Two Bed Pemberton Knightsbridge (42x14)



Moor Lane Leisure Park, Southport, Lancashire

Pre-Owned, 2 bedroom, fully equipped kitchen with build in washing machine and dishwasher, large shower room with full size bath, spacious en-suite with shower, walk in wardrobe, sliding doors to living and dining area front French doors to Veranda. Home situated outer ring pitch with private driveway, gardens and balcony and views across open countryside.


  • Private driveway, gardens and balcony
  • French doors to veranda
  • Spacious en-suite with shower
  • Walk in wardrobe
  • Fully equipped kitchen

It is essential that you, as the buyer, or your representative, ensure that all property details are accurate and check the site licence, periodical fees, utilities, tenure, sizes, utilities etc. Sell My Park Home Ltd.

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