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The Tides

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Residential Park (find out more here)

What Features Does The Tides Have?

Spectacular sea views
Remote Control Gates
Spacious Plots
Private Parking Space
Shed Option
Pet friendly park


The Tides is a residential park located in Watchet, Somerset. The county of Somerset brings together some of the best attributes that rural England has to offer.  Delivering commanding views of the coast and sea, residents here can also enjoy the lush, unspoilt countryside and woodland trails no matter the season. This a popular residential park naturally named after the wonderful sea panoramas available from the neighbourhood itself.  Homeowners will benefit from a spectacular sea breeze and the ability to watch over the rolling waves throughout the year.

The park is popular with local residents and those who have already explored Somerset for themselves.  The park is very close to several Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as well as various parkland walks and villages.  Residents thirsty to learn more about local heritage as well as to sample local wildlife and nature up close will likely find a pitch here to be worthwhile buying.  For residents approaching retirement, the site represents a desirable foothold in one of the UK's most stunning counties.

What’s more, residents can benefit from an exclusive neighbourhood and community built and cultivated just for them.  Few parks and communities in the region offer the same level of closeness and care.

About The Tides

As the name suggests, The Tides is a park which is based right at the coastline, overlooking the Bristol Channel.  It is a residential community developed for retirees, semi-retirees and those over the age of 45.  Therefore, residents can always be assured that they will be living close to people who are like-minded, and who will be looking for a gentler pace of living.  It is a development which has seen considerable upgrade given demand.

This is a superbly elegant park, bringing together inspiration from the surrounding elements.  Each property has its own private patio and garden.  All residents will benefit from wonderful landscaping as well as attentive management.  The owners here are very friendly and are always ready to help and advise whenever you may need them.

Residents at the park have security assured as standard.  As well as full gating at the front of the community, homeowners have access to their own private security systems with intercoms.  Drivers will also benefit from private parking and driveway facilities.  This will be especially beneficial should residents wish to explore the wider area at their leisure.

Based near Watchet and Doniford, this Somerset park is developed to offer simple, undisturbed park living which blends in perfectly with the wider surroundings.  Residents can expect rolling gardens and parkland, allowing them to sit back and enjoy the carefully cultivated neighbourhood from day to day.  While there is a strong sense of community here, the park owners understand that residents desire independence.  Therefore, homeowners can always expect discrete living and complete privacy as and when they need it.  However, new residents are always encouraged to get to know their neighbours. 

The park plays host to some of the most wonderful views across the West Country.  Not only can residents expect to enjoy the careful design and crafting of the park and its many amenities, but they can also enjoy spectacular views of the sunrise, sunset and sea beyond.  Thankfully, it is a park which is never too far away from local attractions, either.  This a consistently popular park, which is why viewings are recommended as early as possible should properties be available. 

The Location

The West Country plays host to some truly rugged, wonderful greenery and woodland.  Residents can sample it all from their doorsteps, with many of the county’s best walks and trails just a few steps away from the front gates.  It is based at the edge of the coast leading into the Bristol Channel, which means sandy beaches and brisk sea air are only ever a stone’s throw away.  Homeowners who prefer the verdant hills and plains of the county only need to walk a few minutes in the other direction.  The park is carefully sandwiched between countryside and coast to offer an incredible sample of both walks of life.

The park can seem like it is a little off the beaten track, however, visitors and new residents will simply need to head towards Watchet and Williton before heading towards Doniford.  The park is just close enough to the A358 for it to be amazingly convenient.  However, residents never complain of loud noises or light pollution.  Therefore, new homeowners can rely on the fact that the community is carefully positioned to bring beautiful views and undisturbed living across the year.  For that reason, a property might be considered a particularly worthwhile investment.

Based at the edge of some of Somerset's most glorious parklands as well as the sparkling coast, the park offers stunning views and unbeatable confidence for exploring the wider region.  It is convenient and easy for residents to drive out or use public transport to explore nearby towns and villages and to take a closer look at what Somerset and Devon have to offer elsewhere.  Watchet itself is a lovely community with all the modern shopping amenities residents need to stay topped up.  However, there are also a handful of city amenities just an hour or so down the road, meaning that residents are never too far away from some of their favourite brands and stores.

This a brilliantly linked park and is one which is very popular with new visitors to the region, as well as those who know Somerset and Devon well. The location of the park and its proximity to natural beauty is a big driving factor for many people looking to move to the West Country for good. 

The Local Area

It is well worth exploring the local area once settled in.  Close to quaint towns and villages such as Watchet, Monksilver, Kilve, Blue Anchor, Carhampton, Washford and Williton, residents will never be short of sights to see and things to do.  However, it is the local sites of natural beauty which will likely appeal to most people.

The park is based right at the edge of the hugely popular Exmoor National Park.  This spectacular protected countryside retreat is difficult to explore in just one visit.  Therefore, residents can feel free to head out and wander through the thickets at their leisure.  Even closer to the park is the breath-taking Quantock Hills park, which is a designated Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty in the region.

Of course, there is also the coastline.  Tides residents are just down the way from Minehead, a quietly popular seaside resort, as well as Burnham-on-Sea and Weston-Super-Mare.  New homeowners keen to sample to quintessential English seaside experience will never have too far to travel.  Residents are also just across the sea from Southern Wales, with amazing views across the bays surrounding Watchet.

 Those residents who require access to local cities and modern amenities will be happy to know that Exeter is just a short drive South, and can be accessed via the M5.  Just further South of here is Torquay, a popular seaside town, as well as Plymouth, another city with plenty of modern facilities, stores and experiences.  Residents at the park may even want to take in Dartmoor, which is another National Park twinned with Exmoor.  This can be found to its South, meaning that, again, homeowners will only ever have to drive a short way.  Residents who do not have access to a vehicle can also take public transport across local roads with ease, with all local attractions being very closely linked together.

The local area is brimming with historic towns and wonderful views.  There are steam railway experiences nearby, as well as the popular shingle beaches. 

Why Choose The Tides?

Many residents choose to buy property here for the incredible links between countryside and coast.  However, it is just as popular for its convenient links to main roads and local cities.  The West Country is full of wonderful surprises, and the owners of the park understand that homeowners are going to want to take their time to take it all in.

This a residential park which benefits from being completely secure and nestled deep within the heart of some of Somerset’s most spectacular natural beauty.  Residents benefit from attentive and careful park owners, as well as a careful-planned neighbourhood which promotes close community living and private standards as far as possible.  Residents can also sit back and relax on their own patios, take charge of their homes through intercom links, and can park up and drive away whenever they choose.  Remote control gating allows for ease of access whether residents come or go.

Exclusively available to residents over the age of 45, this is a coastal community which is likely to see further development over the years.  Few parks in Somerset, and indeed the West Country, offer the same amenities, access and incredible sights – making it a popular choice for new visitors and those who have already fallen in love with the local area.


The Tides