Topiary Park, Warwickshire

Park Homes at Topiary Park

Two Bed Tingdene Barnwell (45x20)

Plot 10, Topiary Park

Two Bed Tingdene Barnwell (45x20)


Two Bed Hayden Classic Single (45x14)

Plot 17, Topiary Park

Two Bed Hayden Classic Single (45x14)


Two Bed Tingdene Hayden Classic (40x20)

Plot 6, Topiary Park

Two Bed Tingdene Hayden Classic (40x20)




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What Features Does Topiary Park Have?

Disability Access options
New Park with metered services
Small in number of plots
3D Customizible Plot Design

What's Near to Topiary Park


Topiary Park is located in the stunning village of Bidford-on-Avon. The High Street is less than a two minute drive away and features numerous supermarkets, a butchers who sells their home reared pork alongside their other products and a bakery for all of your essential needs.

There are many restaurants and pubs to choose from, including two that are located on the banks of the River Avon, takeaways and places to grab a coffee and a quick bite. With a beauty parlour and hairdressers your pampering time is well covered and there are numerous independent and chain shops to visit. If keeping healthy, flexibility and pain relief are important to you there are various small Pilates classes offered in different locations throughout Bidford-on-Avon which is a great way to get to know your new neighbours. They can also take place in your home as one on one sessions or couples sessions.

A local craft shop offers classes so you can learn some new skills or brush up on those hobbies you didn't have time for before. If you are looking for some adventure then the Bidford Gliding and Flying Club is located just a few minutes away from our park. You get a 28 day free membership, which includes entry to their members only bar, so you can meet the members and see if an aerial trip is for you! Bidford Grange Country Club is a five minute drive away which houses a large golf course. You can 'pay as you play' so membership fees are not something that you need to worry about. Topiary Park is close to the famous River Avon. There are many places to fish and a stroll along the river is a perfect way to wind down and relax. Bidford-on-Avon is surrounded by many nature reserves and National Heritage spots.

Animal lovers can enjoy the Avon Swan Reserve, Charlecote Parks landscaped deer Park and Ipsley Alders Marsh Nature reserve just to name a few. If you do visit Charlecote Park why not visit the beautiful 16th century home where Queen Elizabeth I once stayed? The land around the hose was landscaped by Capability Brown in 1760 and it is thought that a young William Shakespeare was caught poaching rabbits from the grounds. You can then treat yourself from the on site tearoom. Stratford-upon-Avon is a fifteen minute drive away and is a truly remarkable place. Renowned as the birth place of Shakespeare it is filled with museums, theatres and places of historical interest. There are many places to shop, eat and just explore. With events and festivals being held constantly there will always be something new to see and do. Personally I would make sure never to miss the Chocolate Festival! Topiary park is perfectly placed. Surrounded by history but also full of modern day conveniences you truly do have the best of both worlds. With so many places to discover and experiences to enjoy it is impossible to get bored!


Topiary Park
B50 4PR

1. The Park rules
All home owners are required to pay the annual pitch fee. The fees are accepted on the basis and clear understanding that the conditions laid out in the park rules will be complied with by the home owners and their guests at all times. It should be clearly understood that in the interests of everyone on the park, the park management reserve the right to terminate the pitch licence by application to the courts if the conditions of the pitch licence or park rules are disregarded or broken. The licensee's are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their own pitch.

2. Age requirement for residents: You must be 50 years of age or above to become resident on the park. No children are allowed to live on the park. If required, written permission from the park management must be sought.

3. Parking: All home owners should park on the drives provided. Visitors to the park may use the extra parking bays around the park. Parking is not permitted on any of the roads on the park.

4. Cars and other transport: Cars are requested to keep below 5mpn on the park. All vehicles must be kept in a tidy condition and cars over 3 years old must have a current MOT certificate. No commercial vehicles are to be kept on the park.

5. Businesses: Strictly no commercial enterprise or business activity of any kind to be operated from the park.

6. Building works i.e. garages, sheds, walls, fences and outbuildings must have written permission: This must be sought from the park management before constructing any type of fence/boundary or any other type of building works. Owners wishing to erect a garage or shed on their pitch must purchase these and seek any planning permission through the park office. Prices, brochures and other details are available upon request.

7. Pitch maintenance: Owners are required to keep all aspects of their pitch in a neat and tidy condition (i.e. fences, home exteriors, gardens and outbuildings). Any owner who fails to comply with the terms of this clause will be given 28 days notice in writing from the park management to comply with the terms and conditions. If the owner has not taken reasonable steps to comply with the request by the end of this period, then the park management reserve the right to enter the pitch and carry out such work as may be necessary. The cost of all such works shall then be payable by the home owner. Washing lines should be reasonably screened from public view.

8. Vacant pitches: Access is not permitted to vacant pitches. Building materials and other construction plant machinery must be left undisturbed.

9. Trees & shrubs: The Park has many preserved trees. Under no circumstances should you crown, cut down or damage any tree on the site. If there is a problem with any tree near to your home, please inform the park management who will arrange any necessary work to be carried out. Any flora or fauna on the park should not be interfered with or disturbed.

10. Pets: Dogs are permitted at our discretion and individual written consent must be sought before any dog is brought to the park. Permission for a dog may be withdrawn if the animal is a nuisance or if in the opinion of the park owner or his agent is likely to endanger other park users. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in public areas. Dog owners are asked to keep dogs from fouling public areas. Any fouling on the park must be cleaned up by the dog owner, and failure to do this will be seen as a serious breach of the park rules.

11. Insurance: All homes on the park must be insured for either market value or replacement value. Replacement value is recommended and can be arranged for you by the park. It is recommended that you also insure for contents.

12. Sales: Sales can be arranged through the park management. If the home owner wishes to sell privately he can also do so. In either case a 10% commission is payable to the park owner and any new owners must meet the minimum age requirement for the park.

13. Weapons: No offensive or dangerous weapons can be brought on to the park at any time.

14. Noise & games: Please be courteous to your neighbours and refrain from playing loud music, especially between the times of 10.30pm and 8am. It is also in the interests of safety that any owners who have children visiting do not allow them to play near the main entrance. No ball games are allowed on the park.

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