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Shotley Country Park

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Shotley Country Park

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Whether you already live in Suffolk, or are intrigued to see more of the area in your spare time, there is plenty for you to uncover here.  Shotley Country Park is a spectacular park community based nearby Ipswich, offering you genuinely peaceful living just a stone’s throw from a series of popular towns and villages.  Shotley itself is a quaint village which you will find on the border of Suffolk and Essex, which is well worth visiting and getting to know.

However, you may be fairly occupied with exploring the park community here to begin with!  Many people choose to move to park communities in Suffolk as it means they can get away from the hustle and bustle of town and city living.  At the same time, not everyone enjoys being stuck in the middle of nowhere.  That's why park resorts and estates like Shotley Country Park are developed close to sites of interest and local amenities.

Want to know more about the park, and what’s available for you to explore in the local area?  Read on for the full lowdown. 

About Shotley Country Park

Shotley Country Park is a beautiful development of homes and private landscaping which gives you stunning views of the Suffolk countryside.  Set up for visitors and residents to take time to appreciate the natural beauty of their surroundings, this is also a community built for likeminded people to come together.  The Country Park, based in Shotley itself, is just a few miles from the centre of Ipswich, and is surrounded by miles of gorgeous greenery and sites of historical interest.  Therefore, if you're keen to tap into English heritage, you may well find the perfect home base to get started at right here.

This is a park community which provides wonderful countryside living and standards for those who are keen to take a break from it all.  It’s developed to nestle in closely with the natural surroundings, meaning that peace and tranquillity are all but guaranteed.  While you will benefit from close transport links to get you out and about in local Suffolk, you really won’t be disturbed by the noise of towns and cities beyond. 

Exploring the Local Area

Of course, before moving to Shotley Country Park, you will likely want to know a little bit more about the local area.  As mentioned, the village of Shotley is just in the vicinity, providing you with plenty of traditional, local amenities.  What's more, the historic town of Ipswich is just a few miles down the way.  This means that whether you are driving or taking public transport, planning days or weekends out shouldn't ever be too difficult.

Suffolk is a county with lots to offer.  We simply can’t list everything available for you to explore here in one guide!  Therefore, take a look at our selection of popular and recommended sites of interest below, and do make sure to take a closer look.  Whether you holiday in Suffolk or plan to move to Shotley Country Park in the near future, it makes perfect sense to get a feel for your surroundings.  And what wonderful surroundings they are! 

Shotley Marina

The park community is based very close to the locally-famous Shotley Marina, providing wide-open access to boats and vessels looking to sail down the local rivers and out into the sea beyond.  Regarded as the premier marina on the East Coast, Shotley is home to boating facilities which are in a prime location for waterway enthusiasts.  You'll be able to moor your own boat here or take part in a series of exciting events and activities which open up across the year.

Shotley Marina offers you beautiful views across the Suffolk rivers and beyond.  If you aim to get close to the ocean, not just the countryside, Shotley Country Park may be one of the best locations to move to. 

Orwell Country Park

Keen to explore the rural side of Ipswich?  We really don’t blame you.  The expansive Orwell Country Park is home to over 470 acres of woodland and a variety of habitats, and since 1995, it’s been a true walker’s delight.  It’s home to heathland and is a reserve for various local wildlife, and the area itself has been recognised as an area of outstanding natural beauty, or AONB.  That’s an accolade few parks and resorts are able to show off to the world!

The Park is split into three main sections, meaning that you can pick and choose where you’d like to explore from visit to visit.  Take a look at Braziers Wood, Piper’s Vale and Bridge Wood at your own pace.  Who knows – if you move to Shotley Country Park, you may even find your own favourite walking routes after just a few visits.  It’s easy to walk here, but if you prefer to drive, there is also ample parking provided. 

Christchurch Mansion

Take time to dip into Ipswich’s rich history, too, when you visit.  Christchurch Mansion is a popular museum based in a Tudor expanse, and is home to centuries of history and relics for you to discover.  The rooms, galleries and features here have been lovingly preserved to reflect the Tudor time period, meaning that it may well feel like stepping back in time.

The Mansion is host to huge collections of artwork from Constable and Gainsborough as well as local artists and craftspeople.  It’s a wonderful day out for all lovers of fine art, as well as English art history.  Take a guided tour around the Mansion between March and November to sample the full experience, or do take the time to explore the various rooms and collections here at your own pace.  The Mansion has preserved family information from those who once stayed here, adding to the educational experience.

Even if you’re not in it for the history lessons, Christchurch Mansion is a feast for the eyes.  Don’t make a point of visiting Ipswich without heading here on your travels! 

Alton Water

Alton Water is regarded as one of Suffolk’s premier countryside retreats, with an incredible 400 acres of natural landscape waiting for you to explore at your own pace.  It’s a beautiful site for walkers, hikers and cyclists to explore, though many people will also head here for camping and fishing facilities, too.  It's a superb day out for anyone looking to really get up close to the Suffolk countryside.  And, what's more, it is only a short trip away from Shotley Country Park.

Alton Water is open all year round for walkers and campers alike.  However, you may also want to take a closer look at the wildlife and nature looked after here by the site's passionate conservationists.  For the more active and adventurous visitors, you will even be able to take part in some watersports!  You'll also find plenty of refreshment facilities based on site, and the area is always looking for more people to help volunteer to keep Alton Water an astounding day out. 

Ipswich Transport Museum

Fancy taking a look at a different type of English history?  Take a look at Ipswich’s own Transport Museum, which is home to over a hundred different vehicles and artefacts.  Dating back 50 years, the museum is home to vehicles as diverse as fire engines, bicycles, local cars and public transport.  You’ll also be able to dip into the area’s rich engineering history, learning more about how some of the most talented local mechanics and engineers helped to bring a wide variety of vehicles to the roads.

Whether you're a fan of cars in general or are an engineering history enthusiast, the Ipswich Transport Museum makes for a unique trip with lots to see and explore.  It's also great for families, too, and you can get up close to cars and transport which haven't been seen on British roads for decades.  It's a brilliant time capsule. 

Christchurch Park

Christchurch Park has been a part of Ipswich’s public attractions for over 200 years, dating back to the 19th century.  It's a public area of gorgeous greenery which spans over several acres, and which has been renovated and redeveloped for families and children to explore and enjoy.  It's also home to several major events which take place each year, including fireworks displays and local music festivals.  For many people, Christchurch Park is the centre of Ipswich itself and is one of the most popular haunts for local people and visitors alike.  Why not take a look and explore the park if you choose to move to Shotley Country Park? 

Why Move to Shotley Country Park?

Whether you have visited Suffolk before, or if you're keen to explore the wider area and its heritage, it makes perfect sense to make a home in the countryside.  Shotley Country Park is developed as a quiet, peaceful community for anyone wanting to take a break from town and city living.  Why not take a look at the park for yourself, and start exploring the local area?  Book a viewing today.


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