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What Should I Consider When Selling My Lodge?

Posted by Sell My Group in Lodges, December 5, 2019

When the time comes and you are thinking about selling your lodge, there are a few things you will need to consider.  Firstly, are you sure that you want to sell?  You may have many reasons why a holiday home is no longer working out for you – or, you could be selling a lodge as part of an arrangement you have with a park.  In any case, it is easier than ever before to start selling your holiday property.

While there are a few ways through which you can sell your lodge, the quickest and easiest way is to sell through Sell My Group.  In this guide, we will take a look at what you need to consider before selling your holiday property outright, and before approaching one of our team.  We will also give you more information on why selling a lodge online is the best option for you and your buyers.

Are you worried about getting started with a lodge sale?  Don’t be.  We’re here to help, and what’s more, there are scores of people out there ready and waiting to invest in your property, no matter where you may be based.

Reasons for Selling A Lodge

There are a few reasons why you may wish to sell your lodge.  It may no longer be of use to you, or you may have found a different lodge elsewhere and would like to free up capital.  You may also have decided to sell on your lodge before deprecation starts to take effect, or you may have arranged with your park to sell your lodge in light of upgrades you have made within contract.

Regardless, providing you have agreed to do so with your park, you are free to sell your home whenever you wish.  You can choose to sell your lodge either through the park, or directly with a service such as SellMyGroup, who will help you to market your property to people who are genuinely interested in buying.

There has never been a bigger market for holiday homes than right now.  More people are choosing to explore their home country in light of tighter budgets, but also in light of the fact that the UK is home to some truly stunning countryside and coastal retreats.  They deserve to be discovered and explored by all.  What better way to get a vantage point on the UK’s finest resorts than through a holiday home?

Considering Tax

If you are thinking about selling your lodge, you should make sure that you are up to speed on any taxes which may apply.  Certain charges will apply from HM Revenue and Customs should you choose to sell, which means it is worth entering into discussions with both your park operator and a financial expert.  An accountant will likely be able to give you full advice on fees you need to pay, particularly as charges can and will vary from one property to the next.  Do keep an open mind.

Read our holiday home tax guide here

How Much Is A Lodge Worth?

Before you start selling your lodge, you must make sure you are clear on the price you expect to receive for it.  While you can set the price and list your property through SellMyGroup, you will always be able to set your prices.

Therefore, to command a willing buyer to your cause, you should make sure your holiday home is set up at a price most people will be willing to pay.  If in doubt, make sure you ask the advice of your park operator.  They will have initially sold your holiday property to you, in which case, you should take their word as a good template to start from.  Do bear in mind that, after years of even the most careful use, you may not get the same price as what you paid at the point of sale.  Depreciation, particularly when it comes to caravans, can have a huge effect on value.

However, other things can really boost holiday home value.  For example, decking and skirting installations are known to drive up price demand.  What’s more, if your holiday park has made big changes to their facilities in recent years, or continues to host in a popular location, then you may even expect the value of your home to increase.  It is just as much about the quality of your neighbourhood as it is about the quality of your own caravan or lodge.

Do You Need to Inspect Your Property?

In some cases, it makes sense to have your holiday home surveyed and inspected before selling your lodge.  This means that you can be sure that all issues are taken care of ahead of going ahead with a listing.  Any potential issues such as structural damage or wear and tear should be addressed as soon as you know you want to sell.  You will need to attend to any major problems as a priority, too.  Otherwise, you are simply not going to receive the offers or interest you expect and deserve.

Do consult your park operator regarding inspections and how they could affect your sale.  It is worth appealing to your operator as they may be able to recommend a service or an expert who can carry out checks for you.

Naturally, you must also ensure that you undertake final gas and electricity safety checks before you list your property.  Otherwise, your buyers may be at serious risk if following through on a sale.

Considering Your Park Agreement

When you bought your holiday property, you will have signed a contract or a series of arrangements with your park operator.  Providing you have read your contracts carefully, and that your park operator is happy for you to sell your lodge for sale, you can feel free to press on with marketing.

However, do make sure to consider any notice you may need to give to your operator, as well as any costs which may incur through disconnection.  These fees and terms should always be clearly laid out in any agreements you were willing to sign.  These terms are in place so that your park operator can prepare for new ownership, in line with selling your lodge through SellMyGroup.

If you do not wish to remain on the park, make sure you discuss termination carefully with your operator.  You may be bound to specific terms which mean you cannot sell your property right away.  Consult your contracts, and speak with a solicitor if you have any concerns.

Selling A Lodge Through Sell My Group

At SellMyGroup, we make it quick and easy for individuals to sell their holiday properties, whether lodges or caravans, to people who are genuinely interested.  We have adopted an online marketing system which allows us to target people who are actively interested in visiting or buying holiday property across the UK.  Therefore, you can list your property through our platform and wait for people to approach you with offers.

Selling a holiday home is simple through our straightforward online form and interface.  We have also made the costs of listing holiday property affordable, with a one-off fee to sell your holiday home on-site and across national social media and targeted advertising.  We charge £400 + VAT, equivalent to £480 at the time of publication, for all holiday home listings.  We charge a flat fee as it is both simple and economical for our listers.  We do not apply hidden fees or costs.

Selling a lodge through SellMyGrouo is similar to selling homes through Rightmove.  You have complete control over your listing, where you can upload images and let buyers know what to expect from your property’s specifics.

Our listing portal is safe and secure, and supports payment through a variety of different methods such as Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, AMEX and PayPal.  We want to to be as flexible as possible for people who are interested in selling a lodge to the right people.

Do make sure you speak with a member of our team if you do have any concerns about selling or listing your property through SellMyGroup.  You can either call our main helpline or chat with us online to find out more.

Get Ready to Sell A Lodge!

Selling your holiday property doesn’t have to be a complicated process.  We want to make the process as simple and as straightforward as possible for all, no matter the type of property you are selling, and no matter where you may be selling from.

Trust a holiday home seller with years of experience.  We actively find engaged buyers and highlight holiday properties looking for speedy sales with genuine results.  We want to make sure you get the asking price you deserve, in which case, we offer you as much control and power over your listing as physically possible.  Take control of your holiday listing and let SellMyGroup help you find the right audience.