Benefits of park home living

Park Home Living

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, March 31, 2016

The Benefits of Park Home Living

In the current UK housing market, buying a home is more difficult than ever. While mortgage rates are relatively low, renting is at record highs which means its harder than ever for young people to make their first step on the property ladder.

This makes things just as complicated for more senior citizens who are looking to sell their home, possibly to downsize.

However, there is another option. park homes, which once had a slightly negative reputation in the past. Park homes ARE growing in popularity due to the both the increased quality of the build and legislation of the 2013 Mobile Homes Act.

With the development of luxury park homes by a number of leading UK brands, including Omar, Prestige and Tingdene, the stigma of park home living has disappeared and has being replaced by an image of quality and community.

So why are so many people choosing to opt for a park home instead of a conventional house, and what makes them so appealing?

Here at Sell My Group, offering the UK’s best range of residential park homes for sale, we want to show you what you could be missing out on, that’s why we have put together this definitive list of the benefits of park home living.

1. The Cost of park home living

The first reason the majority of potential buyers would want to know more about is the cost of a park home.

As a rule of thumb, the cost of any park home in comparison to a bricks and mortar house is cheaper. Just take a look at the range of prices that Sell My Group has to offer.

An added bonus is new park homes come with at least some pre installed furnishings and fittings, giving you the opportunity to sell some of your current furniture and save some extra cash.

There is of course also the savings to be made on your bills. Generally, park homes are much more economical than normal homes, so your water, heating and electric can end up being comfortably reduced.

2. Self Sufficiency

An increasing number of brand new park homes are being fitted with things like solar panels, small wind turbines or rain water, taking the strain of your power bills and making your home self sufficient.

Because park homes aren’t built from bricks and mortar, the materials from which they are made are eco-friendlier than traditional bricks and mortar.

What this combination of eco technology and sustainably sourced materials means is you will make further savings on energy whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Peace & Quiet

If you have ever lived in a city centre block of flats or in a row of thinly walled terrace houses, you’ll really understand the value of peace and quiet.

There are few things worse than being unable to sleep or merely feel comfortable in your home because a noisy neighbour, be it the flat above or the house next door.

The brilliance of a park home is that they are entirely detached from other park homes, are single storey and have a considerable piece of land surrounding so that you’ll be comfortably out of earshot of any overly noisy neighbours.

Generally, the average age of a park home community will be towards the older end of the spectrum, making it less likely for general consistent noise anyway.

They are also commonly based out of town centres and off and away from main roads, so there’s a lot less chance of being bothered traffic and  emergency service sirens.

4. Security with park home living

Another thing aiding your peace and quiet is the security at a regular park home community. Being out the way of town and city centres, park home communities are largely uninhabited by anyone other than residents.

The majority of park home living communities take a number of security measures to make its residence feel safer, particularly because a good number of them will most likely be of a senior age.

The most common security precautions include vehicle registration at the front gate, parking permits, occasional wardens, CCTV security cameras and they will always have a site manager available to contact if you encounter any troubles.

Most importantly there is always strength in numbers. Before long you are likely to know a number of your neighbours so it really comes down to being friendly and generating a community spirit to make everyone feel as safe as possible.

5. Attraction When Downsizing

As we get older, no matter how active you are the process of cleaning your 4-bedroom family home or hiking up and down the stairs for the loo becomes increasingly difficult, especially once the kids have all moved out and it’s just you and your other half.

Choosing a park home will make your life so much easier because not only are they across just one floor like a bungalow, but there are plenty of different sizes available for you to downsize from your current home size and still have rooms for the occasional guest.

6. Plenty Of Space

Living a on housing estate, or a block of flats or close to a busy road, there a few home comforts you have to concede.

Being able to have a garden or a personal parking space are things which are very unlikely to work out for you.

If you choose a park home, then these are two things you can guarantee. Every park home has a sizeable piece of land between you and next door meaning there is plenty of rooms for the kids or grand kids to run around, as well as a small and manageable garden.

They also have at least one designated parking space, removing those worries you used to have every day about whether your wing mirror would still be in tact the following morning.

7. A Community Spirit

In recent years it has become increasingly common for pay little or no attention to those who live around us. The days of knocking on your neighbour’s door to borrow something are long gone.

If this sense of community is something which you enjoy, then buying a park home may well be your best option to reigniting it.

Because of their distance from other homes, the average age being slightly older and some parks having minimum age requirements, people tend to come together and enjoy each others company in park home communities because they have a fair amount in common.

It’s not uncommon for clubs, activities and societies to be organised on park grounds, so you might get plenty more enjoyment out of moving than just the home itself.

From this hopefully it is very clear that there are so many benefits to park home living. If you are currently considering a move, why not take a look at a park home before you make any hasty decisions.