Woodlands Park, Hertfordshire

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What Features Does Woodlands Park Have?

Rural Location
Pet Friendly
Exclusively Over 50s
Close to local amenities
45 minutes to London
For the retired/semi-retired


Woodlands Park is in Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire is one of England's best-kept secrets in the south.  It's a county which offers some of the most spectacular views and getaways north of London, and what's more, it's becoming a fantastic location to retire to.  Based in the heart of Herts, Woodlands Park is a spectacular retirement community which continues to welcome new residents year after year.  After redevelopment and rebranding from Danesbury Park, this delightful park community offers you a genuine slice of peace and quiet you simply won't find elsewhere in the region.

Retiring here is a dream come true for many people.  Homes are popping up for single residents and couples alike!  This wonderful gated neighbourhood offers the perfect balance of an ideal location for amenities and attractions, while still giving you genuine space to relax and unwind.  Your retirement should be all about taking it easy!

Whether you are semi-retiring or are leaving the world of work behind for good, there are plenty of great reasons to book a viewing.  In this guide, we will take a close look at what you can expect from the resort, and why it is still considered a premier spot for settling down in throughout the south of England. 

About Woodlands Park

Previously known to many as Danesbury Park, Woodlands Park has undergone something of a transformation in recent years, but only as a result of upgrading.  The community has been a long-standing idyll for local retirees for several years, and we're proud to present it as a fabulous location for many years to come.

Based at the edge of Welwyn, a delightful village nestled deep in the centre of Hertfordshire, the park is an exclusive development which is continuing to expand and re-establish itself.  Therefore, many more homes will become available here in the years to follow.  And all for a good reason - as spaces here are often rare!  The park is already one of the most well-loved and most sought-after communities in the region, and it's not only as a result of its fantastic location.

This is a curated community built with idyllic living in mind.  You'll be able to move into a spacious new home alongside like-minded neighbours.  You'll also have access to stunning landscaped gardens, modern facilities and even space for you to bring your pets.  Both cats and dogs are very welcome here, which is great news for anyone hoping to bring their furry friends with them.

Woodlands Park is built like a private neighbourhood you won't otherwise find in modern suburbia.  The properties here are built with single retirees and couples in mind.  With ample parking and private spaces provided, you'll be able to set up a brand new home here in the lush surroundings of nearby woods and forestry.  That, of course, is how the park got its name! 


The location is famously central.  It's one of the main reasons why so many people choose to move out here each year!  Surrounded by woodland trails and beautiful, rural Hertfordshire, moving out here will feel like you're pitching up in your own private corner of the UK.  The community was built here not only to provide residents with easy access to local country walks and panoramas.  It was also set up to ensure that anyone who wants to explore the wider area can do so with ease.

Woodlands Park is based on the outskirts of Welwyn.  Welwyn is a small, unassuming community with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.  Only a stone's throw from the park itself, Welwyn boasts fantastic facilities, such as local shops, pubs, restaurants and more.  In fact, anyone interested in dipping a toe into local history will be taken away by the incredible Roman Baths, maintained in the village itself and dating back to the third century.  However, if you're more keen to make new friends and experience the local scene, you will find it more than easy to get into the sleepy way of life here.

If you do wish to venture further afield, the site is perfectly linked to the A1.  Hertfordshire itself is home to a vast array of quaint towns and historical cities which are well worth exploring in your own time.  For example, you'll only ever be a short drive away from Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield.

The parks exact location is based just off the A1, on Danesbury Park Road.  Its location offers the perfect balance of being close enough to a variety of local attractions, while still feeling like a private community.  It's truly unspoilt by the hustle and bustle of city living and tourism.  With incredible lush, green surroundings, you will also be able to get out and explore nearby walks and trails without any hassle.  If getting back to nature is important to you, but you'd rather not stray too far from civilisation, you will find your new home perfectly placed here. 

Amenities and Care

Woodlands Park is keenly cared for by a fantastic team, who are always on-site to provide security and support to residents as and when they need it.  The grounds and gardens here are lovingly kept and are regularly maintained, meaning that you can always be assured to come home to a beautiful neighbourhood.  That's all without mentioning the array of spectacular properties available!

Anyone worried about missing the mods cons out in the city won't have to worry too much.  You'll be provided with full access to the internet, as well as energy-efficient natural gas heating to keep you cosy during the colder months.  During the warmer months, however, you'll probably want to spend much of your time strolling through the neighbourhood, and into nearby Welwyn.

The site is maintained as a prestigious park community for people who are keen to get away from it all.  It's safe to say that all your worries are cared for here, and you can always be assured of plenty of privacy when you need it.  The development may be a close-knit community, however, you will always be able to retire to your own secluded haven as and when you wish.  The park really does offer the best of both worlds. 

The Surrounding Area

Naturally, you will probably want to take a look at the surrounding area and county once you've made your move.  As mentioned, you are only a short drive from towns such as Stevenage, which is one of the youngest towns in the country to have been established.  You're also in close proximity to a host of stately homes, and if you want to take on a completely different adventure, London is less than an hour away via car.  You're in touch with plenty of sites of interest and things to do.

With public transport links also based close to the park community itself, you can easily take buses or taxis to nearby towns and villages.  You'll also be able to take rail links from nearby Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City, which means you're always going to find a connection or two into the wider county.  Maybe even beyond!

However, you may wish to spend much of your time, at least to begin with, in Woodlands Park itself.  Once you've gotten to know your neighbours, take a short walk out through the rolling countryside and explore some of the spectacular woodland trails.  Wider Hertfordshire is home to a variety of forests and nature reserves, too.  Therefore, if you do feel like stretching your legs elsewhere, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Get to know the surrounding area little by little.  If you choose to retire or semi-retire here, you'll probably be keen to take on as much as possible!  Make sure you take in the wonderful park grounds first, as well as the surrounding countryside - and head into the nearby towns at your leisure.  As mentioned, Welwyn should offer you more than enough when it comes to local amenities and sites of interest.  However, the way you spend your time is of course entirely up to you! 

Why Stay at Woodlands Park?

Many people choose to make a break for Woodlands Park as it really is a dream resort.  Built to resemble a quiet, private neighbourhood, this is a step into your own idyllic suburbia - without all the noise, fuss and hassle you may be accustomed to elsewhere.  The park is very easy to get to from main A-roads, meaning that you can welcome family to visit whenever you like.  You will never feel like you are cut off from the rest of society.  If anything, you'll be getting to know your neighbours sooner than you think!

This is a much-loved gated community which is safe, secure and perfectly private.  We recommend you take a look at properties here as soon as you can.  As one of the premier parks in the county, make sure to book a viewing with us at your first opportunity to beat the rush.


Woodlands Park