Ryan Bay Caravan Park, Dumfries and Galloway

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What Features Does Ryan Bay Caravan Park Have?

Laundry Facilities
Kids Play Park
Pets allowed
Children's playground
WiFi availability


Ryan Bay Caravan Park is a popular holiday park that offers families the chance to settle up alongside loch views and country walks, with a variety of modern park amenities and facilities on-site. As a static caravan park in Dumfries and Galloway, Ryan Bay Caravan Park is ideal for exploring the Scottish coast. Ryan Bay offers entertainment and refreshment on-site to holidaymakers of all ages.

Ryan Bay Holiday Park is an accessible holiday retreat, meaning that there is clear access for those who may need additional support getting in and out of the park.  Local Stranraer is famous for its wide variety of different family interests as well as for its abundance of green walks and loch views.  Ryan Park is very easy to reach off main roads heading up through Dunragit and Castle Kennedy. 

Why Choose Ryan Bay Caravan Park?

Ryan Bay Caravan Park is a holiday retreat built for families, created to offer a laid-back atmosphere and facilities for holidaymakers from all backgrounds.  The resort will likely appeal to holidayers of all ages, with an on-site play area and space for children to safely roam. 

However, the park may also appeal to solo holidaymakers and couple, with a private bar on-site.  The bar also benefits from a full beer garden, and there is also a full clubhouse available.

Visitors to Ryan Bay Caravan Park will also benefit from modern facilities, with a complete laundrette on-site.  Holidaymakers will be able to bring pets with them, space and provision for up to two dogs.  The park offers convenience and functionality as possible.  It will appeal to holidayers looking for an inclusive resort, close enough to roads and routes through to local attractions should they wish to venture further afield.

Visitors will also benefit from parking and Wi-Fi on-site as standard, as well as proximity to local public transport.  Replete with modern facilities, the park offers a holiday season from the start of March through to the end of October each year. 

About Ryan Bay Caravan Park’s Location

Ryan Bay Caravan Park is based at the edge of Loch Ryan and is within driving distance of the well-known town of Stranraer.  It may, therefore, appeal to Scottish holidaymakers who may be looking for a waterside retreat with access to Scottish and Irish holidays.  While the park is at the edge of the midwestern Scottish coast, it is easy to reach and head out from due to a variety of local roads and motorway links.

Ryan Bay Park is based just off the A77, heading round from the A75 up through Barlae, Glenluce and Dunragit.  Visitors will find connections into and surrounding the park with ease alongside the Galloway Forest Park and heading onwards to Dumfries and Gretna Green. 

Ryan Bay Caravan Park is popular with visitors for its closeness to Scottish countryside and coast, offering commanding views of the region with accessibility via sea and road alike.  Holidaymakers may also wish to use Ryan Bay Park as a base for exploring seaside towns dotted across the county.  There are harbourside attractions across the way, meaning that anyone who does wish to take a look out across the water can do so without having travel far.

The park’s location close to Loch Ryan may provide Scottish holidaymakers with access to quiet, tranquil waterside walks and days out.  However, it may also be popular with families looking for access to some of the broader attractions in the local area. 

Things to Do Near Ryan Bay Caravan Park

Ryan Bay Caravan Park is close to Agnew Park, a popular family leisure resort.  Agnew Park offers boating, golfing and mini-car races, as well as full gardens and café facilities.  It is likely to be a popular option for families looking for an all-inclusive day out. 

Stranraer is the closest town to the park, offering historical sights and shopping trips likely to appeal to many holidaymakers.  Beyond here, visitors may also wish to explore Castle Kennedy on the approach towards Ryan Bay.  Castle Kennedy offers green walks and displays, as well as chances to spot wildlife nestled deep in the flora.  It may therefore appeal to visitors keen to get back in touch with nature.

The local area also offers cliff walks through to historic locations such as Killantringan Lighthouse, as well as sites of interest such as Dunskey Gardens, boasting a full hedge maze.  Holidaymakers may also wish to explore the seaside towns and harbours here, with boat trips and tours taking place regularly.  The area is replete with local flavour and interests, meaning that while Ryan Bay Caravan Park may be away from tourist zones, it will still likely appeal to families and couples keen to take in Scotland’s coastal sights.


Ryan Bay Caravan Park
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