White Cross Bay Holiday Park, Cumbria

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Pet-Friendly Park
Indoor Pool
Onsite Bar and Restaurant
Live Entertainment Venue
Onsite Costa Coffee
Onsite Gym
Sauna & Steam Room
Children's Play Area
Onsite Shop

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Are you looking for a lodge at White Cross Bay Holiday Park in Cumbria? Whether you're ready to experience nature's playground or you simply want to take some time out to relax, White Cross Bay is your perfect holiday destination. Nestling on the shores of Lake Windermere in the heart of the Lake District, between Ambleside and Bowness, you can make it your outdoor paradise, your indoor retreat, or your place to have the best of both worlds. Our children's play area, picnic area, marina, woodland backdrop, outdoor sports court, and the nearby countryside provide endless opportunities for you to create your own adventures. Those looking to slow down and unwind can enjoy the indoor swimming pool, sauna and gymnasium, on-site takeaway, and the Flying Boat bar and restaurant. It's all right here on your doorstep. And that's why so many of our guests come back time and time again. White Cross Bay is located in the very heart of the Lake District ideally situated on the edge of Lake Windermere. The park is a great base to explore the local area or if you just want to sit back and relax then White Cross Bay has everything you could want without even leaving the park. Being situated in the Lake District, White Cross Bay gives you the perfect opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful parts of England, whatever your interests are walking, cycling, sailing, golf, fishing, windsurfing, climbing and bird watching this is the perfect place for you. White Cross Bay can be found between Windermere and Ambleside so you have the opportunity to explore these two nearby vibrant villages, you will find various shops and restaurants that you can enjoy or it is just perfect to get away from it all.


White Cross Bay Holiday Park
LA23 1LF

Introduction & summary

All persons using the park must comply with the following. These rules are necessary in order to maintain standards & conditions to ensure that all occupiers enjoy the benefits of the park. Payment in full part &/or entry onto the park shall be deemed to be acceptance of these conditions & rules & as such, form part of the agreement for the occupancy of a pitch on the park. The expression you refers to the holiday home owner/occupier and the expression the company refers to south Lakeland parks Ltd & associated companies whose registered office is Addleshaw Goddard, Milton gate, 60 Chistlehurst street, London EC1Y 4AG. You are reminded that these park rules are embodied within your licence agreement. Please read this carefully & keep your holiday home for reference. Please ensure that all your visitors are aware of the park rules.

1. Site licence & park
1.1 All occupiers at the park must comply with the conditions attached to the site licence issued by south lakeland district council which are on display in reception.
1.2 The park compromises of White cross bay leisure park, Ambleside road, Windemere & includes all facilities now or presently on site & maintained by the company.
1.3 Pitch numbers must remain visible.
1.4 Your holiday home may not be used as your main residence & we may ask you to provide evidence of your home address. Any change of your permanent home address must be notified to the park office immediately.
1.5 The park cannot be used as a base from which to travel to and from work on a regular basis.
2. The season
2.1 The park is open for occupation each year from 9:00 am on 1st March until 5:00pm on 14th January each year.
3. Payments
3.1 Site fees are due no full later than the 31st January each year for the following season.
3.2 No holiday home may be occupied unless the site fee is paid in full.
3.3 Local authority rates & service charges will be apportioned to each pitch & are payable within 14 days of demand.
3.4 Interest will be charged from the due date on all overdue accounts at the rate of 4% above the base rate of the bank of England for the time being.
3.5 Electricity charges will be payable within 14 days of demand. Charges will be based on the guidelines issued by OMFGEM.
4. Holiday home sales
4.1 Please refer to your licence agreement. Holiday home owners wishing to sell their holiday home must follow the park procedure , including the completion of s private sale agreement.
5. Occupancy
5.1 When the holiday home is to be occupied by the persons other than the owner, prior notice must be given to the park office. All persons staying overnight on the park must report to & sign in at the park office on arrival for a soon as possible if arriving outside park office hours
5.2 The park management at their discretion
5.3 During the closed season from the 15th January to the 28th February, no holiday home may be occupied overnight. If visiting the holiday home during this period , for security reasons, please report to the park office on arrival & departure. Visits are restricted between the hours of 10:00 am & 4:00 pm.
5.4 Occupiers are advised to remove all valuables from the holiday home during the closed period & to place movable items, e.g. outdoor furniture, steps etc. inside the holiday home.
5.5 The company reserves the right to terminate all services to the holiday home during the closed season- i.e. electricity and water- and may do so without prior notice.
5.6 No holiday home shall be used for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number for which it was designed.
5.7 We do not permit traders or salesmen access to the park without our prior consent.
5.8 It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors & occupiers of your holiday home to adhere the park rules.
5.9 Please respect the privacy of other holiday home owners & keep noise to a minimum from 10:00 pm with absolute quiet between 12:00 am and 8:00 am
6. Motor vehicles
6.1 Only private vehicles may be brought onto or parked on the Park
6.2 No commercial vehicles, vans, wagons, touring caravans, motor homes, boats or trailers are to be brought onto or parked on the park without the prior permission of the park office .
6.3 Please drive carefully at a speed not exceeding the limit in force on the park (10 m.p.h). Observe all road signs & the traffic management system in force. The same requirements as on the public highways apply on the park e.g. vehicle fitness for purpose & safety, qualified drivers, drink driving, vehicle lighting, crash helmets etc.
6.4 Vehicles must be kept to authorized parking spaces & must not obstruct roads.
6.5 Driving or parking on the grass is not permitted
6.6 We permit cars onto the park for the purposes of access to the holiday home only & they are not to be used to drive around the park
6.7 Speed should be kept to an absolute minimum & pedestrians must be given priority
6.8 In interests of safety & to comply with the road traffic act 1988, the use of mini motors, quad bikes, trial bikes, electric powered or petrol, driven scooters are not permitted within the boundaries of the park. Skateboards, roller blades & roller skates are also prohibited from use on the park.
6.9 Only vehicles taxed & insured for use on a public road may be kept at the park & we will remove any disused or broke down vehicles for which you will be charged
6.10 You are not permitted to given anyone else driving lessons at the park & we do not permit learner drivers to drive on the park
6.11 Washing cars with a hosepipe is not permitted.
7. Building & ground works
7.1 No external structure may be added to the holiday home e.g. decking , without the prior written agreement if the company. Where such approval is granted the owner must follow agreed size and design criteria and all works must be undertaken by a company approached contractor for which the company will act as agent. Porches, walkways and carports are not permitted
7.2 You must not install slabs or paving without first obtaining written permission from the company.
7.3 Pitches must be kept clean, tidy & free from litter at all time.
7.4 Satellite dishes are only permitted with our express written consent.
7.5 Fences are not permitted around pitches.
7.6 The park will be responsible for general grass cutting but individual site occupiers will be responsible for ensuring that flowerbeds & pathways on the pitch are kept in proper repair, neat & tidy at all times, including the removal of weeds. If the company is impeded from carrying out normal site maintenance & the holiday home owner fails to maintain their pitch to a satisfactory standard the company shall be entitled to recover the cost of remedial work. The company reserves the right to trim or remove plant material.
7.7 No plants, bushes or trees may be planted or removed by the holiday home owner. No pruning of trees may be carried out except with the prior permission of the company.
8. End of season water drainage, annual gas safety test & periodic electrical installation.
8.1 In order to safeguard against the frost damage we recommend that the water system of every caravan be drained prior to the closed season. The park office can advise on this service & will be pleased to provide further details including charges on request. For lodges we recommend that the water system be turned off & drained prior to the closed season & that the central heating system set on low.
8.2 The company accepts no responsibility for water damage caused by bursting pipes.
8.3 Occupiers are reminded of the advisability of holding a current annual gas safety test certificate . The park office can arrange for this service & will be pleased to provide further details including charges on request.
8.4 The company is responsible for the periodic testing of the electrical installation of park up to the consumer unit only. Occupiers are advised to have the electrical installation of the holiday home checked by a NICEIC registered electrician every three years. The park office can arrange for this & will be pleased to provide further details including charges on request. Any additional electrical work carried out in & about the holiday home must have a certificate from registered NICEIC electrician which should be made available to the park office on request.
9. Sub-letting
9.1 Owner who wish to sub let their holiday home privately & not through the company must ensure the following:
9.11 No holiday home shall be sub let let for sleeping a number of persons greater than the number for which it was designed
9.12 These park rules must be displayed in the holiday home. The owner is responsible for the conduct of their guests.
9.13 Instructions must be given to the holiday maker on the location of the holiday home- the park office will have no details if the booking & may be unable to help answer your guests queries.
9.14 You are responsible for management of your holiday home including inventory, cleaning, laundry & general maintenance. The holiday home electrical installation must be tested every 3 years by a NICEIC electrician. An annual gas safety check must be undertaken by a registered \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"gas safe\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" engineer. Copies of the inspection certificates must be provided to the company on request.
10. Holiday home rules
10.1 All loose material & equipment must be secured to prevent damage in harsh weather conditions. Toys, barbecues etc must be stored out of sight when the holiday home is not occupied.
10.2 Walls, fences & any obstruction to access the are are not permitted on the site.
10.3 The colour of the exterior of the holiday home may not be charged.
10.4 All domestic refuse must be placed in appropriate bins located around the park.
10.5 Washing lines or rotary driers are not permitted & must be erected on pitches. The installation of washing machines (unless installed as standard in your holiday home) is not permitted. A launderette is available on park for your use.
10.6 Musical instruments must not be allowed to cause annoyance to occupants if neighboring holiday homes & must be used with the utmost consideration of all times.
10.7 Children under 14 years old must not be left unattended in the holiday home at all time.
10.8 Children must not be allowed to make a nuisance of themselves on other peoples pitches, e.g. playing ball games , riding bikes etc. Children must play on their own pitch or the dedicated recreation area. The playing of football & other hard sports e.g cricket, golf is prohibited.
10.9 The conduct of children is deemed to be responsibility of parents/ guardians at all times.
10.10 Noise levels must be kept to a minimum after 10.00 pm with absolute between 12 midnight & 8.00 am.
10.11 No nappies, tea bags or other deleterious matter must be put down the toilet or drains. Any occupier causing blockage to the drainage system may be charged for the cost of making good. Bleach or other harmful may cause serious damage to the private sewerage treatment plant. The use of deleterious chemical;
s is traceable & accordingly the company gives notice of its intention to recover costs.
10.12 Security barriers are in operation on the park, which are operated by use of a barrier pass. Each licensee will be issued for the sole use f holiday home owner to whom it is supplied.
11. Insurance
11.1 The owners of the holiday homes are required to insure the holiday home to its full value against all usual risks including fire & storm damage & against third party liability. This can be arranged with the park office or with a regulated insurer. Proof that insurance is in force must be produced to the company on request.
12. Fire safety
12.1 All owners need to be aware of the procedure for dealing with fire & other emergencies on the park. The greatest care must be taken to prevent outbreaks of fire, Fire fighting equipment is provided at strategic locations around the park.
12.2 Every holiday home must be equipped adequate fire fighting equipment including as a minimum a 1kg fire extinguisher & smoke alarm. All equipment must be maintained in good condition & full working order.
12.3 It is the owner\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s responsibility to ensure that all occupiers of the holiday home are familiar with the location of the fire points & the contents of the fire notices at each point.
12.4 No fuels or combustile materials other than LPG containers may be stored on the park.
12.5 The use of portable paraffin heaters & open fires is prohibited .
12.6 Gas cylinders should not be secured to the caravan so as to permit removal in the event of an emergency.
13. Swimming pool
13.1 You must follow the procedure for the use of swimming pool & all separate riles applicable to the pool.
14. Pets
14.1 Pets are permitted on the park but must be kept under strict control at all times. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Dog owners not exercising proper control will be asked to remove their dogs from the park. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets.
14.2 Pets must not be left unattended inside holiday homes.
14.3 Dogs which are specified in the dangerous dogs act are not permitted on the park at any time and include american pit bull terrier, japanese tosa, douge argerntino and fila brasilerio.
15. Office hours/ mail
15.1 The park office will be open at all times displayed at reception. Members if stall are available at the times stated.
15.2 The park address should not be your main mailing address & should not be used for the delivery of post.
15.3 Telephone messages will not be taken by the park office except in an emergency.
16. Other matters
16.1 No firearms, explosives (including fireworks), offensive weapons or other items likely to give offence may be carried, kept or used on the park.
16.2 No drugs or other substances harmful to health or social well-being may be brought onto or used on the park.
16.3 The company reserves the right to refuse admission to the park or to any facilities of the park. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld.
16.4 The company shall use its best endeavors to ensure the availability of all amenities advertised in its brochure or otherwise shall not be liable in respect of non-availability.
16.5 No commercial enterprise or business activity may take place on the park, or from or in a holiday home wither as a trader or an agent.
16.6 No holiday home may display any advertising material other than the manufactures name & no notices may be displayed on the park without the prior permission of the park managers.
16.7 Any major works/repairs must have the prior authorization of the company. Permission for such works will not be unreasonably withheld.
16.8 Those holiday homes with LPG gas cylinder at all times. The park office will advise of the arrangements for replenishing supplies of bottled gas.
16.9 Keys- please ensure that a spare set of keys for your holiday home is left with the park office for use in emergencies. Details of security devices & routines for isolation should also be provided.
16.10 Services- requests for chargeable services such as repairs & gas supplies must be made to the park office & not to individual employees.
16.11 In the event of an emergency contact details are displayed in reception.
16.12 A wi-fi fair usage policy is now in place on all south lakeland park sites where wi-fi is available. This policy applies to all the users of south lakeland park wi-fi. The full terms & conditions of use for the wi-fi service must be read and agreed to before first logging into the service. Copies of the fair usage policy are available upon request from the park office.
17. Visitors & tradesmen
17.1 If you have arranged for visitors pr tradesmen you must inform the park office on the day of the visit with
a) The name of the trades person
b) The name of the person they are visiting & the holiday home number
In the interests of security, failure to provide this information, in advance will result in entry being refused. Unless pre-arranged visitors should park in the main car park& walk to the holiday home. Alternatively you may wish to meet your visitors at reception.
18. Loss or damage
18.1 Unless negligent or in breach of duty caused by the company, its employees or agents, the company will not be held liable for any loss or damage to any person, caravan, motor vehicle, equipment or other property except for an act of deliberate or willful damage.
19. General
19.1 Use of park & its facilities is conditional upon the rules being strictly adhered & all persons conducting themselves with due regard for the company, its employees & well-being & comfort of others.
20. Termination of the agreement
20.1 The licence may come to an end in any of the following ways:
20.11 By you giving us notice in writing of your wish to end it
20.12 Because the licence period has passed
20.13 By the sale of the holiday home you using title to it
20.14 By company taking steps to terminate it because you have broken your obligations under this agreement.
20.2 The company reserves the right to terminate a licence to occupy a pitch as a consequence of a serious breach of agreement that is not capable of remedy by the holiday home owner, upon serving reasonable written notice at the last known address of the occupier to that effect specifying the breach and the opportunity to remedy it within a reasonable time. If you do not comply with that notice the company is entitled to write to you to end the licence agreement and require you to remove the holiday home from the park with one month.
20.3 You are not entitled to bring this agreement to an end by writing to is giving us not less than two months notice.
20.4 If you chose to bring this agreement to an end the company will repay any pitch fees paid in advance for a period after the licence agreement comes to an end on the following scale:
20.41 Where the licence agreement comes to an end before the end before the end of march 80% repayment
20.42 Where the licence agreement comes to an end before the end of June 40% repayment
20.42 Where the licence agreement come to an end after the end of June no repayment. Please note that site rates are refundable monthly pro rata.
20.5 If the licence agreement comes to an end you must remove the holiday home and all other property of yours from the park within one month of the termination of this agreement, however it comes about.
20.6 The company is entitled to to make a reasonable change for side connecting the holiday home from services and preparing it for transport away from the park.
20.7 Where the company ends the licence agreement we will repay the owner any pitch fees and other charges which have been paid for any period after the removal if the holiday home.