Wizard Country Park, Cheshire

Residential and Holiday Park (find out more here)

What Features Does Wizard Country Park Have?

Family owned park
Excellent location
Residential and holiday homes
Close to 'Alderley Edge'
Close to Manchester Airport
Spacious Plots


Are you interested in a lodge at Wizard Country Park, Cheshire? Open to those looking for a holiday home or those looking for a residential park home. The park is located on the outskirts of Macclesfield, surrounded by the beautiful Cheshire countryside. Situated in an area referred to as the 'Cheshire Golden Triangle', and it neighbours the sought after towns of Wilmslow, Alderly Edge and Prestbury. 

Wizard Country Park is diverse, offering a range of different things to suit varying needs and interests. From a quiet getaway, secluded from real life or an exhilarating exploration of some of the most beautiful landscapes the UK has to offer.

Family owned and run by the Barr family, a family with countless years of experience in the park home industry, who pride themselves on the service they provide. The Wizard Country Park is an excellent example of both passionate and experienced park ownership. 

Wizard Country Park offers a lovely permanent home or those looking for a holiday home. The park is excellent for those who are looking for a peaceful countryside retreat or an outdoor activity-filled time.

About Wizard Country Park

Wizard Country Park has both a holiday and a residential license. Its excellent location means it has convenient access to close travel links and exciting outdoor activities for all capabilities, interests and ages. 

This park prides itself on having a unique countryside theme, and it is perfect for those who love spending time in the great outdoors and exploring some lovely English countryside. The nearby National Trust Alderley Edge offers over 22 miles of various themed walks. This allows visitors to explore the incredible red sandstone landscape, with impressive views over the Cheshire Plain and the Peak District.  

Residents will openly praise the warm community spirit which can be found at Wizard Country Park, where everyone is said to be looking out for one another and helping each other when necessary. This can allow those who choose to become residents at the park to enjoy both the social aspects the park can offer and also the peace of its secluded location. The park prides itself on providing this welcoming environment, and this is just one of the aspects which makes the park so sought after and unique. Furthermore, the staff at Wizard Country Park cannot do enough to help; they are friendly and approachable and aim to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. 

Wizard Country Park Location 

The park is situated just outside of Macclesfield and neighbours some beautiful little English towns, including Wilmslow and Prestbury. It also is on the doorstep of some the UK's most beautiful countryside walks and hikes. 

Alderley Edge is one of the park's closest outdoor attractions; it offers some incredible scenery, and comes with some fascinating history. At Alderly Edge, you can follow various routes and hikes, allowing you to explore the caves and mines. These caves and mines have a fascinating history and are said to originate from the early Bronze age, around 4,000 years ago. Additionally, Alderly Edge can also be great to keep the children busy, with a range of different wildlife to be looking out for, and some excellent birdwatching opportunities. 

Following this, adjacent to the park, is the famous Peak District National Park. This well-known British National Park is not one to miss, with miles and miles of incredible scenery and wildlife. It also offers visitors options for camping, hiking, caving and other endless exploration opportunities. 

Another one of the things which makes the Wizard Country Park an excellent and sought after park, is the location and its nearby amenities. The natural travel links makes the journey to the park accessible and stress-free. 

You can reach the park via several different transport options. If you are travelling to the park by train, there are the options of Alderly Edge Station, which is 1.3 miles away, Wilmslow Station which is 2.6 miles away and finally Chelford, at 2.9 miles away from the park. You may likely need to order a taxi from these locations, as the walk may be slightly too far with luggage. Furthermore, should you be arriving by plane Manchester Airport will be your closest option, is only 7 miles away. From there, you can either take the train or order yourself a taxi. Whichever transport means you opt for; it will never be a complicated or stressful journey. 

The park is described as a hidden retreat. This is because the park can make visitors feel like they are in the middle of nowhere when, in reality, they can be closely connected to the outside world when necessary.  

The Local Area

The local area is another factor which makes this park desirable to many. A range of beautiful towns surround the park and are in easy reaching distance. These can range from historic, quaint cities or fast-paced cities. 

Macclesfield is one of the closer amenities for the park, at just a short 15-minute drive away. Here, you can access a variety of things you may need, from food shops to restaurants and clothes shops. There are also some historic stately homes, museums and galleries on offer, or you can choose to hire a canal boat to explore by water!

Also nearby is the town of Wilmslow, which is a beautiful little town and can offer a great day out for those looking for something do which does not involve outdoor activities. It is an excellent place for those who love shopping, from designer boutiques and upmarket interior designers, to chic charity shops and even a Hoopers department store. As well as shopping, it also provides some excellent option for restaurants and cafes. From well-recommended Cheshire Smokehouse to some lovely patisseries and delicatessens.  

Alternatively, if you are not too bothered about hitting the shops, and prefer something slightly slower paced and quieter, you could visit the lovely village of Prestbury. Prestbury can offer a calm stroll around its historic streets and an educational day out. 

Should you be looking for a complete break from the countryside, the park's location is less than an hour's drive from the fast-paced city life of Manchester. Here you can explore the city and enjoy some of its most significant landmarks, such as the cathedral, the Old Trafford stadium or even the Victorian baths. 

Once again, there are a range of other things to get up to if you find yourself needing a break from all the walks and hikes this great outdoor location has to offer. The area is also home to a range of historic houses and exquisite gardens nearby to explore. Some of these include Adlington Hall, Tatton Park and Jodrell Bank.  

Why Choose Wizard Country Park?

Wizard Country Park is a diverse park which is open to a range of different visitors, long or short term. The park can offer those who choose to become residents a whole new life to build, with its thriving social environment. Residents can benefit from a beautiful and secluded countryside location, which is quiet and secure, while being able to be part of a community should they feel lonely. Not only this, but it has some of Britain's most significant outdoor scenery's to explore, while remaining in a reasonable distance of some of Cheshire's most well-renown villages and towns. Additionally, the park can offer those who choose to visit short term, an opportunity to make memories and experience things they have not previously had the chance.

This park will appeal to anyone who is looking to settle down in or explore the beautiful attractions Cheshire has to offer. It is perfect for residents who are looking for somewhere quiet to be based, but do not want to away off from the rest of the world. For those who are considering this park for a holiday, it is perfect for those who appreciate being out in the fresh air and exploring the beautiful scenery. 

It is hard to find Parks, which are this diverse and which can offer both seclusion and peace while simultaneously offering action-packed exploration potential. If this is what you are looking for, Wizard Country Park is the place for you. 


Wizard Country Park
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