5 reasons to go for GOLDShield

5 reasons to go for GoldShield

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, March 7, 2018

GoldShield is the market-leading Warranty Scheme, covering inherent defects in the structure of new park homes, for up to ten years.

Benefits of the scheme are numerous for the Park but here are the top 5 reasons you, as a Park Home Owner should GO FOR GOLD with GoldShield:

  1. Full structural cover for up to ten years

Any defects, which you weren’t aware of when you bought your home, shall be covered under the Warranty Scheme. This includes; windows and doors frames, roofing, exteriors and interiors.

  1. Work undertaken by approved, reliable GoldShield contractors

Any work, which is required under your warranty shall be carried out by accredited tradesmen, all approved by GoldShield and arranged on your behalf

  1. Easy registration process

If you buy your park home from one of GoldShield’s registered manufacturers (full list on the GoldShield website) & your Park is registered with GoldShield, then the process is as simple as filling out a form, supplied to you, upon purchase.

  1. Access to premium park home maintenance packages

GoldShield Care is the perfect way to save on your annual park home maintenance and repair bills. If you’re covered by our market-leading GoldShield warranty scheme, it will also ensure your residence meets all the necessary requirements if you ever need to make a claim.

  1. Peace of mind in your Park Home with GoldShield

Now it’s TIME TO RELAX, safe in the knowledge that GoldShield has your park home covered!

The market-leading GoldShield 10-year warranty is for park home owners and is provided and administered on behalf of the manufacturers and the NCC, the industry’s trade body.


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