Two Bed Pathfinder Retreat (40x20)



Ash Tree Holiday Home Park, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

3D Tour

The new Retreat combines a sense of elegance and comfort, with its rustic features creating, quite literally, a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the real world. This home is a perfect blend of class and sophistication, without looking out of place surrounded by country side.

The Retreat uses a clever combination of unfurnished style wood and red brick throughout to create a hand crafted and tranquil environment, whilst managing not to compromise on style. As soon as you enter the home you are greeted by a carefully placed storage bench, perfect for slipping off your wellies after a long woodland walk, before heading into the living come dining room, and settling down in front of the  feature fire place. The interior of the communal living area is adorned with luxuriously rustic features, from the unfinished wooden beam across the ceiling, to the red brick surrounding the fireplace. These organic traits are complimented beautifully by the clean off white carpets, smooth pale wood counter top & deep ceramic white sink creating a space which is both cosy and spacious. The French windows, covering both the width and height of the home allow for an abundance of natural light to flow in.

As you follow the light hallway, dotted with woodland style pictures, the master bedroom sits at the back, similarly decorated to the communal areas, making it almost a private retreat in itself. An unrefined wooden panel wall behind the bed, along with thick and extravagant throws, reinforce the overwhelming sense of comfort & homeliness the rest of the home oozes.

Where the bedrooms back up the sense of comfort, the en-suite and main bathroom reinforce the clean and elegant side of the home, whilst dropping in hints of woodland characteristics via small ornaments and furnishings.

This home is exactly as described, a place to get away, switch off, and enjoy the simpler aspects of life. It’s almost contradicting features have been so thoroughly considered that they tie in with the old cliché, opposites attract.

Ash Tree Holiday Park is located in Somerset, which remains one of England's best-loved holiday counties, and as such, there is little wonder why so many people choose to buy holiday property here.  Ash Tree Park is a modern, luxury holiday park with access to nearby Weston-Super-Mare, as well as the beautiful Somerset coast.  It is a community which brings together the best of both worlds, with the serene country to the South, and sparkling sands to the North.  There are few parks in England, even the UK, which make the most of such natural beauty.

Lodges 40x13ft prices start at £85,000 with ground rent at £2,700 per year.

Lodges 40x20ft prices start from £165,000 with ground rent at £3,700 per year.

*Your ground rent covers garden upkeep, street lighting and drainage*

*No pets policy* HOLIDAY HOME USE ONLY


  • Central Heating
  • Double Glazing
  • Hand crafted fixtures & fittings
  • Rustic farmhouse style
  • Glazed entrance with french doors
  • Pet friendly
  • Wi-fi across the park
  • Beautiful Views
  • Access to Site Facilities

It is essential that you, as the buyer, or your representative, ensure that all property details are accurate and check the site licence, periodical fees, utilities, tenure, sizes, utilities etc. Sell My Park Home Ltd.