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What Features Does Yew Tree Park Have?

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Just a few miles from the M20
Stunning rural location
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Kent is one of England's most celebrated countryside counties, and Yew Tree Park welcomes new residents to explore the region for themselves.  This full retirement and residential community is an exclusive neighbourhood for people who want to take in some of Kent's blissful country walks.  It is also a fabulous location for retirees who would like to break free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

Living at a slower pace is enviable, yet possible.  Yew Tree Park has undergone extensive redevelopment over the years, making it bigger than ever to welcome new residents.  There is a close-knit, community feel here, helped along by friendly staff and owners.  It is a residential zone which is closed off from the outside world, yet never too far from local links and transport.  Therefore, it is always easy to find the park, as well as to head out and find local attractions. 

Kent is a desirable county to move to, and Yew Tree Park's location near Charing proves to be exceptionally popular with residents approaching retirement.  A viewing is always recommended should pitches and properties be available. 

About Yew Tree Park

Yew Tree Park life is more than simply pleasant or tranquil.  The park offers immense convenience to its residence, with on-site links to drainage and gas being particularly desirable.  Fully enveloped in local countryside, the park is developed and maintained to offer stunning aesthetics and charm.  Residents enjoy easy access to modern facilities and support from site staff.

Yew Tree Park is an exclusive community designed for residents aged 45 years and older.  Therefore, new residents are guaranteed to move close to like-minded people.  It is easy to get to know your neighbours here, with a full plot of pitches designed to bring residents closer together.  However, the pitches and properties here are spaced apart with private living in mind, meaning that homeowners can always be assured of complete discretion.  In fact, residents are encouraged to enjoy Yew Tree Park at their own pace.

Yew Tree Park often provides prospective residents with a wide choice of properties.  However, availability will vary due to the community's popularity.  Properties available at the park will be listed here whenever possible.

Refurbished plots and pitches will appeal to retirees in search of luxury living, with the added benefit of careful landscaping and maintenance from park staff ensuring the grounds look spectacular all year round.  Homeowners at Yew Tree Park will enjoy the rural living standards, while still being able to live modern lives.  The facilities available at each property may vary, which means it is always worth consulting with operators before taking up a pitch.

Yew Tree Park is also one of the most secure communities of its kind, with individual property security offered as standard.  In addition, the park is bolstered by main gates.  Only park staff and residents have access through these gates, meaning that there is no risk of intrusion or criminal activity on-site.  This is one of the main reasons why people flock to the park.  It is rare that you will find such safety and protection elsewhere.

Yew Tree Park is an idyllic community park for anyone approaching retirement age, as well as for those who may already be retired.  The properties and neighbourhood offer residents the chance to unwind and relax against the backdrop of blissful, rural Kent - a dream come true for many people. 

The Location

Yew Tree Park is not only famous for its amenities and its design, but also for its location.  Residents will have links to some of the best-loved attractions and sites of interest in the wider county.  The nearest village is Charing, which offers visitors local shops, stores and groceries.  What's more, commuters into Charing will also be able to follow links into London, making it hugely desirable to people who still work in the city, or who have family there.

Yew Tree Park is easy to get to via roads leading past Leeds Castle and through Lenham.  The M20 passing through Leeds and the Castle grounds splits off at the A20 through Harrietsham, heading through Lenham and towards Charing.  The park can be found just ahead of Charing village.

Non-drivers can reach the park through public transport links, for example via Charing Station and Lenham Station, both of which are only a few minutes away.  Both link widely across Kent and the South, meaning that anyone travelling from nearby shouldn't find it too difficult to get to the community.

Despite the close road and motorway links, residents have access to glorious views of Kent's famous countryside and greenery.  This means that locals will always have the chance to explore woodland walks at their own pace, often just a few minutes away from the central gates.

Close motorway and public transport links will give residents the independence they need to get to know Kent and all its most popular towns and attractions.  One of the most desirable reasons to live at Yew Tree Park lies in the fact that independent living is encouraged.  Some people worry that a residential park will close them off from the world.  Yew Tree Park, however, is a modern community which expects its residents to explore Kent to the fullest.

The location for the park was carefully chosen so that the fabulous rolling countryside and spectacular heritage sit right at the doorstep.  Yew Tree Park takes advantage of unspoilt greenery without ever taking away from the visual majesty of the region. 

The Local Area

Before moving to Yew Tree Park, it makes sense to take a close look at local attractions and sites of interest.  Just up the road from the park is Leeds Castle, a historic monument which draws enthused history lovers all year round.  In the other direction is Charing, the park's nearest village, which holds all of the local stores and facilities residents will need.  The rural villages of Westwell Leacon and Egerton, too, are well worth exploring.

Not all of the local area is covered in rolling, green pastures.  Locals can head further up past Leeds Castle to take advantage of Bearstead Golf Club, as well as the exclusive Tudor Park Country Club.  This Marriott hotel also doubles as a unique country retreat, which may appeal to residents who wish to immerse themselves in the local community.

Head further down the A20 from the park and you will find the town of Ashford, the closest built-up area.  Ashford, too, is home to its own golf club, which means that pitchers and putters will be truly spoilt for choice.  Shoppers will also want to take advantage of Ashford's own designer outlet in the town centre. 

Head even further out to the North East and travellers will find the historic town of Canterbury.  The area is, of course, best known for its cathedral, as well as being an important location in historic literature.

Culture enthusiasts will find museums and galleries in abundance in the local area.  For example, the Turner Contemporary gallery is only a short drive or bus journey away, as is the Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum.

Residents at the park are also only a short drive or trip away from Dover, where they can take in the famous White Cliffs, as well as Dover Castle.  Seaside towns such as Maidstone and Hastings are easily accessible, too.  Even more intriguing to residents will be the fact that they can easily access France across the Channel, just a short trip from the park.  Either take a ferry or the Tunnel and travellers can be on the continent in a matter of hours. 

Why Choose Yew Tree Park?

Yew Tree Park is an exclusive park resort only open to those aged 45 years or older.  Therefore, residents are guaranteed of a close-knit, like-minded community.  Yew Tree Park is carefully maintained and curated to ensure safety, security and tranquillity of living all year round.  What's more, the management and ownership are always attentive, and residents can be left to be as independent as they wish.

Yew Tree Park is also a fantastic foothold and investment for anyone keen to get out and see Kent for themselves.  As established, it holds close links to countryside and coast alike, as well as the English Channel.  This means that there is a vast array of experiences and adventures waiting to be uncovered.

Pitches and lodges at Yew Tree Park are extremely desirable.  The community has expanded and refurbished in recent years, in light of increasing demand for further properties.  This means it is only likely to grow further in the years to come.  The park owners want to give potential residents as much choice as possible when it comes to finding the perfect property.  Properties will be listed here as soon as they become available for viewing.

Yew Tree Park offers a spectacular vantage point across the Kent countryside as well as a viable foothold for coastal trips and even European holidays.  It is unsurprisingly popular with retirees in the local area.


Yew Tree Park
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