Seascapes Park, Somerset

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What Features Does Seascapes Park Have?

Sea Views
Convenient amenities
Small development


Seascapes Park is an exclusive residential park resort offers unique coastal views across North East Somerset, close to popular towns and attractions in Weston-Super-Mare and Portishead.  The park’s modern development may appeal to retirees looking for a quiet foothold close to historic towns, shops and seaside vistas.

Seascapes Park is set up as a luxury park for homeowners to enjoy the best of the local scenery.  A cosy park with an exclusive neighbourhood, it is also easy to access through main roads and links heading up and across the Somerset coast.  It is entirely possible for new residents to look out across the sea without needing to leave the park itself. 

Why Choose Seascapes Park?

Seascapes Park is a modern development built for residents aged 50 and over.  Based in the quiet village of Kewstoke, in Clevedon, the community offers sea views across the Bristol Channel and across to Wales.  The park’s owners describe the retreat as having been designed with a prestigious look in mind.  Due to the exclusive nature of the park, new residents may find they move close to like-minded people.  It offers park home living with retirees and the semi-retired in mind.

The park is close to a variety of coastal walks and local attractions and offers new homeowners peace of mind with security features and everyday comforts.  Seascapes Park is a relatively new development in the area, taking advantage of popular local sights and walks, bringing retirees closer to a quieter, gentler pace of living in Somerset.

The park’s owners make sure to maintain a unique location, keen to promote independence and individuality.  It may appeal to retiring holidaymakers looking for a permanent home close to the coast. 

About Seascape Park’s Location

The popular location provides coastal views and walks just a short way from outside of the park, with the local town of Clevedon likely to offer residents daily amenities and shopping.  Here, park homeowners will be able to explore local restaurants, café locations and chain shopping outlets.

The park also links close to other towns, villages and cities in the local area, with a bus stop just outside the entrance.  These will allow residents to take trips out towards quiet coastal resorts such as Portishead.  It is also possible to reach the city of Bristol via public transport, where residents will be able to take further bus and train links towards other towns and cities in the region.

The park is a short walk around the corner from the Worlebury Golf Club and Course, and is easy to reach through local roads heading down towards the coast through the A370.  Local attractions in the area include the Grand Pier and the Helicopter Museum, as well as the popular town of Weston-Super-Mare, offering a popular beach resort.

The location of Seascape Park may be convenient for residents in need of local groceries and conveniences, with easy routes towards green and coastal walks only a short distance away.


Seascapes Park
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