Tydd St. Giles Golf and Country Club, Cambridgeshire

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What Features Does Tydd St. Giles Golf and Country Club Have?

Exclusive clubhouse
18-hole golf course
£2 million leisure facility
Bars and restaurants
Pool, sauna and steam room

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Are you looking for a lodge at Tydd St. Giles Golf and Country Club in Cambridgeshire? Tydd St. Giles Golf and Country Club is set on a stunning country estate in the heart of Cambridgeshire with luxury holiday lodges available for hire, perfect for a family holiday home retreat. The park is set on one-hundred and fifty acres of lush greenery with scenic countryside views, a wildflower meadow with a nature trail, and a peaceful lake where fishing is available and an interesting collection of seabirds can be found.

The park has a top-of-the-range Par 70 golf course with facilities including buggy hire, practice putting courses and a friendly clubhouse with beers, wine and food. Tydd St. Giles boasts a modern fitness and leisure centre with an indoor heated swimming-pool, a steam room, a sauna, a state-of-the-art gym and a fitness centre where various classes take place throughout the week. Eateries on the site include The Stables Bar and Grill, which serves delicious locally-sourced food, The Spikes Bar and Café Revive which has a mixture of delicious light-meals and baked goods; furthermore, there is a picnic area perfect for enjoying lunch out in the sun amongst the nature. At the back of the park is also the equestrian centre Eaudyke Stables which offers horse riding lessons for a range of ages.

The village of Tydd St. Giles is home to local shops and pubs and is a fifteen-minute drive away from the lively market town of Wisbech. The historic town centre of Wisbech has beautiful Georgian architecture and is home to the stunning Peckkover House and Garden- an elegant old town house with arts and collections as well as attractive gardens perfect for a family stroll. Wisbech and Fenland museum also makes a brilliant visit with an interesting collection of exhibits and family-friendly activities. Furthermore, The Luxe Cinema within Wisbech is a stylish unique venue showcasing great blockbusters. Tydd St. Giles Park is also in driving distance to the city of Peterborough and all its attractions. Peterborough is an ideal place to go shopping retail parks holding well-known high-street stores, independent retailers and a city market.

Peterborough is also home to two theatres- The Key Theatre and The Crescent Theatre where a diverse range of entertainment for all ages can be seen. Furthermore, Peterborough has rich heritage which can be explored such as the impressive sixteenth-century Burghley House and Peterborough Cathedral.


Tydd St. Giles Golf and Country Club
Tydd St. Giles
PE13 5NZ

Tydd St.Giles Golf and Country Club

Park Rules Single Storey Lodges

The season and site licence
All occupiers must comply with the conditions in the annual licence agreement. Tydd St Giles Golf and Leisure Estates has a 12 month holiday licence. The holiday home must not be used as a prime residence.

The owner of Tydd St Giles Golf and Leisure Estates must be supplied with a key to each holiday home for use in emergencies.

Permitted number of occupiers
The holiday home should only be used the number of occupiers it was designed for.

Visitors to the holiday home
The development is a private property and the park owners reserve the right to refuse entry to any persons other than holiday home owners and bonna fide guests of holiday home owners. No sales people or traders may enter the park with out first obtaining permission from the owner of the development.

Subletting of the holiday homes is permitted throughout the year. Full details of this agreement are available from the park owner. all guests renting their homes must adhere to the park rules.

No commission is payable if the ownership of their who is passed to a next of kin full stop in brackets however there is a 200 £80 transfer fee payable close bracket

Alterations to a holiday home
The colour of the exterior of the holiday home may not be changed. It is not permitted to display anything in the windows (which can be viewed from the outside of the home) or on the the exterior of the home except for manufacturers name plate, a name plate of a reasonable size and if required a satellite dish no more than 43 centimetres diameter. Larger satellite dishes maybe allowed subject to park managers discretion. Requests for those dishes must be made in writing to the park manager and await written confirmation. Standard TV aerials will be supplied and fitted by Tydd St Giles Golf and Leisure Estate. Any decking or steps can be purchased direct from Tydds recommended decking suppliers. Approval of sizes, designs and colours must be sought from the park owner before committing to purchasing any of these items in (subject to planning approval).

Holiday home owners and their guests (including children) are asked to follow the following standards of behaviour;

To act in a courteous and considerate manner to all employees of Tydd St.Giles Golf and Leisure Estate and all people using the facilities

To ensure all children under the age of 14 are supervised buy a responsible adult at all times. Please be aware of the fishing lake and take extra care of children whilst in this area

Ball games are not to be carried out on the park

Children on bicycles need to keep off with golf course for their own safety

Not to commit any criminal offence at the park

Not to commit any acts of vandalism, or cause nuisance or use of any lawful drugs.

To respect other home owners by ensuring noise is kept to a minimum between 23;00 and 08;00 hours.

To respect golfers using the facility and to remain off the golf course at all times unless partaking in a game which has been officially booked Tydd St Giles Golf and Leisure Estate.

At least one pot occupier of the homeless day over the age of 18

Garden stores and home maintenance
All homes must be kept in good repair and condition. Each holiday home owner is permitted to erect one non combustible external storage box (subject to planning and state approval). All stores must purchased from the owner of the Home Development and erected in a designated position. Written permission to erect sheds or any other temporary or permanent structure must be sought from Tydd St Giles Golf and Leisure Estate.

Electricity, Gas, Water and Drainage
The holiday home owner is responsible for preparing the home for winter.All electricity, gas and water must be switched off when the home is an unoccupied for extended periods of time. If you experience any problems with these services please contact the development owner immediately. Please do not attempt to carry out any work. Please do not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system.

Trees and shrubs
Trees, shrubs or hedges must not be pruned, planted or cut by home owners. Holes must not be done in any of the grounds or turf cut into in any way. Planting is permitted in a reasonable number of movable containers only which can be sighted not more than 2m from the holiday home.
Please report any problems in respect of trees/ shrubs etc to Tydd St. Giles Golf and Leisure Estate.

Washing lines
Washing lines of any type are not permitted on the park except for hook on or free standing airers, which can be used on balconies. Bannisters on the decking cannot be used to hang washing over.

Holiday home owners or visitors are not permitted to erect tents on individual plots or any areas of the ground.

No commercial vehicles, quad bikes or off road bikes and vehicles are permitted on the park. Each holiday home is allocated to car parking spaces. Additional parking for motor homes, caravans etc is available from the park owner. Vehicles must not park on the road side or any grassed areas. Please observe the five miles per hour speed limit at all times, being aware of children and other pedestrians.

Golf buggies, motorised scooters, etc
The only motorised vehicles to be written on the estate of golf buggies mobility scooters. Skateboards, motorised scooters or any other such equipment must not be used.

Fire safety
No open fires are permitted anywhere on the estate or surrounding area.
BBQ\\\'s may be used, but only in the vicinity of the lodge development and not in wooded areas.
Please report any damage or misuse of the fireplace for fire points or fire fighting equipment to the park owner immediately.

Dogs and pets
A maximum of 2 dogs (which are not on the dangerous dogs list) are permitted in any one holiday home. They must be kept under control at all times and the estate owner has the right to ban any dog which is out of control, causing a nuisance or showing signs of aggressiveness at any time.

Dogs are to be kept on leads at all times. Owners are responsible for removing of fowling at all times, respective bins will be provided.
No pets are to be left unaccompanied at any time.

Where security alarms are fitted to holiday lodges, it is a holiday home owners responsibility to maintain the alarm and ensure that it does not activate unnecessarily. Alarm codes must be given to the park owner for use in case of emergencies.

Waste disposal
Please dispose of household rubbish in the bin provided on the lodge development. Please recycle where possible by using the recycle bin at the clubhouse. Unfortunately, we are unable to dispose of any large bulky bulky items.

Utility bills for the home will be posted direct to the owners residential address. Occasional post can be delivered direct to the clubhouse on the park and collect it by the home owners.

Neither the company, nor its servants accept liability for injury, death or any personal loss or damage which may be sustained by home owners, bona fide guests or visitors, or their property during the period that they are at St Giles Golf and Leisure Estate. Respective insurance for the homes should be organised independently by home owners.