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Are you looking for a lodge at Smugglers End park in East Sussex? Smugglers End Park is located in East Sussex, a wonderful holiday region which is perfect for families, couples and solo travellers looking for a quiet getaway.  The park, which has changed ownership over the years, is well-known as one of the best-positioned holiday parks on the coast.  The community nestles deep in Winchelsea Beach, where visitors can look out over quiet, unspoilt sands and sea views all year round.

Winchelsea Beach is a very popular destination for holidaymakers.  It is just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of cities and towns.  However, it is never too far from main road links and public amenities.  This is part of what makes the site so popular with new homeowners.  It is a fantastic foothold for anyone keen to explore some of southern and eastern England’s best-loved and most serene coastal walks.

Close to Rye Bay, this is a private park offering lodges and luxury properties to holidayers keen to make a break from everyday living.  Millions of people enjoy heading to the coast on holiday.  This is one of a handful of well-kept parks which help to bring more people closer to the East Sussex sands on a regular basis. 

About Smugglers End Park

The park has a long history, though changed hands in recent years.  However, the park’s current family proprietors understand how important a quiet, secure holiday community is to its local patrons.  The park is undergoing development with years to view, meaning that it offers a fantastic opportunity for investment.

Smugglers End Park benefits from incredible views as well as comfortable, quiet surroundings.  It is a luxury holiday community, complete with lodges and pitches for unique homes that require little maintenance and care.  The park owners care deeply about keeping the park thriving, yet relaxed.  It is one of the most popular parks in the region, and for that reason, an early viewing is always recommended should properties become available.

Visitors benefit from modern facilities and easy access to local attractions.  Park maintenance and owners are always on hand to help.  In fact, holidaymakers can benefit from a wealth of local tourism advice on arrival.  The park boasts a careful location and meticulous planning.  Each property has a private pitch yet is just close enough to other homes for visitors to make friends with fellow holiday enthusiasts.

This is a picturesque community location up close and from afar.  Its grounds receive careful landscaping and round-the-year care.  What’s more, if holidaymakers do have any concerns about their properties, they can always call on park staff for advice and guidance.  The team works hard to keep homes looking great through all weather.

The park boasts luxury lodges and spacious pitches to appeal to potential visitors looking for private, roomy breaks away.  They are ideal, too, if you wish to let out to holiday renters yourself.  The park design and atmosphere carefully matches the stunning surroundings, and visitors can always be assured of secure holiday living standards.  It is a park which encourages independence as well as a sense of community, meaning that there is a keen balance between discrete living as well as neighbourhood spirit. 

The Location

Winchelsea Beach is a popular location with visitors of all ages.  It is becoming more and more popular with families, though it’s famous as a great couples’ retreat.  Smugglers End Park positions itself at the edge of some of the most gorgeous sights across Rye Bay, making it the perfect foothold for anyone keen on a coastal escape.  Visitors can find the park just off Pett Level Road and Sea Road, which travel through the heart of Winchelsea Beach and down towards resorts such as Fairlight and Hastings.

The park itself nestles away from major roads, however, it is not difficult to find.  Anyone staying here simply needs to find their way down to the beach through signposting from Winchelsea itself.  Winchelsea is a small yet thriving community just a few minutes up the road.  Breaking off from the A259 heading through Winchelsea, visitors can head down via Sea Road alongside the River Brede.  This will break off down the beach, and will take drivers towards the park, adjacent to Rye Harbour.

Train visitors can also take public transport easily from Winchelsea station.  It has close links to many of the major towns in the county, meaning it is always straightforward enough to get out and explore. 

The park offers unique views of Rye Bay.  There are few communities in the region which get quite as close to the sands, making it all the more appealing.  The park’s cosy setup will also appeal to new owners who want to be able to gaze across the waters without getting too overwhelmed.

It is very easy to walk out from the park down towards the main attractions and sandy shores.  Smugglers End makes for the perfect coastal escape regardless of whether patrons can drive or are dependent on public transport.  There are plenty of links to local towns, villages and walks nearby. 

The Local Area

Of course, new visitors to the park will want to explore much of the local region when they arrive.  While homeowners can see much of Rye Bay and the shoreline from the community itself, they will likely want to go exploring on foot at the first opportunity.  The park is close to a variety of traditional pubs and restaurants, as well as Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.  Here, visitors can take a look at local wildlife up close.  The region is a wonderful haven for birds and aquatic creatures, meaning anyone looking to get closer to nature will likely find it a superb point of interest.

Winchelsea itself is not too far away up the road for local amenities.  Therefore, holiday grocery shopping, as well as the local food and drink scene, are never too far from the park.  Further down the coast is the picturesque community of Fairlight, backing onto the historic Fairlight Cove.  It’s another nice escape and day out opportunity for holidaymakers new to the region.

Travelling even further down, visitors can explore popular coastal towns and resorts such as Hastings and St Leonards.  It is here where people will find the majority of road and rail links.  Therefore, it is never too difficult for new people to the park to make a break for other cities and communities scattering across the county, and even beyond.

Smugglers End Park is around 20 minutes from Hastings itself, though park visitors can also drive out easily enough to other seaside communities such as Eastbourne in just under an hour.  In fact, anyone keen to sample the sights and sounds of London will only be a couple of hours away from the capital.  It’s another potentially sound reason for homeowners to invest and let out a property – the park is very well-connected.

With all of this in mind, Smugglers End Park positions close to several popular zones and attractions, however, it is never under any disruption from main road noise or light pollution.  This is what partly makes it so popular with local people and with anyone looking to set up a holiday home from home on the coastline. 

Why Choose Smugglers End Park?

Smugglers End Park is one of the fastest-growing parks of its kind in East Sussex.  Its sale in recent years, as well as future plans, indicate that it is going to be a strong community on the East Sussex coast for many years to come.  At present, few communities offer quite so much access to the gorgeous English coastline nor its sparkling sea beyond.  Rye Bay is certainly a well-kept secret for many people, however, even as it grows popular, it is unlikely to escalate out of control.

Smugglers End Park is a well-kept community with lots to offer new homeowners.  It is close to a variety of popular seaside attractions, sights and sounds.  However, as mentioned, there is no risk of disruption from busy towns or main roads.  It is easy to reach through local communities and roads, and owners are only ever a few minutes from some of the more appealing sites of interest across the way.  For people new to exploring the county or for those who already know and love the Rye Bay area, there is plenty to head for.

Properties at Smugglers End Park are not always guaranteed, however, should they arise, it’s a good idea to book an early viewing.  The Rye Bay area is going to increase in popularity with couples, individuals and families for years to come.  Therefore, a luxury property at Smugglers End might prove to be the perfect foothold for coastal walks and peaceful living.  Visitors travelling via car or via public transport can easily head to and from the community with ease, making it one of the most flexible parks of its kind.

Smugglers End Park is a family-run community, offering everyday luxury and low-maintenance holiday living for anyone looking to escape everyday hustle and bustle.


Smugglers End Park
Winchelsea Beach
East Sussex
TN36 4ND