Surrey Hills Park, Surrey

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Plot 30 Surrey Hills Park

Omar Newmarket (36x10)

Plot 30 Surrey Hills Park




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What Features Does Surrey Hills Park Have?

Allocated car parking spaces
Private gardens
Beautiful Countryside Location
Neighbouring village Normandy
Local sports clubs
Park manager on-site

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Surrey Hills Park in Surrey, is surrounded by natural beauty with rolling hills, valleys and ancient woodlands, Surrey Hills Park offers a peaceful, environment for its future and current residents. The homes in the Park are neat and private having their own gardens and parking bays. Voted one of the best parks in the South East of England for quality, location and the overall look of the park, Surrey Hills maintains a warm community spirit and residents take great pride in their homes, keeping their gardens lush and tidy. There is also the added bonus of a park manager who lives on site for that extra sense of security and peace of mind. The local village of Normandy has smaller shops that will fulfil your daily needs.There are also the main towns of Guildford, Camberley, Aldershot and Farnham nearby which offer a wider shopping experience and many leisure facilities. The nearby footpaths, bridleways and other small roads are suitable for horse riding, cycling and walking, great for entertaining the grandchildren and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle. The village of Normandy offers many social sports clubs including: Tennis, Football, Cricket. There are also cultural clubs to explore: The Normandy Historians, The Normandy Motor Cycle Club and The Normandy Train Club to name a few. On Normandy Common there is a lovely picnic site complete with children's playground. The shaded woods and trails are pleasant and there is a path that leads up to Normandy Hill making for a great day out. .


Surrey Hills Park
Box Hill

Rules for Surrey Hills Park GU3 2AZ

The following rules of occupation are for the good management of the park and the benefit of all who use them. These rules are express terms of the agreement, by which you occupy your pitch in accordance with the current Mobile Homes Act.

The rules have not been compiled to place unnecessary restrictions on residents, but rather to ensure that they may live peacefully and safely in unspoiled surroundings.

As park home residents live in closer proximity with other residents than house dwellers, certain rules have been compiled for the residents' interests, others for safety reasons, some to preserve the community and others are necessary to preserve the visual amenities of the park.

We are sure that, provided the rules are accepted in the right spirit, our park will continue to be a harmonious safe community.

  1. Mobile homes must be kept in a sound clean condition. Wheels must not be removed nor the home be re-positioned.

  2. Residents must not do, or allow to be done, anything which might breach any of the conditions of the site owner's site licence.

  3. Occupiers are responsible for ensuring that both electrical and gas installations and appliances within their homes comply at all times with requirements of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and/or appropriate authorities.

  4. The occupiers shall not carry out internal alterations that would take the home outside the definition of 'caravan' as set out in section 29 of the Caravan Sites and Control of Developments Act 1960 as modified by section 13 of the Caravan Sites Act 1968.

  5. The decoration and external colour of homes must be maintained as close as practicable to existing. If a resident intends to make any external alteration or addition to the home or plot, not less than 14 days' written notice must be given to the site owner before work commences.

  6. Access is not permitted to the vacant pitches, materials and plants must be left undisturbed.

  7. The occupier is responsible for seeing that all household refuse is deposited in approved containers and shall be placed outside for collection, no earlier than the evening before the day of refuse collection.

  8. The occupier is responsible for the tidiness of the plot and must not do anything which causes or may cause damage to any pipes, wires or other conduits serving the home or any other home.

  9. Washing lines and rotary dryers are to be reasonably screened from public view.

  10. The occupier must not permit waste water to be discharged onto the ground.

  11. The occupier is responsible for the conduct of all their visitors and the parking of their vehicles.

  12. The maximum speed is 10mph, which must be observed at all times and road signs and markings must be observed at all times.

  13. No motor repairs other than minor ones are to be carried out on the park.

  14. Vans and commercial vehicles are not permitted to use the site car parks unless delivering/providing a service of a temporary nature. Unroadworthy or unlicensed cars must not be left in communal parking spaces.

  15. The occupier may not carry out business of any kind on the park.

  16. No new residents may move onto the park with pets. No poultry or other animals allowed to be kept on the park. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times whilst on the park, and must not be allowed to foul the park.

  17. Musical instruments, televisions and other appliances must not cause nuisance to others especially between the hours of 10pm and 8am.

  18. No bonfires are to be lit on the park.

  19. No new fences or hedges other than a similar replacement of those already in existence are to be erected or planted along the front boundary of a plot.

  20. Rags, paper, personal hygiene products or nappies must not be disposed of via the sewerage system.

  21. No children under the age of 18 years of age are to reside on the park.

  22. There is strictly no parking on site roads at any time, drive in access is for collections and drop-offs only.

  23. All mobile homes must be insured, to include third party liability cover for damage to the base.

  24. Sales and gifts of mobile homes are governed by the Implied Terms in the Mobile Homes Act 1983 as amended and The Mobile Homes (Selling and Gifting) (England) Regulations 2013. Occupiers must not rent out their home to anyone else.

  25. No home may be sold to anyone under the age of 50 years.

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