Woodlands Park, Ceredigion

Lodges at Woodlands Park

Two Bed Stately Albion Salisbury (38x12)

Woodlands Park

Two Bed Stately Albion Salisbury (38x12)

New Quay



Two Bed Carnaby Ashdale (37x12)

Woodlands Park

Two Bed Carnaby Ashdale (37x12)

New Quay



Two Bed Swift Vendee (42x13)

Woodlands Park, New Quay

Two Bed Swift Vendee (42x13)

New Quay



Two Bed Oakgrove Beech (40x22)

Woodlands Park

Two Bed Oakgrove Beech (40x22)

New Quay



Two Bed Prestige Navigator (40x20)

Woodlands Park

Two Bed Prestige Navigator (40x20)

New Quay



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What Features Does Woodlands Park Have?

Dogs Welcome (up to 3!)
Family friendly
New Plots and Homes Available
Woodland setting
Club House
Broadband Connected
12 Month Holiday Site

What's Near to Woodlands Park


Woodlands Park is open the full 12 months season. Dogs are welcome with up to three well behaved dogs allowed in each holiday home. Not to be confused with Newquay in Cornwall, New Quay in Wales is home to some of the country's most spectacular countryside, as well as some of its most gorgeous coastlines.  Plenty of dog friendly beaches closeby too one of which is in walking distance from the park and is dog friendly all year. Therefore, it's little wonder park homes such as Woodlands Park have opened up in recent years.  The New Quay countryside and coast play host to National Trust sites and wonderful walks and cycling opportunities galore, while the Woodlands Park retreat offers up beautiful, peaceful holiday and retirement living for all.


Ideal for long-term holidayers, Woodlands Park is designed to be the perfect home away from home.  Sometimes, the need to get away from the mania of everyday life gets too much to bear!  Why not set up home at a coastal resort - at least for a little while - and leave your worries back in the city or suburbs?  For many people, Woodlands Park is a dream location to break away to, and for that reason, more and more homes at the estate are being bought up for use across the year. 

About Woodlands Park

As the name may suggest, Woodlands Park is a lovely little hideaway built into a green, wooded community.  Encircled by natural woodland, the landscaped gardens and deep-built community here is amongst the safest you will find on the coast.  Hidden away in thickets and trees, Woodlands Park is an eye-catching, convenient and always verdant space for you to unwind and to base yourself if you'd like to explore the wider area.

Whether you like beaches or woodland walks, you will have access to them all on your doorstep.  Woodlands Park is ideal for those who are looking for an elusive slice of the quiet life.  The West Welsh coast is truly unique.  If you have already explored the sands here, you may wish to set up home to return again and again and again.

While the grounds themselves - and the views from beyond the park - are spectacular to look at, the park community is also marvellously convenient.  Billed as a park community offering luxurious amenities, convenience is always on the menu.  The park has all modern commodities and fittings for you to take advantage of, such as free Wi-Fi.  You'll also be able to access local towns, villages and other attractions with main road and public transport facilities being easy to come by.

What's most impressive about Woodlands Park is that, despite the fact it is secluded in such an idyllic location, you are never too far from civilisation.  The mark of a fantastic park community is one which gives you simple, secluded tranquillity, while never keeping you too far away from local facilities when you need them.  You may even be looking for a nice base to explore Wales from - and Woodlands Park is a fantastic place to start almost any local journey. 

Exploring the Local Area

New Quay is a town based in Wales' famous Cardigan Bay, a coastal resort where you can spot aquatic wildlife frolicking in the ocean beyond.  There are many boat trips which head out from here.  If you are keen to explore the crystal waters of the Welsh coast, New Quay and Cardigan may be a perfect launchpad for you.

New Quay is just a few miles from Woodlands Park, which also has clear road links to allow you to explore other towns and villages along the coast and into the countryside.  New Quay is famous for its fishing and for its shipbuilding history, making it a fascinating dip into maritime history and culture.  As mentioned, many people simply head down to New Quay and Cardigan Bay in general to watch the wonderful wildlife from the shore and harbour.  Many people will agree that New Quay offers the perfect Welsh coastal experience.  Having a holiday home based at nearby Woodlands Park should give you more than enough confidence to go exploring every once in a while.

There are plenty of things to see and do at Cardigan Bay and New Quay, and once you've had your fill of dolphin spotting and walking along the beaches, you may wish to explore some other popular attractions based near to Woodlands Park.  Here are just a few ideas we've collected for you to help you get started. 

Cardigan Castle

Welsh heritage is especially fascinating, and if you are in the area enjoying the coast and/or countryside, you may wish to take a break to dip into some true historical marvels.  Do make a point of visiting Cardigan Castle, which is open throughout the year with a variety of exhibits and events taking place.  Dating back over 900 years, Cardigan Castle prides itself on being able to show off so many different eras and time periods in one location.  Certainly, this is no ordinary fortress, and it's one which has seen a fair amount of action over the centuries.

Nowadays, however, it is more of a cultural landmark, which plays host to the Welsh festival, the Eisteddfod.  The Eisteddfod actually has roots in the castle, which means celebrations and events here are always guaranteed to feel that little bit more authentic.  The Castle itself is superbly well-maintained and is home to scores of wonderful exhibits, all filling you in on what the fortress was used for in times gone by.  If medieval history is something which fascinates you, this is one visit you're not going to want to miss. 

Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park

While you can spy the beauty of the ocean easily enough from the comfort of New Quay and Cardigan Bay inland, why not take a trip offshore to look at the wildlife up close and personal?  Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park is 200 metres off the mainland and is seen by many to be the perfect vantage point for seal and dolphin spotting in the local waters.  The farm park based on the island also plays host to several livestock, and it's also a family business - a great place to take the family.

The private nature reserve is just one of many fantastic reasons to come and explore Cardigan Bay in closer detail.  After taking in the farmland and spotting some wondrous creatures out to sea, you can take on a number of walks along the island edge, such as those along the cliff edge.  Don't worry - it's completely safe!  Cardigan Island as a fantastic trip out if you'd like to get closer views of the ocean waves, and if you'd like to sample an authentic Welsh farm experience at the same time. 

Cardigan Guildhall Market

If taking in local shops and stores sounds more appealing to you, then Cardigan Guildhall Market will likely have it all and more.  With over 50 different shops and stalls set up to provide authentic local crafts and produce, this traditional marketplace really is a break from the high street norm.  While you'll still be able to find all of your favourite brands and chain stores in New Quay and elsewhere on the coast, the Guildhall Market is set up to provide a distinctly local alternative and a chance for visitors to dive into Cardigan culture.

If you're intrigued to sample local arts and crafts, want to try some regional produce or simply want to support local businesses, you'll find lots of opportunities and new brands to explore across the marketplace.  It's easy enough to get to through Cardigan's centre, and therefore from Woodlands Park.  Who knows - it could well become your main go-to centre for shopping once you've moved into the park nearby?  It's always worth taking a trip out here to see what's on offer. 

Why Buy at Woodlands Park?

Woodlands Park doesn't just offer a wonderful wooded idyll for you to escape to.  It's based at the heart of the Welsh coast, situated near the hugely popular Cardigan Bay, and can, therefore, be used as a great go-between for countryside and coastal visitors.  Getting back to nature in Wales has been made easier than ever before, thanks to a wide selection of park homes based in a genuinely quiet, yet never too cut-off community.  Woodlands Park is the perfect launchpad for anyone wanting to holiday regularly in Cardigan Bay, and to explore the Welsh countryside in further detail.

Setting up a holiday or retirement home on the Welsh coast is a fantastic first step in exploring some of the spectacular walks and sites of interest the region has to offer.  Woodlands Park is growing in popularity all the time, and with that in mind, it is always worth asking to book a property viewing at your convenience.

Love Cardigan Bay and the coast?  Want to move closer to New Quay, but are unsure where, or how?  Take a chance on a stunning park property at one of the best-loved modern developments in the region.  Book a viewing ahead and take a look at the variety of homes and plots available and Woodlands Park today.  Make a break for the coast and the country!



Woodlands Park
New Quay
SA45 9ST


The following forms part of your Licence Agreement which enables you to station your
Holiday Home / Caravan on our park.
(The term ‘Licence Agreement' includes chalet ‘leases', the term ‘Holiday Home' includes ‘Chalets'.)

These Park Rules are the Park Rules referred to in your Licence Agreement. You are reminded that a breach of Park Rules is a breach of your Licence Agreement and may result in termination of the Licence Agreement.

Please note! That if you lose, misplace or forget the contents of these or any future amended Park Rules for any reason whatsoever they will still be enforced. If required an up to date copy will be available from the park owners/park representative and are displayed on the parks notice board.


The holiday home / caravan owner is responsible for ensuring that both the holiday home / caravan and the pitch on which it is sited, remain at all times compliant with the Local Authority, the parks Site Licence, the parks Planning Permissions, the terms of the Licence Agreement, the Park Rules and any other relevant legislation.

All Holiday Home / Caravan Owners are required to comply with the regulations of the water authority and any other statutory authority.

Our park is a holiday caravan park and is not licensed for residential use. Your holiday home / caravan shall at no time become your sole or main place of residence and on reasonable notice from the park owners we may ask you to provide satisfactory evidence of your main residential address.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your visitors, your pets and your visitor's pets adhere to the terms / conditions and Park Rules.

A copy of these Park Rules should be left within the holiday home / caravan for reference.

Further copies of these Park Rules are available from the park owners/park representatives and a copy is displayed in the parks notice board at the entrance of the park.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your visitors have been instructed in the operation of various services to the holiday home / caravan e.g. electrical and water supplies and cooking and heating appliances etc.,

Arrangements for the transfer of the holiday home / keys must be made between you and your visitors.

Visitors must gain access to the park via you.

Excessive watering of plants and hosepipes are not allowed.

You are responsible for all household rubbish being deposited in the waste bins provided at the bin points.

No refuse collections will be made from the park, do not leave rubbish outside the refuse area for wildlife to break open. Do not send children to the refuse area with rubbish. Always re-close the refuse lids properly.

Large appliances, unwanted fittings, garden furniture or similar items cannot be disposed of by the park, these items must be taken to the local tip or disposed of via your home address.

Recyclable items must be disposed in the correct waste bins.

The Park Owners shall not be liable for any temporary failure or lack of any services or facilities supplied by the Park, the Pitch or Holiday Home / Caravan if attributable to any breakdown or to any cause whatsoever outside the Park Owners control.

Notwithstanding any statutory rights, all Holiday Homes / Caravans, motor cars, vehicles of any kind and their contents are permitted on the park only at the owners own risk and the Park Owners will not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any loss or damage to any such property.

The Holiday Home / Caravan Owner is responsible for ensuring that both the Holiday Home / Caravan and the pitch on which it is sited, remain at all times compliant with the Local Authority, the Parks Site Licence, the Parks Planning Permissions, the Terms of the Licence Agreement and any other Relevant Legislation.

Individual Holiday Homes / Caravans must at all times comply with the Definition of a Caravan in accordance with the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act as amended by the Caravan Sites Act 1968 or any subsequent amending Legislation.

In considering any request for consent to carry out any works on the Holiday Home / Caravan, Pitch or Base, the Park Owners shall have regard to all the circumstances, including the weight of any proposed works and their likely effect ( if any ) on the Holiday Home / Caravan, the pitch or the base on which the Holiday Home / Caravan is stationed, and the amenity of the site.

The Holiday Home / Caravan must be maintained at all times in a condition whereby it is capable of being moved from one pitch on the park to another.

All and any proposed additions to the Holiday Home / Caravan such as porches, conservatories or extensions, etc. will require the Park Owners written consent BEFORE any work is commenced.

NOTE: No additions will be considered if they take or are likely to take the Holiday Home / Caravan outside of the legal definition of a caravan.

BEFORE any approved work is commenced, the Holiday Home / Caravan Owner will provide the Park Owners with drawings and a schedule of the intended work for final approval.

Under no circumstances whatsoever are any workers, traders, salespersons, suppliers or business persons etc., of any kind allowed to enter the park for the purpose of any trading, supplying, working or business etc., to any persons within the park or on or too any Holiday Home / Caravan or pitch without first obtaining written permission from the Park Owners.

Where the Holiday Home / Caravan Owner proposes to build, erect, lay, relay, place or replace any sheds, boundary's, walls, fences, outbuildings, garages, paving, hard standings or hard landscaping (including the formation of any pond ) etc., or plant or remove any trees, hedges or large bushes the Park Owners express written permission must be sought before any replacement and / or work is carried out.

For the visual amenity of the park no signs or notices of any kind including For Sale signs / notices shall be ppaced or located anywhere on the Holiday Home / Caravan, the pitch or in any window or any part of the Park without written permission from the Park Owners.

No washing lines of any type are to be erected anywhere on the park or pitch, washing is not to be hung on fences, window airers are not permitted. Only hook on airers or free standing airers which can be used on the patio / decking arears of the holiday home / caravan is permitted.

Stakes must not be driven into the ground, this is to avoid damage to underground cables and pipes.

Spaces beneath the Holiday Home / Caravan must be kept clear and not used in any way for the storage of anything.

Use of vacant pitches is prohibited.

The removal of any property from the park or pitches on the park not licenced to the Holiday Home / Caravan Owner will be treated as theft and the Police will be required to take action.

The lighting of fires on any part of the park is prohibited. Fireworks and Chinese lanterns are not permitted.

The original painted color scheme of the Holiday Home / Caravan must be maintained at all times unless the Park Owner consents in writing to a change.

Neither the Holiday Home / Caravan or the park shall be used in any way for any commercial enterprise undertaking or activity which would require the Holiday Home / Caravan and / or the park to be recognized or registered as the principal operating address of any business or any enterprise.

All vehicles and motorcycles belonging to Holiday Home / Caravan Owners or their visitors must be taxed and insured and all drivers must hold a full appropriate current driving licence.

Abandoned and or untaxed vehicles will be reported to the appropriate authority for their action and removal.

The parking of commercial vehicles, touring caravans, motor homes, tents or boats anywhere on the Park or pitch is prohibited unless agreed in writing by the Park Owners. For the benefit of doubt all vehicles with sign writing or business logos of any kind on the outside of the vehicles will be considered as a commercial vehicle.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners and their visitors are required to drive with caution on the park and to observe the maximum speed limit of 5 MPH.

All drivers are asked to respect Holiday Home / Caravan Owners quiet enjoyment of their Holiday Home / Caravan and if arriving or departing within the hours of darkness, to exercise particular care and to keep noise to a minimum and also drive with dipped headlights

Minor maintenance only is permitted to Holiday Home / Caravan Owners vehicles and no major repair work, restoration and / or major maintenance of vehicles is permitted on the Park.

The changing of oils and the removal of any major components such as engines, gearboxes or any bodywork etc. is strictly prohibited.

It is the responsibility of the Holiday Home / Caravan Owner to make sure that no leakage whatsoever occurs from their vehicles or their visitors vehicles that may cause any damage to any park road surfaces or any other part of the park.

The Park Owners reserve the right to ban any offending vehicle or vehicles from the park without prior notice until the Park Owners receive in writing acceptable proof that the offending vehicle or vehicles has been satisfactory repaired.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners are reminded that they will be charged for any remedial work required if any damage can be related to a particular Holiday Home / Caravan Owners vehicle or a visitors vehicle visiting a particular Holiday Home / Caravan Owner.

Car parking on the park is limited to one vehicle per Holiday Home / Caravan.

Parking provision is both by car park and individual parking spaces alongside the Holiday Home / Caravan where provided.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners must only park their vehicles in their designated parking spaces where provided.

Visitor parking spaces must be kept clear at all times for the purpose of visitors parking.

Vehicles are not permitted to be parked on any area of the park not designated for such purpose.

Vehicles must not obstruct the roads on the park and /or any access to Holiday Home / Caravan Owners individual parking space.

It is the Holiday Home / Caravan Owners responsibility to ensure that their visitors observe all the vehicle rules and conditions on the park.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners requiring an additional vehicle to be parked anywhere on the park or pitch will require the written permission of the Park Owners before bringing the vehicle onto the park.

Each additional vehicle will attract a charge. Parking of any additional vehicle is subject to a bare licence permission which may be terminated by either party by giving 14 days notice in writing to the other.

It is the Holiday Home / Caravan Owners responsibility to ensure that their children and guests and their children do not cause nuisance on the park.

The use of skateboards, cycles, tricycles, scooters, roller skates etc., and the flying kites or drones is prohibited.

No football games are to be played in any area of the park .

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners are reminded that all visitors, whilst visiting the Park, are the responsibility of the Holiday Home / Caravan Owner they are visiting.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners or Their visitors are not permitted to dispose of any rubbish or waste material on any part of the Park.

Any person or persons found damaging or misusing any part of the park, or park trees, plants, fences, toilets, electrical infrastructure, fire equipment etc. will be required to leave the Park immediately and the Police may be notified.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners are reminded that for the peace and comfort of other users of the park, the playing of loud music or the use of electrical devices emitting unreasonable levels of noise can be a source of considerable nuisance particularly between the hours of 8.00 PM and 08.00 AM.

No outside music is allowed at any time.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners or their visitors must not create any unreasonable noise or disturbance.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners and their visitors must supervise children at all times so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.

All persons using the park or any Holiday Home / Caravan on the park must not use any threatening, offensive behavior or cause a nuisance towards any person or user of the park or the Park Owners and their staff. Failure to comply with this particular condition may result in the offending person or persons being asked to leave the park immediately.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners and their visitors are also reminded not to carry or have at the Holiday Home / Caravan or in any vehicle on the park any weapon or firearm and that possessing and carrying of firearms and weapons is a criminal offence.

The Park Owners reserves the right to terminate any Licence Agreement with one months notice to the Holiday Home / Caravan Owner or to any future beneficiaries of any Holiday Home / Caravan sited on Sunset View Park, if any pitch fee invoice or any other invoice for services or supplies made by the Park Owners is not paid in full within 3 months from the date of the original invoice.

In such circumstances the cost or moving the Holiday Home / Caravan off of its pitch will be chargeable to the owner or beneficiaries, no pfees will be repayable to the owner or beneficiaries and all monies owed to the Park Owners must be paid in full before the Holiday Home / Caravan is released from the park, and until the Holiday Home / Caravan is removed from the park a daily storage fee will be charged and have to be paid by the owner or beneficiaries.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners are asked not to discharge any material or liquid into the drainage systems which has the potential to cause blockage or damage to the drains in general, and / or the Parks sewage treatment plant.

No fat is to be poured into the sewage system. No wipes or sanitary products is to be put into the sewage system.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners are advised that where a blockage or damage to the drains and / or the Parks sewage treatment plant has occurred and the occurrence can be related to a particular Holiday Home / Caravan, person or persons, that person or persons will be charged for any remedial work required.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners are responsible for all electrical appliances installed in their Holiday Home / Caravan.

For the safety of all using the park, all installations must comply at all times with the relevant requirements of the various codes of practice relating to the individual equipment.

is recommended that each Holiday Home / Caravan Owner has their domestic appliances examined yearly by an appropriately qualified engineer and certification obtained.

No gas bottles full or empty are to be stored on any pitch on the park.

As Park Owners, we are responsible for the electricity supply infrastructure as far as and including the individual Holiday Home / Caravans meter supply box.

Holiday Home / Caravan Owners are reminded that they must not tamper with any part of the parks electrical infrastructure or supply meter.

If tampering with the supply meter results to benefit the Holiday Home / Caravan Owner the issue will be treated as a criminal act and the Police will be asked to deal with the matter.

No individual external television or radio aerials are to be erected anywhere upon the Holiday Home / Caravan or Park without first obtaining written permission from the Park Owners.

Only barbecues that are off the ground is to be used and the usage of barbecues must not cause a nuisance to any other person or persons using the Park. Fire pits are prohibited.


Only the following pets are permitted-:

Not more than 3 dogs (other than a dog of any breeds subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991).

Any dog must be kept under proper control and must not be permitted to frighten other users of the park.

All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times (not exceeding 1m in length when outside of the occupiers pitch and they must not be allowed to enter the pitches of other persons using the park) They must be kept on a leash whilst being exercised on the park, including in any communal areas and must not be allowed to foul the park.

If a dog does foul any part of the park it is the Holiday Home / Caravan Owners responsibility to insure that it is cleared up immediately.

No dog is to be left alone to cause a nuisance to others using the park in any way, in any Holiday Home / Caravan or on any Pitch at any time.

No pet may be kept on the park which may or has caused any form of nuisance in any way to any other occupier of the park or to visitors to the park.

All Holiday Homes / Caravans must at all times be equipped by the Holiday Home / Caravan Owner with an appropriate SMOKE ALARM, FIRE BLANKET and FIRE EXTINGUISHER.

Fire points are strategically located on the Park FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY and persons using the Park are reminded that the emergency fire point equipment must not be used for any other purpose.

Complaints in general and / or disagreements between Holiday Home / Caravan Owners and / or the Park Owners concerning boundaries or other matters concerning the park or pitches on the park should be first assessed to the Park Owners in writing who will do Their best to resolve such complaints / disagreements in the most appropriate and amicable way.

The Park Owners reserves the right to terminate the Licence Agreement if any of the following occurs -:

Any criminal offence is committed at the park or Holiday Home/Caravan,

Any criminal activity is committed at the park or Holiday Home/Caravan,

Any act of vandalism is committed at the park or Holiday Home/Caravan,

Use of unlawful drugs occurs at the park or Holiday Home/Caravan,

Any firearm or other weapon is found at the park or Holiday Home/Caravan,

If anyone is found to be using the park or Holiday Home/Caravan who is or has been on the Sex Offenders Register compiled under the Sex Offenders Act 1997,

If the Police are called to the park or Holiday Home/Caravan in connection with any of the above offences.

If any information about any of the above offences is mentioned within any media -: i.e. ( newspapers, television or any other public domain ) which may lower the tone of the park or if word is spread around the park about any of the above offences which may lower the tone of the park or may upset the well running of the park or the Park Owners Business.

The Park Owners reserves the right at any time if necessary or desirable to amend, change, modify, replace, extract or add too: these Park Rules from time to time including for reasons of Health and Safety, the efficient running of the park, environmental issues or regulations imposed on them.