Willowgrove Leisure Park, Lancashire

Lodges at Willowgrove Leisure Park

Two Bed Pemberton Rivendale 2020

9 Kingfisher Drive, Willowgrove Leisure Park

Two Bed Pemberton Rivendale 2020

Knott End-on-Sea, Preesall



Static Caravans at Willowgrove Leisure Park

Two Bed Swift Debut (38x12)

446 Sparrowhawk Drive, Willowgrove Leisure Park

Two Bed Swift Debut (38x12)

Knott End-on-Sea, Preesall



New two bed Victory Lakewood (42x14)

Willowgrove Leisure Park

New two bed Victory Lakewood (42x14)

Knott End-on-Sea, Preesall



Residential and Holiday Park (find out more here)

What Features Does Willowgrove Leisure Park Have?

Security barrier
CCTV security
Fishing lake
Island bird sanctuary
Landscaped grounds
Semi-rural location
Residential homes
Holiday homes
Private off-road parking
Easy transport links
Close to local amenities
Local walking routes

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Willowgrove Park, located in Knott End-on-Sea, is a peaceful park, built around a five-acre fishing lake and an island bird sanctuary. Designed with retirees in mind, the park is open all year round and offers a range of statics, lodges, and park homes, with both residential and holiday licenses. This development is one of the largest holiday parks of its kind in the North-West, spread across twenty-four acres and with 302 pitches.

The park is a popular choice for those wanting to be on the Fylde Coast and within easy access to the Lancashire coast and countryside. Close to the coast and within easy reach of rolling countryside, Willowgrove brings together the very best of the Lancashire experience.

This is a large park that has expanded hugely over the years. Now home to over 300 properties, it is a community that is bustling, but never noisy. While it is easy enough for residents to get to know their neighbours and make new friends, there is a clear focus on privacy. Residents can comfortably retire to their properties without fear of intrusion or noise.

Homeowners have access to Willowgrove’s private fishing lake and island bird sanctuary all year round, making it the perfect spot for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

There are a range of amenities and facilities on-site, including a launderette. Local shops are conveniently located across from the park; however, plentiful road links and public transport make it easy to go further afield.

The Local Area

Willowgrove Park's accessible location helps to bring in new residents all year round. It is close to many picturesque villages, as well as the famous seafront. Residents can easily take bus links to popular towns and resorts from just outside the park, meaning that they never have to go too far to visit Blackpool, Thornton Cleveleys or the Lake District. The park offers an excellent foothold for anyone who wants to explore the best of what Lancashire has to offer without having to travel extensively.

An appealing characteristic of Willowgrove Park is the unique mixture of countryside and coastline. Homeowners can step outside their properties to glance across vast open plains for miles around or take a short walk or bus ride down to the famous coastline. Moving near to the sea is a dream come true for many people, which is another reason why this development remains so popular.

The Park is close to a host of quaint and traditional villages and services. It is very close to Knott End-on-Sea, where residents can head for friendly fare, including traditional pubs and restaurants. Knott End is also famous for its traditional shops and buildings, meaning that homeowners can take a short trip to the town centre to enjoy the local heritage scene.

Residents can also quickly head out to villages such as Scorton, which boast popular restaurants, gift shops, cafés, and gardens to explore.  It is also a short distance from the seaside towns of Fleetwood and Thornton Cleveleys, both of which are very popular with families and couples alike. Fleetwood is famous, too, for its Affinity Outlet, where locals can shop for bargains at high street stores. 

For a busier seaside experience, residents can also take buses towards Blackpool, the largest coastal resort in the area. Blackpool is of course home to its extensive pleasure beach, its yearly illuminations, and famous beaches.

Willowgrove Park is one of the best-linked resorts of its kind in the area, meaning you are never far from a variety of local attractions.

For golf enthusiasts, the local Knott End Club offers memberships at their full course all year round. Those who prefer to dip into history may enjoy touring the local Fleetwood Museum, as well as the lighthouses just a few miles away, across the River Wye.

Preesall and the Fylde Coast provide residents with some of the most spectacular scenery and walks the county has to offer. Willowgrove homeowners have access to some of the most peaceful and impressive walks that England has to offer.

Life at Willowgrove Park allows you to become part of a community of likeminded people and immediately enjoy a stress-free way of life. With their 20 years of experience, UK Leisure Parks pride themselves on their ability to provide safe and secure gated communities, maintained and cared for by experts. 


Willowgrove Leisure Park
Knott End-on-Sea

Willowgrove Residential (part) Park Rules. These rules DO NOT apply to the holiday park;

WILLOWGROVE RESIDENTIAL ~ PARK RULES FOREWORD: These rules are put in place for the benefit of all homeowners are not meant to cause offence or be restrictive. Our aim is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all our residents, customers and holiday homeowners.


• The park is open for 52 weeks of the year and has a residential licence.

• The mobile home shall be used only by the owner and their immediate family members, ie spouse or partner. Subletting of the home is strictly forbidden.

• The home is to be used for residential purposes only, not for business or commercial enterprise.

• The pitch fee is to be paid monthly in accordance with your Mobile Home Agreement, failure to do so could result in court action and removal of the resident or home from the site. HOME/PITCH

• Mobile homes must be kept in a sound and clean condition.

• Wheels must not be removed, nor the mobile home re-positioned.

• Each homeowner is responsible for their own pitch. Pitches must be kept clean and tidy. Including underneath the home, sheds, garden area and parking bay.

• New and additional sheds/bunkers must not be erected without prior written permission from the site office.

• No alterations to the home/pitch including flagging, decking, steps or fencing etc must be carried out without prior approval of the park owner. Please apply to the site office for a quote.

• All works carried out on the park must comply with our site license therefore in future all building works will be carried out by ‘Team Barton’ or contractors hired by the site owner.

• No outside contractors must be hired by the homeowner to carry out any works on the home or pitch.

• Re-painting of homes must be authorized by the site office and carried out in accordance with the manufactures recommended maintenance. Use of garish paint colours is not allowed and homes must be in keeping with the rest of the park.

• Park homes, their accessories and contents are the responsibility of the homeowner and are on the park at their own risk.

• All Homes owners must ensure that they are adequately insured, insurance policy certificates must be shown to the site office annually.

• The park owner accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or personal injury.


• New homes must only be purchased via the site owner.

• Any owner wishing to sell their homes should inform the site office or head office.

• When a home is sold 10% commission payment is payable to the site owner.

• All outstanding bills attributed to the home in question must be settled before the sale is concluded. • As the law had now changed please contact the head office to ensure you have the correct paperwork for the transfer of sale. This needs to be completed and returned to the head office with the 10% payment, 7days after the sale is concluded. VEHICLES

• The speed limit on the park is strictly 10 mph and must be adhered to at all times.

• The one-way system is in operation for the safety of all park home and holiday homeowners, please make sure the system is used. (Unless stated by site office due to siting of homes)

• No vehicles are to be parked on roadways at any time.

• No commercial vehicles or vehicles sporting logos are to be parked on any pitch or the visitor's car park they must be parked off-site.

• No current residents or visitors to the park must park in the vacant pitches or stock pitched at any time.

• Motor homes and tourer caravans must not be parked on the site at any time (unless special prior arrangement has been made in writing)

• All visitors must use the visitors car park provided.

• No cars must be parked at the back of the lake.

• All vehicles on the park must have current road tax and insurance. Vehicles must not be stored on the site. • Motor car repairs must not be carried out on the park, except by recognized breakdown companies.

• Bartons Group take no responsibility for any vehicles parked on the site.


• No ball games are allowed on the park

• National flags, bunting etc. May only be erected temporary to celebrate special national occasions.

• Please be courteous to your neighbours and ensure, loud music, music instruments and televisions are not causing a disturbance. Especially between the hours of 9pm-8am.

• Outdoor firearms, air pistols, catapults or any offensive weapons are NOT permitted on-site at any time.

• Please ensure your rubbish is disposed of as per the instructions of the local authority and placed in the bins provided.

• Scrap metal must be removed from the site and not left by the bins. The bins are for general /recyclable waste only. Bulky items eg furniture, white goods (fridges etc) must be taken to the local landfill site.

• Do not dump waste at the back of the lake or in the company skips.

• Please ensure that if using the laundry, you leave it how you found it.

• Do not leave clothes in the laundry unattended or overnight.

• All courier parcels must be delivered to your personal address, the site office will no longer accept delivery (unless a special arrangement has been made, exceptional circumstance only.)

• Residents are not permitted to enter the compound or workshop, without exception.

• No advertisements or notices are to be displayed in windows, or exteriors of the homes.

• Please do not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system, particularly cleaning cloths, wet wipes, incontinence pads, cooking fat etc.

• Children visiting the site are the responsibility of their parent or guardian at all times. They are to be supervised at all times as not to cause a nuisance to other owners.


• Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and cleaned up after. Dog Waste bins are provided on-site and should be used.

• Pets must be kept under control and not cause any disturbance or be a nuisance to other homeowners on the park.

• Please refrain from feeding wildlife on the park is as it encourages vermin and interrupts the natural flight pattern of the birds, ducks and geese.

• Wildlife on the park must not be harmed.


• Swimming in the lake is strictly forbidden.

• No boats, remote control devices or mechanical model boats allowed.

• Fishing permits must be purchased from the site office £7.50 per day. Please note you must have an Official Fishing License.

• No night fishing is permitted.

• Anglers fishing at Willowgrove Park, do so at their own risk.

• All fish, of any kind, must be returned to the water as quickly as possible after being caught. It is a condition that all anglers have proper landing nets and unhooking mats for the catchment and weighing of fish. Fish can be sacked for a minimum amount of time for photography purposes only and must be returned with care as soon as possible. • All litter, including discarded lines, hooks and bait must be taken when leaving the Fishery.

• Please note fishing equipment is your responsibility. Please do not leave anything unattended.

• Do not overload fishing pegs.

• Do not put any foreign objects in the water. The lake is checked regularly by the Environment Agency to maintain the standard for the safety of residents, fish and wildlife. HEALTH & SAFETY

• Homeowners must ensure that the area around their homes and plots are kept clear at all times.

• Visitors to your home including friends and family, must be met at the barrier and gain access via your fob, and not given the barrier code to gain access onto the park.

• The barrier will be closed at all times.

• Your visitors are your responsibility and must comply with the park rules.

• Use the barrier at the entrance responsibly.

• Barrier codes and fobs should not be given to anyone off the park except emergency services who can acquire them from the site office.

• The barrier is designed to admit one vehicle at a time. Bartons Group accept no liability for damage caused if this is not adhered to. FIRE

• Please ensure that in the event of a fire the Willowgrove Fire Procedure is followed in full (copies displayed on Notice Board, Laundry and a copy can be obtained from the site office.)

• Do not panic

• Leave all personal possessions and make your way to the fire assembly point on the top visitors car park adjacent to the entrance of the residential park.


• Please respect the park and its amenities, do not cause damage to trees, grass or plants.

• Stealing building materials from the site is strictly prohibited, materials are left on-site in various locations to make it easier for ‘UK Leisure Parks’ to access them, not for residents to use.

• Offensive and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated to either staff members or other homeowners.

• Hand gestures, threatening behaviour or swearing of any kind will not be tolerated, either to staff or other homeowners.