorian gardens still being kept pristine.  Bournemouth is also a brilliant place to brush up on your golf, with several greens and courses in the area.

Weymouth and Its Harbour

Weymouth is another popular yet sleepy town situated along the Jurassic Coast.  Weymouth Harbour is just a stone's throw from Royale Heights, which means you can quickly head out in the car or on the bus to sample some maritime delights.  Come and explore the various boating activities on offer, as well as the traditional taverns and local shops set up along the coastal town.

Weymouth Harbour also plays host to several exciting events, parades and displays across the warmer months.  If you are looking for seaside spectacle, you will surely want to head out here at the first available opportunity.

Sherborne Abbey

For those who are fascinated by religious architecture, Sherborne Abbey is a fascinating and historically-important site of intrigue.  Dating back to 705 AD, it is still open to visitors who wish to attend services, worship, and who want to take part in local events.  There are guided tours, too.  These take place throughout the year.  There is even a gift shop for those who wish to take some souvenirs back.  And why shouldn't you?

Sherborne Abbey is one of many wonderful sites which are close by.  It may even become a regular haunt for you once you've moved in and unpacked.

Sculpture By The Lakes

Built and curated by Simon and Monique Gudgeon, Sculpture By The Lakes is an idyllic retreat for anyone looking to unwind or take gentle exercise in the heart of the Dorset countryside.  Spanning 26 acres, the sculptures and expanses of water here play host to big events and workshops throughout the year.

Whether you'd like to take a yoga class, or would like to try meditation by the lakes, you'll be able to head out here easily from Royale Heights.  It's a peaceful local attraction which is popular with many people but, again, is never noisy or crowded.  The whole purpose of this installation is to help visitors unwind and reflect.

Why Choose Royale Heights?

Wonderful park properties are available now for you to take advantage of.  These exclusive park homes are nestled deep within the heart of Dorset, making them fantastic launchpads for anyone wanting to spend their retirement years by the sea. 

Royale Heights is maintained with impeccable care.  As well as fishing facilities, swimming pools and a communal space for neighbours to come together, there is also a fully-fitted gymnasium on-site.  Everything you need is right here on your doorstep. 

It's also close to the village of Upton, which you can walk to if you wish to access local doctor's surgeries, supermarkets, cafes, and library facilities.  If you choose to part exchange with us, there will be no additional fees or stamp duty expected of you.

This site boasts some of the most beautiful park properties in Poole.  Why not take a look at some of the homes we have available here now, and plan your escape to the coast? 


Royale Heights
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