Willow Tree Farm, Kent

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Are you looking for a park home at Willow Tree Farm in Kent? All of their park homes are designed and built to the highest specification, meeting the British standard 3632 residential requirement. The homes are built by the UKs' leading manufacturers and are available to you in an array of styles, sizes and layouts. State of the art features, the highest quality fixtures and fittings and sumptuous furnishings are standard in all of our park homes. It is our privilege to ensure that we provide you with a park home that is both a joy to own and a pleasure to use. The time when Hythe had its own port and harbour may have long gone, but Hythe remains a peaceful seaside town. One of the original Cinque Ports, lying midway between Hastings and New Romney to the west, with Dover and Sandwich to the east. From the sea-front the town spreads up the hillside in a pleasant jumble of little streets with buildings from many centuries jostling for position. The perfect balance of new and traditional shops in the busy High St almost touch each other across the narrow walkway. Status: Over 50's, no children Pets: Cats & Dogs welcome with consent Local shops: walking distance Public Transport: Bus stop - 2 miles near Park entrance


Willow Tree Farm
Burmarsh Road

Park Rules for Willow Tree Farm Park

1. The Park Owner (s) shall hereinafter be called the ‘owner' as defined by the 1983 Mobile Homes Act, or subsequent replacement statues.
2. The occupier of the home on the Park shall hereinafter be called the ‘occupier' as defined by the 1983 Mobile Homes Act and any subsequent statutes.
3. The Mobile Home Park shall hereinafter be called the ‘Park' as defined in the 1960 Caravan Sites Act and subsequent statutes.
4. The area of land upon which a home is stationed shall hereinafter be called the ‘plot'.
5. Where the terms ‘his' or ‘hers' appear they may be taken to include both genders.

Park Rules
1. Post or Spikes should not be knocked into the ground as beneath each plot are many pipes and cables particularly in the land between the home and the road in which the owners reserve rights of access to all pipes and cables etc.
2. Only a home of proprietary manufacture and which conforms in all respects with British Standard 3632 or any standard amending or replacing the same, and is approved in writing by the owner shall be stationed on the assigned plot. Only homes supplied and sited by the owner or agents approved by him are permitted. No external visual structural alteration of or addition to the home or plot shall be made without written prior permission following a written request. This includes roof alterations, satellite dishes, TV or radio aerials, greenhouses, conservatories, extensions, porches, sheds, fences or hedges etc. All homes shall be kept in good repair and external colours, style, finish and texture shall be those acceptable by the owner and may only be to Park Home manufacturers' specifications.
3. No tree shall be planted which is likely to grow more than 8 foot high without the owners' prior permission following a written request. No trees, shrubs or fences shall be removed or cut down. All gardens shall be kept in a neat and tidy condition to the satisfaction of the owners. Untidy gardens may be tidied by the owner or his agent and charged to the occupier. Gardens must be used as ‘conventional' gardens and may not be used to grow vegetables or for any other purpose. Gardens and plants must be left intact when the occupier vacates the pitch.
4. Garden or rubbish fires or any other fires are not allowed on the plot or park. Hose pipes may only be used with the written permission of the owner and may require a water meter to be fitted.
5. No home shall be used for a greater number of persons than the number for which it was originally constructed. No home shall be used for letting or subletting expect with prior written permission from the owner and all homes must be the property of the occupier (or the subject of a bona fide Consumer Credit Arrangement approved by the owner) and must be the occupiers only or main home. Further, no home shall have any lodgers, paying guests or long stay guests without the express written prior approval from the owner.
6. All homes must be adequately insured and carry a suitable fire extinguisher at all times, both of these matters being the responsibility of the occupier. Advice from the owner is available on request. All occupiers must be aware of and able to co-operate with all safety procedures on the Park including the fire requirements. Fire equipment is only to be used for fighting fire and is positioned near each home.
7. The result of blocking drains or damaged services by occupiers must be paid for by the occupier(s) involved.
8. No occupier or guest visitor may cause a nuisance upon the Park.
9. Access to vacant plots or removal of objects from same is prohibited to occupiers and their guests. The owners reserve the right of access to all plots for themselves or their agents at reasonable times.
10. No trade, selling, profession or business is to be carried out on the Park without the prior written permission of the owners. Notices, advertising or pictures, for example ‘For Sale' sign may only be displayed on the Park with the prior written permission of the owner.
11. No weapons or fireworks shall be used or carried on the Park.
12. No equipment, property, installation, flora or fauna owned by the owner or his agents or the authorities may be interfered with by an occupier or his guests.
13. No pet shall be kept on the Park without the owners prior permission following a written request by the owner concerned. Any occupier or visitor with a pet must keep it under strict control and, in the case of a dog, on a lead whilst on the Park. Occupiers or their guests are responsible for the actions of their pets whilst on the Park including the ‘fouling' of the Park or plots and barking, smells, etc.
14. Vehicles may not be used at a speed exceeding 10mph anywhere on the Park. The owners are not responsible for any damage or injury arising from the use of vehicles on the Park.
15. All vehicles, when stationary, shall be parked on the Parking area(s) allocated. Only minor ‘running' repairs to the occupiers vehicle may be carried out on the Park. All vehicles must be road legal whilst on the Park. No commercial vehicles or caravans may be allowed on the Park without the prior written permission from the owners. No vehicles may park on the Park roads, grass areas or gardens or cause obstruction. Disused vehicles must not be kept on the Park. Each home may park a maximum of one car unless they have prior written permission for others from the owner.
16. Pitch fees and or electricity/gas or other payments must be made weekly/calendar monthly or quarterly as required by the Park owners. Unpaid charges will be liable to interest charges of 4% above base rate until cleared payment is received from the time the charge is due.
17. The occupier must provide a letterbox on the home or plot in a position easily accessible and to number the home in accordance with the owners' requirements. Only clothes lines of the rotary type are permitted and should be positioned in an inconspicuous place as possible.
18. The occupier and visitors using the Park shall observe and perform all the requirements of the local authority, the owner and the planning authority.
19. Any failure to comply with any Park Rule may result in the owners or their agent carrying out work to rectify the contravention and this is accepted by the occupier to be chargeable to the occupier concerned. Interest of 4% above base rate will be levied on unpaid accounts from the time the charge is due.
20. The owner will accept no liability whatever for loss, damage or injury to the property or person of the occupier or their visitors, however caused.
21. No assignment of the Written Statement under the 1983 Mobile Homes Act or subsequent Acts can occur until all Park Rules have been complied with.
22. Breach of any Park Rules will render the occupier liable to termination of their contractual agreement with the owner under the 1983 Mobile Homes Act or any subsequent act which replaces or amends the 1983 Mobile Homes Act.
23. The Park is a Retirement Park intended by the owner for occupation by persons who are of or approaching retirement age and is unsuitable for occupation by households comprising young persons. Accordingly no occupier or member of the occupiers household occupying the Mobile Home as an only or main residence shall be under the age of 50 years and no person shall be permitted to reside in a Mobile Home as the guest of the occupier or otherwise for any period exceeding 28 consecutive days or more than 40 days in any consecutive period of 52 weeks.
24. The above rules are for the good management of the Park and all who use it.