Silver Mists Park, Dorset

Properties at Silver Mists Park

Preown Stately Topaz 50x2 Silver Mists

St Leonards

Preown Stately Topaz 50x2 Silver Mists

St Leonards



Preown Newmarket 45x20 6 Silver Mists

St Leonards

Preown Newmarket 45x20 6 Silver Mists

St Leonards



Residential Park (find out more here)

What Features Does Silver Mists Park Have?

Landscaped grounds
Pet friendly
Gated residential park
Minimum age 45
Safe and welcoming community
Stunning countryside location


Dorset is home to some of the most stunning countryside to be found across the south of England.  There is nothing quite like getting away from it all with a coastal holiday.  But what if you were able to move to the coast on a permanent basis?

Silver Mists is a wonderful park home development based in the sleepy village of St Leonards. It offers residents fantastic access to local towns as well as to nearby regions and attractions.  For many people looking for a coastal getaway, this park provides peace and tranquillity in a prime location.  Whether you are the sort of person who loves getting out and about, or who prefers to have a quiet base on the coastline to come back to, this is a community you will want to explore at your leisure.

About Silver Mists Park

Silver Mists is a carefully curated community for residents looking at travel or permanent living on the Dorset coast.  Surrounded by gorgeous landscaping, and developed with all your everyday amenities and essentials in mind. If you regularly visit Dorset or have plans to move out to St Leonards in the near future, why not consider viewing a park community for a different kind of coastal escape?

Residents love the park for its ease of access to local sights and sounds.  You'll be able to head out to local pubs and restaurants by car or public access, and there are plenty of stunning walks and trails for you to explore nearby.  Certainly, this is a park community which has been lovingly crafted in the centre of Dorset's expansive countryside.  There is nothing but crisp sea air and green, verdant land all around.  It's absolutely breath-taking!

Anyone who enjoys taking a look out at nearby towns, shopping districts and beaches will be able to without any hassle.  The development is also ideally positioned near many historic sites, as well as parks and nature reserves.  It's country living at your convenience - and you can't get more convenient than park home living!

Exploring the Nearby Area

Silver Mists is based in St Leonards, which in itself is a quiet Dorset village.  The park community is just far enough away from the hustle and bustle to preserve genuine peace and quiet for you.  However, if you do want to take in what the local area has to offer, you can feel free to head out as you please.  Ample parking and road access here means every day is a holiday - what a wonderful way to spend the spring or summer!

Beyond the park, let's take a look at some of the popular resorts and attractions based nearby, all of which you can access easily from the park community.

The Jurassic Coast

One of the main reasons people visit Dorset is to take in the breath-taking Jurassic Coast.  This colossal, 95-mile expanse of natural land dates back hundreds of millions of years, to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth!  The Coast has been a popular location for filming across TV and film, which means you will likely recognise some of its more rugged spots and edges.

Due to the sheer size and length of the coast, it's not surprising that you'll probably need to take a bit of time to explore it all!  Moving out to a community like Silver Mists will give you constant access to this gorgeous landscape.  There are lots of popular towns and resorts dotted across the way, too, which means you can dip in and experience genuine local cuisine and hospitality while hiking around.  Take a look across the wild cliffsides and explore Dorset to its fullest.  The Jurassic Coast is a historic, natural monolith which will give you a wonderful guided tour of the best the county has to offer.


Bournemouth is a hugely popular seaside town and is possibly one of Dorset's main attractions.  It's well-known for its gorgeous, sparkling beaches, its traditional seaside fare, and its popular museums and wildlife spots.  Bournemouth welcomes thousands of visitors and family holidays each year.  It has a wonderful climate.  During the warmer months, you will always be just a few steps away from stunning sunshine and brisk sea air.  There really is nothing quite like it.

As a tourist town, Bournemouth can get quite busy.  It offers plenty of festivals, fairs and celebrations across the year, too.  However, it does have its quiet spots, as well as a series of wonderful coastline and countryside walks which you can traverse and explore in your own time.  If it all gets a little too busy for you, don't forget that home is just up the road.  You can easily make a beeline for Bournemouth from the park community via main roads and public transport if you prefer.

Do also bear in mind that there is the nearby town of Poole, too.  Poole is very popular with tourists, and which is home to historic Brownsea Island, where Lord Baden-Powell first started the Scouting movement.

Moors Valley Country Park and Forest

Anyone local to St Leonards, or indeed this side of Dorset, will recommend you make a special trip to the Moors Valley.  The country park and forest here welcomes visitors of all ages, with lots for kids to explore and do as part of family trips.  However, it is just as popular for its beautiful country walks, with wide access to woodland and local wildlife along the way.

Moors Valley Park is open throughout the year and offers full guides and information to visitors on arrival.  It has been carefully preserved as a beautiful slice of Dorset countryside.  If you're keen to get back to nature before exploring the wider coast, you can easily access Moors Valley from Silver Mists.  There is also full disabled access, which makes the resort one of the most accessible and welcoming in the region.  There is also always something new happening here, with exciting events and tours opening up across the warmer and milder seasons.  Come on down and take a look for yourself!

Avon Heath Country Park

Based not too far from Moors Valley, Avon Heath is a stunning trip into the wild and rugged countryside of St Leonards and nearby Dorset.  It has been the recipient of a Green Flag award, as it is one of the cleanest and best-kept resorts of its kind in the whole of the region.

Avon Heath, like Moors Valley, is a family resort, though there is plenty for couples and solo explorers to uncover, too.  It's great for dog walking, and you can spy local wildlife across many of the area's various nature trails.  You'll also love getting involved with the park's regular events and celebrations.  There are café facilities, too, and there are wildlife and play areas set up for all the family.

What's also interesting is that part of the park is open for public hire!  You'll be able to host small BBQs and parties here in the heart of the park, all carefully hosted to respect the local countryside and wildlife.  Why not take a closer look?

Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve

If you'd like to get up close to nature, Blashford Lakes is a wonderful retreat which will welcome you all year round.  It is technically situated in Hampshire and is part of the local Nature Trust; however, it is only a 15-minute drive from the centre of St Leonards.

The water habitats here play host to a wild and wonderful variety of rare birds and insects, which are therefore carefully preserved for visitors from all over to come and spy for themselves.  Across 159 hectares of land, there are also over 8km of walking trails, making it a blissful walk for anyone interested in getting close to nature at its most preserved.  You may even see ponies grazing here during the warmer months - there is always something new to discover!

Bournemouth Aviation Museum

If you are more interested in human history, do make sure to take a look at Bournemouth's popular Aviation Museum.  Playing host to aircraft, fire engines and other service vehicles, it's a great opportunity for you to get up close to genuine military and transport history.

The museum is open throughout the year and is home to rare aircraft and service machines you won't find in a similar collection elsewhere.  If the history of English aviation and general transport appeals to you, this is a trip you are not going to want to miss.

Why Stay at Silver Mists?

Silver Mists is a gorgeous park home site which offers up lots of opportunities for you to explore stunning Dorset and Hampshire.  It is a location which remains popular with people looking for a coastal or countryside breakaway, which means now is a great time to start thinking about booking a viewing!


Silver Mists Park
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