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The Oaks Park

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The Oaks Park

Two Bed Prestige Homeseeker Residence (30x20)

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Surrey is fast becoming a more and more popular retirement spot for people across the UK.  Deep in the heart of some of England's lushest countryside, and some of its most fascinating heritage, many people choose to move out here to explore the quaint local towns as well as the wonderful walks.  The Oaks Park is one of many different residential park home resorts in the region; however, it has stayed popular with locals and tourists for some time. 

We are pleased to host properties for The Oaks Park wherever possible.  Based in the heart of Surrey itself and just outside the town of Dorking, it is simple to get to and from via A-roads, with plenty of transport amenities and everything you could want on-site.  People love to head to The Oaks for its fantastic location, which we will, of course, be exploring in a little more detail further on in this guide.  It is a park community home to likeminded couples and single retirees, all of whom have chosen to move to Surrey for a slice of the quiet life - and why not, indeed! 

About The Oaks Park

Oaks Park is a premier park home resort which you will find just off Hoyle Hill, easily connected via the A24 and A29.  As mentioned, it is closely linked to Dorking, which is a peaceful community only a few minutes away.  The park itself is designed to offer complete tranquillity.  Landscaped gardens, rows of private mobile properties and easy links to roads and transport make it one of the most popular resorts in the wider region. 

The Oaks Park is carefully cultivated and maintained by passionate site staff, all of whom want to ensure you get the retirement experience you deserve.  The properties here are designed to give you complete privacy; however, you will still feel as though you are part of a tight-knit community.  Therefore, if you would like to get to know new people who, like you, are moving out into the country for retirement, you will have plenty of opportunities. 

The Oaks Park is one of many homes in the McAlister Estates collection.  We're always pleased to list McAlister homes as they are designed and built with your peace of mind as a priority.  The expansive properties here will easily become part of your retirement lifestyle, whether you choose to take it easy in the park and nearby towns and villages, or if you choose to venture further afield.  If you're looking for a true escape to the country, the park grounds themselves will certainly appeal to you.  However, you are going to want to take a serious look at the gorgeous, verdant surroundings that envelop them. 

The Oaks Park is a secure, safe retirement community, meaning that your property will always be safeguarded by additional patrols and gate security throughout the year.  Unlike holiday homes, the properties here are built to serve you for years to come, heading into a blissful retirement.  The Oaks Park is keenly positioned and has undergone development over the years to become one of the most impressive and relaxing resorts of its kind. 


The Oaks' location is arguably what helps to make it so appealing to new residents, as well as those who have held properties here for some time.  You can easily head to the park on your way through Seaman's Green, and as mentioned, it can be found just off the A24, where you would otherwise be heading out towards Heathcockham and Clark's Green.  

The Oaks Park is positioned so that it gives you a lovely balance between peace, privacy and convenience.  Moving out here can feel as though you are purchasing a plot in your own private idyll!  However, you are conveniently never too far away from local town and village amenities, which of course is always a good thing if you're keen to explore Surrey for yourself. 

If you aren't driving to and from the park, you will find getting public transport to be particularly straightforward.  Simply head out on a regular bus towards Dorking, or even historic Horsham, which you will find just a few minutes down the road.  It's great that there is such easy access to local amenities and sights.  It is a great example of a residential park which, while secluded, never moves you too far away from the action.  You will never experience any noise pollution here, though if you do want to check out some of the bigger sights and brighter lights Surrey has to offer, you are never cut-off from exploring further. 

There are breathtaking views to behold all around here, which comes as a result of the park being so close to so many different nature walks and countryside retreats.  There are few park home resorts which are so keenly positioned amongst England's gorgeous greenery!  Get up on high and survey the glorious plains and woodland for as far as the eye can see.  It is a true breakaway from the town and city living you may otherwise be accustomed to.  For that reason, The Oaks Park is always going to be a spectacular move out into the heart of England. 

The Local Area

When you first arrive at The Oaks Park, it is only natural that you are going to want to explore the local and wider area in a little more detail.  Who can blame you?  You'll be able to spy some of the lush greenery on your approach to the park, and what's more, you can always feel free to head out and walk through the wonderful countryside trails opening up outside the community. 

Horsham is a wonderfully historic community with lots to offer, as is Dorking.  These two communities will be ideal for trips to get regular shopping and to get to know the local wining and dining scene.  The local people are very welcoming and friendly, and the staff at Oaks Park will likely be very happy to give you a little inspiration as to what you can find in the wider area. 

You won't have to look too far to get closer to nature.  Oaks Park is only a stone's throw from Heath Wood, and is just on the outskirts of Hillhouse Copse, which you will find on the other side of Seaman's Green, heading down Hoyle Hill.  You will also find Alder Copse down the way, too, as well as Round Wood and Ewekense's Copse heading in the same direction.  Head the other way towards Henfold, and you'll find the wonderful Garston's Copse and Ratfield Wood, as well as Broadwood's Rough and Newdigate Copse.  There are also plenty of beautiful bodies of water in the area, meaning if you'd like to take something of a lakeside walk, some fantastic opportunities are opening up on your doorstep. 

You may also want to take in some of the fantastic historic sites and heritage in the wider region.  There is the local clay pit and Beare Green Brickworks, as well as The Plantation and Aldhurst Farm heading out towards Temple Lane.  Out here, you'll find even more copses to stroll through and marvel at.  It really is a region rich in greenery and historic woodland.  Therefore, if getting outdoors is important to you, moving to Oaks Park is going to be a very good choice. 

You are also not too far from Holmwood and its train station, meaning that if you would like to get out and explore even further afield, you can take a quick railway link to nearby villages and towns.  It is simple to explore Surrey by public transport - but do always make sure you plan ahead.  Again, Oaks Park staff will likely be able to help you and make recommendations. 

Why Buy a Home at The Oaks Park?

The Oaks Park is a shining jewel in the McAlister collection, always beautifully maintained, and easily one of the highlights of Surrey's residential park scene.  There are plenty of great reasons to retire out to the country, and Oaks Park delivers a quiet, friendly and hugely convenient home base for anyone who just wants to be closer to England's rich heritage and gorgeous nature.  If you like walking in the country or simply taking in new villages and communities on your travels, you are hardly going to feel bored during your stay here. 

We are proud to list homes such as those listed at The Oaks Park.  Surrey is a stunning county to move to, and we are confident any property at this community will offer you the comfort and peace of mind you are looking for from your retirement years.  You are never too far from everyday amenities, and you are always well-linked to the main road if you wish to venture out. 

Make sure to book a viewing at Oaks Park properties while spaces last - as they can be very popular indeed!  Do take a look at our list of properties here and head out to Surrey at your convenience.


The Oaks Park