Willow Residential Park, Flintshire

Properties at Willow Residential Park

Willow Residential Park Elegance Amber (36x20)

Gladstone Way

Willow Residential Park Elegance Amber (36x20)




Willow Residential Park Willerby Hazelwood

Gladstone Way

Willow Residential Park Willerby Hazelwood




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What Features Does Willow Residential Park Have?

Beautifully landscaped
Ideal for retired residents
Spacious Plots/Park Homes
Close to local shops
Deeside Leisure Centre nearby
Historical sites nearby

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Willow Park is an attractive park with tree lined avenues and a great community spirit. All the plots are well spaced and about there is a choice of local shops less than half a mile from the park. The park is meticulously maintained & offers a tranquil setting while remaining within easy reach of local amenities.

Just a short drive away is the stunning beauty of the coast and hills of North Wales, yet the park is located only a few minutes from the shops in Queensferry and the facilities of the Deeside Leisure Centre. There are also great road links if you wish to visit the bustling towns of Liverpool and Manchester.

The area is beautiful area and dotted with castles & beautiful villages and stunning scenery typical of North Wales. You can also find brilliant beaches, thrilling mountain scenery, fascinating ancient culture and heritage in abundance, and a whole lot more!

Talacre beach and lighthouse, Ruthin Gaol, St Winefride's Well, The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and more are nearby. Other attractions close-by are the resort town of Llandudno, with North Shore Beach and other castles like the 19th-century Penrhyn Castle, with Gothic stairways, and waterside Caernarfon Castle.


Willow Residential Park



The Site Licence is displayed on the Notice Board.
IDENTIFICATION: Licensees must ensure that the plot number is displayed on or near the Mobile Home.
GAS CYLINDERS: These are not to be left outside the unit when not in use. All units must possess two cylinders.
GAS CONNECTIONS: In the interest of safety these must be examined regularly and rubber connections replaced at frequent intervals.
Nothing shall be stored under the unit.
CLEANLINESS: The Licensee is responsible for the cleanliness of the Plot and its surroundings and must keep the area underneath the unit clear. All units must possess an approved refuse bin with close fitting lid. No refuse or other noxious matter shall be deposited anywhere expect in the Licensees own dustbin.
No Mobile Home shall be used to accommodate a number of persons in excess of the number of berths installed by the manufacturers except for a child accommodated in a cot.
ELECTRICIAL INSTALLATIONS: In Mobile Homes and sheds must comply with requirements of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and once tested and approved may not be modified or added to by the Licensee. All modifications or additions must be made either by the Manufacturers or an approved electrical agent and can only be approved by the local Electricity Board. Electrical supply is provided for lighting and television purposes only. It is forbidden to connect into and use electric current for cookers, heaters, washing machines or fires. Accounts must be settled by the 18th of each month. Failure to do so will result in disconnection. There will be a reconnection charge.
SITING OF MOBILE NOTICES: All Mobile Homes must be sited where directed by the Site Owners and must not be moved from this position. The Park Owners reserve the right to move units to new positions on giving the Licensee four weeks previous notice. In case of an emergency the units may be moved by the Site Owners without notice to the Licensee. Licensees removing units from the Park must give four week's notice in writing to Head Office and pay the disconnection fee available on quotation. Disconnections may only be done by the Park Owners.
TERMS: The terms covering the rights of the Licensee are set out in the Agreement which are each Owner must sign prior to occupation.
NO SIGNS OR NOTICES of any sort to be displayed anywhere by the Licensees.
TYRES: These must be kept in good condition and pressure maintained. The unit must be capable of being lowered at all times.
TENTS AND TOURING CARAVANS are not permitted on the Park.
FENCES AND EXTENSIONS are not permitted around the Plots except with the consent in writing by Head Office and the local Authority.
INSURANCE: Each Mobile Homes must carry a Comprehensive Insurance Policy to over the unit, its contents and third party liability. No responsibility what so ever can be accepted by the Park Owners
NOISE: Musical instruments, record players, radios and other appliances and motor vehicles must not be used so as to cause a nuisance to others.
DAMAGE: The Park Owners cannot accept any responsibly for any damage, accidents or loss incurred on the Park.
HUTS AND SHEDS: are not permitted on the park of Plot except by the consent of the Park Owners in writing from Head Office.
PETS are only permitted on the park with written permission of the Park Owners and providing they are kept under proper control and at the Park Owner's discretion. The Park Owners reserves the right to refuse permission.
MOBILE HOME SALES: No plot will be transferred without the written consent of the Park Owners, such consent will not unreasonably be withheld.
T.V. AERIALS: The Park Owners will only accept certain types of aerials. Unsightly aerials will not be permitted. Guidance can be obtained from the Park Owners.
It is forbidden to carry knives, cap firing pistols or any other object likely to cause offence. Guns, air guns, ammunition or catapults are not to be used on the Park and neither bird nesting or trapping animals is permitted
Licensees are responsible for the conduct of children in their custody and visitors.
MOTOR VEHCLES: Parking on the road if NOT ALLOWED. All vehicles must be parked on the Car Parks provided, be in a roadworthy condition and currently taxed. Only private vehicles and vans up to 10cwt and motor bikes are allowed on the Park. One vehicle belonging to the owner of the home is permitted unless with written permission by the Park Owners.
PAINTING OF MOIBLE HOMES: Licensees wishing to change the external colour of the paintwork of their units shall first submit the colour scheme to the Site Owners for approval, which must be obtained in writing from Head office. All Mobile Homes must be painted and sheds treated every three years. It is forbidden to use any highly flammable material for either interior or exterior use, such as polystyrene tiles and Perspex sheeting.
A fire extinguisher of a type approved by the Park Owners MUST be installed in each Mobile Home. NOTE. Carbon Tatrachloride, Methyl Bromida and Chlorobromomethane can be dangerous in confined spaces and should NOT be used. A dry powder of at least 5lb capacity will be suitable.
It is expressly forbidden for anyone including children to interfere with the fire point and appliances which are for use only in the case of and emergency.
In soled fuel stoves only smokeless fuel should be used and chimneys must be kept clean.
It is forbidden to carry on any trade, profession or business what so ever from Willow Park

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