Waterfront Lodges, Lancashire

Holiday Park (find out more here)

What Features Does Waterfront Lodges Have?

12 Month Holiday Season
In two acres of countryside
Gated community
Marina mooring 250 boats

What's Near to Waterfront Lodges


Waterfront Lodges at Garstang Marina is a development of 23 unique luxury lodge holiday homes set within two acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. This exclusive private gated park provides ideal conditions for relaxation, peace and quiet and the chance to get away from it all. Your holiday lodge will be perfectly situated alongside the established Garstang Marina, which provides mooring berths for 250 boats. Waterfront Lodge Park is now open all year round, so if you are looking for a fantastic holiday retreat or simply wish to share your leisure time between here and abroad, this is the perfect place for you and your own unique lifestyle.

Close to Amenities

Waterfront Lodge Park is only a few minutes away from the historic market town of Garstang. The first Fair Trade Town, with its weekly market and quality shopping. There you will find an extensive range of amenities, including a number of Supermarkets, Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre, Art Centre, Golf Course and Country Club and exclusive Health Spa. There are plenty of friendly pubs to sample and an extensive range of eateries to enjoy. An abundance of leisure activities is available in the area such as walking, cycling, golf, fishing, birdwatching and horse riding. Located only ten minutes drive from the M6, you are perfectly placed for visiting the beautiful Lake District, Fylde Coast and Blackpool, Forest of Bowland, Preston and historical Lancaster. You may not be able to tear yourself away from the luxury of your spacious leisure home, but if you can you will revel in the picturesque surrounding area of unspoilt countryside, with doorstep access to areas of outstanding natural beauty.


Waterfront Lodges

1.1 A clear-way must be left at all times on roads around the park to allow free passage of vehicles.
1.2 Parking on the grass or roadsides is not allowed and cars may only be parked in designated spaces.
1.3 Noisy vehicles will not be allowed on the park.
1.4 There is a strict speed limit of 5 MPH on the park which must not be exceeded at any time.
1.5 No vehicles other than private cars/motorcycles must be kept on the park.
1.6 Motor homes, lorries, vans, trailers, commercial vehicles of any sort are only permitted by prior arrangement with the Park Owner.
1.7 All vehicles must be taxed and insured for use on public highways.
1.8 The Park Owner may remove any disused or broken down vehicles.
1.9 Quad bikes/trial bikes are not permitted on the park.
1.10 Motor vehicle repairs cannot be carried out on the Park but a recognised breakdown service may attend in the event of a breakdown.
1.11 No driving lessons can be given on the Park and learners are not permitted to drive around the Park.
2. Hose-pipes and power washers are not permitted on the Park and vehicles are not to be washed on the Park.
3. The exterior of the Lodge must be treated with preservative at least every three years and the colour must not be changed without permission.
4. Lodges must not be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number they are designed for.
5. No musical instrument, television, radio, loudspeaker or mechanical or other noise making instrument of any kind shall be played or used, nor shall any singing be practised in the lodge so as to cause annoyance to the owners or occupiers of any of the other lodges or the park owner at any time.
6. Nothing must be displayed in the windows or on the exterior of the Lodge except its number or name plate of a reasonable size.
7. No clothes or other articles shall be hung to dry on or around the lodge.
8. You must not cause or permit or suffer to be caused any damage or obstruction to any of the structures in the park or to any common part or parts of the park and in particular not to damage or lop any tree or bush growing on or overhanging the park. If you find trees or hedge a nuisance or unsatisfactory please take the matter up with the Park Owner.
9. you must not do or permit or suffer to be done on the lodge or elsewhere in the Park any act or thing which may be or may grow to be a nuisance, damage or annoyance to the park owner or owners of other lodges in the Park or other users of the Park.
10. Not to do or permit to be done any act or thing which may render void any policy of insurance on any lodge or any other part of the Park or may cause an increased premium to be payable in respect thereof.
11. No planting of shrubs, installing of paving or flower pots to be placed around the lodge without prior consent of the Park Owner.
12. You must no introduce any foreign items into the drainage system, including but not limited to, cleaning cloths, babies nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, engine oil, grease or paint.
13.1 Only household rubbish is to be disposed of at the Park.
13.2 Outside dustbins/wheelie bins are not permitted and we suggest that you empty your rubbish at the bin store on a daily basis
13.3 any garden rubbish, cardboard, boxes, Christmas trees and decorations to be removed from site by the lodge owner and not put in the bins provided by the Park Owner.
14.1 No bird, dog or other animal shall be kept in the lodge without the consent in writing of the Park Owner, in respect of each bird, dog or other animal.
14.2 The permission for a bird, dog or other animal may be withdrawn if the animal is a nuisance or causes annoyance to any owner, occupier or the Park Owner.
14.3 No dogs to be exercised in the Park and not cleaning up after your pet will result in a £40 fine.
15. No satellite dish may be installed without the consent in writing of the Park Owner.
16. No fences or any means of enclosure of a lodge pitch may be erected.
17. All verandas, balconies and decking must be agreed with and purchased through the Park Owner.
18. You must not dig any holes around the Park.
19. You must comply with all reasonable regulations which the Park Owner may from time to time, make to govern the use of those parts of thePark used or enjoyed in common by the users of thePark for the purpose of ensuring the safety, care and cleanliness of all parts of the Park used, or enjoyed in common as aforesaid and for the preservation of the character and amenities thereof and for the comfort and convenience of such users.
20. The park is private property and the Park Pwners reserve the right to refuse anyone other than you and those lawfully staying with your permission to enter the Park.
21.1 It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors abide by the Park rules.
21.2 The Park Owners are entitled to eject anyone from the park who persistently acts In a manner likely to upset or annoy others.
22.1 Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times.
22.2 The park must not be used as a playground - no ball games, kite-flying, rollerskating/rollerblading or micro-scooters are allowed.
23. No tents allowed.
24. No fires allowed.
25.1 The lodge must be equipped with adequate fire-fighting equipment. as a minimum this should be a 1kg fire extinguisher and at least one fire detector.
25.2 All equipment must be maintained in a good condition and in full working order.
25.3 Fire hoses must only be used in the event of a fire.
25.4 It is your responsibility to ensure that all occupants of your lodge are familiar with the location of the fire points and the contents of the fire notices at each point.
25.5 No fuels or combustible materials other than LPG containers may be stored on the Park.
25.6 If you experience any problems with electric, gas of water, please contact the Park Owner.
26.1 At the end of the season it is your responsibility to drain down and prepare the lodge for Winter.
26.2 Curtains should be drawn back and all items of value removed
26.3 All gas, electricity and water connections must be switched off when the park is closed for Winter.
The pond is out of bounds for any purpose, including but not limited to fishing, boating, paddling and swimming.
Patio heaters, BBQs etc are permitted in designated areas.