The Moorlands, Greater Manchester

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What Features Does The Moorlands Have?

Laundry facillity
All connections & utilities
Dog friendly


Looking for a lodge at The Moorlands in Saddleworth? Moving into Greater Manchester greenery is a dream come true for many people.  The Saddleworth Moors provide some of the most stunning countryside panoramas and walks in the wider Greater Manchester area.  Therefore, there is little wonder why so many people choose to buy park homes at The Moorlands, based in the heart of the district.

Offering luxury properties, this beautiful slice of Greater Manchester country remains a favourite spot for thousands of people every year.  It offers a spectacular opportunity for families and couples to downsize to cosier, quieter properties closer to the wide-open countryside. 

The Moorlands Park is a park which combines everyday convenience with incredible luxury.  It is situated close enough to main roads for ease of access, yet is far enough away from frantic city life to offer genuine peace and quiet. This factor helps to make the park increasingly popular year after year. 

About The Moorlands

The Moorlands is a family business and has been under current ownership since 1994.  It has been a part of the landscape since 1986, and in that time, it has offered homeowners a superb vantage point for trips across the North of England.  It is close to the quaint village of Denshaw in Saddleworth, which has many amenities and local sights worth exploring.

The Moorlands supports park lots across its neighbourhood for retirees and semi-retirees alike.  Its extensive selection of residential properties will appeal to anyone looking for a foothold in the rolling countryside of the North while offering competitive park rates and amenities.  Since establishing in 1986, the park has welcomed more and more residents who are keen to see the sights for themselves.

The Moorlands’ park home neighbourhood is stunningly curated and is carefully landscaped.  The family team behind the park’s operation are always approachable and take great pride in their long-established community.  There is a close community spirit to this park, which will appeal to anyone keen to make new friends and acquaintances.

However, park living at The Moorlands is also famously private.  While the neighbourhood is friendly and welcoming, pitches are designed to safeguard privacy at all times.  Residents can expect access to their own private, personal amenities, with access to wider site facilities as and when they require.

The Moorlands is a residential park which is well-equipped to cope with modern living.  While it is a park which removes itself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the owners understand that certain mod cons must always be available.  Residents benefit from a full, on-site laundry service, as well as access to convenient waste disposal and recycling for ease.  It is simple to set up and benefit from power and utilities on-site.  Full information is always available from the park team.

The Moorlands is also popular with homeowners with pets.  The park permits residents to bring dogs with them to their new homes, which of course means they can take advantage of the spectacular local walks.  Contact with the park is recommended should more than one dog be moving on-site.  However, the owners are always welcoming and will be happy to discuss any concerns or queries ahead of viewings or moves across. 


For many people, The Moorlands’ location is its biggest selling point.  It is nestled deep within picturesque countryside, just outside of Oldham town and closely linked to the village of Saddleworth.  Residents can take the time to gaze across miles of glorious, green landscape from the comfort of their own homes.  However, if they do wish to venture further afield, the park is closely linked to the main roads as well as public transport.

The Moorlands is just a short drive or walk away from the famous Pennine Bridleway, which you can view from up on high.  The park is developed and designed to emulate the fabulous surroundings as closely as possible, blending in closely with the unspoilt greenery for miles around.  Many people choose to move to The Moorlands for its precise location, as it is a great launchpad for trips up to Manchester, Leeds, York, Liverpool, and both the Peak and Lake Districts.

This park is positioned with tranquillity in mind.  Despite being a stone's throw away from Oldham town centre, residents are never affected by noise or light pollution.  Homeowners can head back to their own corner of Greater Manchester paradise after each adventure.  Residents also take full advantage of links to Saddleworth, with local pubs and quintessential English heritage available to explore.

Residents appreciate that you can easily walk from The Moorlands to Saddleworth itself.  This means everyday amenities and facilities are always within a few minutes' reach.  Once again, the location of the park, and its proximity to many different sites of interest help to make it so popular with local people. 

Aerial views of the park will show you that the park is enveloped by wonderful, green plains and hills stretching across miles.  It is the perfect foothold for avid walkers and hikers, with local trails only a few minutes outside of the park's main gates.  The park's owners will always be ready and willing to recommend nearby attractions and walks, too.

Residents at The Moorlands will likely recommend taking time to get to know the park itself before exploring the wider perimeter.  The landscape is carefully tended within the park itself, making it always pleasant to come back to.  The more adventurous residents and visitors at the park will take to the rugged walks and hiking trails in their spare time, though it is recommended that new walkers work their way up to some of the more adventurous experiences on their doorstep. 

The Local Area

Beyond the park itself, there are many local attractions and sites of interest available for residents to explore at their leisure.  Oldham town provides plenty of shopping and heritage interests to local people, with the famous Coliseum Theatre being a popular entertainment spot.  It is also worth exploring local museums and the Oldham Gallery, too, based in the town centre.

Saddleworth itself is a pleasant, traditional community with real ale pubs and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.  The owners of The Moorlands Park recommend taking a closer look at local fare, as they are popular with residents and visitors.  There are also plenty of events which take place locally, such as food and drinks celebrations, brass band contests and independent music festivals.  The local area is brimming with character and charm, and for many people, it will feel like stepping into the past.

For residents who prefer modern amenities and charms, head for the main road to connect easily to northern cities and resorts.  Driving out to popular resorts such as Blackpool and York are always possible, with The Moorlands situated in a perfect vantage point.  The park owners state that trips out to major cities will only take an hour from the community gates, making it the perfect launchpad for wider adventures beyond the Saddleworth Moors.

However, the Saddleworth Moors themselves present wonderful walks and days out for the whole family.  They are picturesque and photo-ready, meaning it is always worthwhile taking a camera.  As mentioned, local trails are ideal for dogs and their walkers.  There are new stretches of trails to be discovered with each trip out.

Out in Oldham, there are further green pastures to enjoy, with various curated gardens and parklands open to the public.  It is also home to an intriguing market scene, which is popular with local residents and visitors alike.  The general area offers a huge variety of things to see and do, bringing together heritage, modern appeal and countryside panoramas into one package.  However, residents are of course free to explore the wider regions however they wish. 

Why Buy Property at The Moorlands?

The Moorlands is a wide, diverse neighbourhood which is welcoming and always ready to help new residents.  Its luxury property selection will appeal to anyone keen to break from suburban or city living.  Carefully maintained and well-loved by thousands of people over the years, the family approach to park ownership has also helped to establish The Moorlands as a leading name in Greater Manchester residential housing.

 Recent owners of the park lived on-site since its establishment in 1986.  Therefore, residents here are in good hands.  The park has upgraded and enhanced over the years as demand has increased.  However, the look and feel of the community has stayed true to its original vision.  The Moorlands has been owned and operated across three generations, with a clear promise to continue offering peaceful living for all residents.

Buying a property at The Moorlands puts residents in the centre of a caring community with incredible views at their doorstep.  It is a convenient and well-loved community which continues to welcome new owners year after year.  Contemporary, luxury properties are developed to blend in with the general aesthetic and feel of the region.  The Moorlands stands as a residential park which brings people closer to the heart of the North, with everything they need within arms’ reach.


The Moorlands
Greater Manchester