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Two Bed Phoenix Snowdon (32x20) 2012

Valley View Holiday Park

Two Bed Phoenix Snowdon (32x20) 2012


Two Bed Delta Seren (32x20) 2016

Valley View Holiday Park

Two Bed Delta Seren (32x20) 2016




Two bed Prestige Burleigh (40x20) 2019

Valley View Holiday Park

Two bed Prestige Burleigh (40x20) 2019





Anyone who’s ever been to Mid Wales will tell you that the region is not only a fantastic holiday spot, it’s also perfectly positioned for access to all kinds of interesting attractions.  Valley View, a fabulous holiday park based in the heart of Powys, was developed and positioned to offer such amazing convenience.  What’s more, it’s a holiday resort that is equal parts peaceful and glorious to look at.  When visiting Wales or traversing the nearby regions, why not set up a holiday home?  It’ll mean endless convenience for your holidaymaking year on year, and what’s more, it’s always guaranteed to be a fantastic break away from hustle and bustle.

Valley View is hugely popular with many people who want to break free from town and city living.  This beautiful park is stunningly developed with its own private lake, rolling hills and more besides.  For hundreds of holidaymakers each year, it is a stunning route out into the Welsh countryside, while also working as the ideal launchpad for anyone feeling a little more adventurous.

There are scores of reasons to find a holiday home in Mid Wales – but what is it about Valley View that makes it so popular compared to others in the region? 

About Valley View

As the name may suggest, Valley View is perfectly positioned to offer incredible views of Mid Wales across Powys and beyond.  Powys itself is a glorious county to travel through and explore – but we'll come to that shortly.  Valley View itself is built to be a peaceful hideaway for anyone looking to take time away in the heart of Wales.  It's a wonderful holiday location thanks to its idyllic grounds, its ease of parking, and of course its proximity to a wide variety of popular local attractions.

Based near Welshpool, a popular and historic market town, the landscaped grounds and lovingly-maintained properties here will appeal to anyone seeking a home away from home.  Built to be a secure nook close enough to civilisation for it to still be convenient, Valley View has become a dreamlike escape for hundreds of Welsh holidaymakers across the year.  Locals and tourists alike have bought properties here that they can open back up and enjoy when they fancy traversing the incredible countryside and heritage trails beyond.

There’s nothing quite like getting back to nature.  Valley View was developed with nature and the height of the Welsh countryside in mind, meaning that every night spent here will feel a million miles away from the tarmac and street lights you may be used to back home.  The team developing and maintaining the park are passionate about keeping Valley View unspoilt – and when you arrive, you’ll understand why in an instant.

Get access to Wi-Fi, fishing and picnic facilities, as well as a well-maintained children's play area.  You'll also find extensive games room facilities here, and a reception which is open to help you with any concerns you might have during your stay.  If you fancy, you can even take a dip in the on-site swimming pool, or prepare your racket for a quick game of tennis on the park's court.  The park is also dog-friendly, which means if you want to take your furry friends with you on holiday, you can feel free! 


Valley View is closely linked to the border between Shropshire and Powys, meaning that you're in an ideal position to explore either county and any of the attractions and countryside trails that you'll find nestled along the way.  For many people, this makes the park an ideal base to start exploring some of the finer points of Mid Wales.  That's why it's such a fantastic holiday property park – you can always head back here if you want to get out and experience the heart of Britain for yourself.  You’ll find easy links to Cheshire, too, where there is even more heritage and even more fantastic views to take in.

Buying a holiday home at Valley View won’t put you too far out of civilisation, though it will still feel like its own private idyll.  It’s closely linked to the A490, which will of course put you on route to some of the more popular towns and villages in the wider counties.  You’ll also find plenty of public transport access, too.  You can also walk around the grounds and across countryside trails nearby for a breath of fresh air.  Your holiday at Valley View will be what you make of it. 

Exploring the Local Area

Once you’ve set up at Valley View, it’s very likely that you’re going to want to explore the wider area!  While a stay at the park will provide you with a wide variety of leisure facilities and wonderful grounds to behold, there’s plenty for you to be looking at if you venture out beyond the community.

Here are just a few of the more popular and well-known sites of interest you may wish to take a look at once you’ve bought a property at the park. 

Pen y Fan and Corn Du

If walking trails are high on your to-do list when you holiday in Wales, you're going to want to head to the Pen y Fan trail.  This mountainous walk spans a total of four miles, and it should take moderate walkers a good two and a half hours to traverse in its entirety.  It's nestled deep in the Brecon Beacons, where you'll have access to some of the most spectacular views across the plains, hills and valleys beyond.  The Pen y Fan trail is cared for by the National Trust, which means there is ongoing effort to make sure the area remains unspoilt for future enjoyment.  You'll want to get your hiking boots on and to head up here if you're in search of a local challenge.

The National Trust provides an extensive guide and walkthrough on the area, which you may wish to take a closer look at before you head out!  Make sure to plan your trip carefully, wearing comfortable footwear and making sure you are well-hydrated while you walk.  Do also take a phone with you – you may not get the best signal, but it’s a good idea to be well-protected just in case.  The area is also perfect for dog walking, too. 

Offa’s Dyke Path

While we're on the subject of natural trails, do make sure to take a lookout at the path alongside Offa's Dyke, based in Powys.  This impressive National Trail extends to almost 180 miles in length!  Therefore, it’s unlikely to be a path you’ll traverse in one trip!  However, you may wish to pop back occasionally to uncover new spots along the trail.

It’s also a fantastic chance, as the name suggests, for you to see Offa’s Dyke in all its glory.  Crossing over into Shropshire, this is an impressive groundwork which is thought to date all the way back to the 8th century.  It measures around 150 miles in length, which again, will hardly be something you can cover in one day!  Make sure to come back again and again once you’re set up for holidaying at Valley View.

Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway

If you’d prefer to take a look at a different kind of Welsh heritage, make sure to book your tickets on the light railway in Welshpool itself.  This light steam railway is very popular with locals looking to hark back to traditional transport, as well as those tourists and holidaymakers fascinated by the history of the tracks. 

With most trains in the UK now powered by electric, many people make a beeline for steam engines as they hark back to an earlier time.  With this light railway, you'll be able to take in views of Powys, making it a pleasant journey you'll want to book yourself on from time to time.  Why not take in the beautiful surroundings of Mid Wales while on the move?  Be sure to take a camera with you, and always book a seat or two – as it's a very popular service, even during offseason.

Why Stay at Valley View?


Valley View is one of the biggest and best-loved holiday parks in the Powys-Shropshire area, and for good reason.  There’s nothing quite like having your own property to come back to time and again when you want to take some time away.  Valley View is a fabulously-kept, perfectly-positioned park resort which welcomes families, couples and individual travellers across the year.  Summer or winter, you’ll be able to open up your own cosy slice of Welsh paradise whenever you please.

The border location for the park is a key one.  You’ll be able to get out and see Wales and Shropshire in all its glory whenever you please.  There’s always guarantee that you’ll have a pleasant, well-managed neighbourhood to return to at the end of it all.  Why spend time finding lesser accommodation when you could find your perfect holiday home right here?  Make sure to book a viewing as soon as you can to beat the rush.





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