Buying a Static Caravan – Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a Static Caravan – Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Justin Allitt in Static Caravans, November 4, 2019

Whether you are buying a static caravan for yourself, or if you intend to let it, there are likely to be plenty of questions you’d like to ask.  The buying process can seem a little daunting at first, however, once you know what to look for, you may find purchasing your own pitch very straightforward.

If you’re buying a static caravan for the first time, here are answers to many common queries you’re likely to ask.  If your question or query isn’t here, don’t worry – why not take a look at our other guides to buying and setting up a static caravan for more information?

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How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Static Caravan?

The price you pay for a static caravan will largely be determined by unit age and park location.  Unfortunately, there are no average rates for static holiday caravans from park to park, so do make sure to take a look around for the best prices.  Do bear in mind, however, that the more you pay, the better the investment – on the whole.

Is It Really Worth Paying More for a Static aravan?

When it comes to static caravans, you will generally find that the more you pay, the more features you’ll receive.  You’re also likely to find bigger caravans for more money, too.  However, this isn’t to say that it’s not worth looking for a bargain.

Should I Always Buy New?

Many people will recommend that you buy a new static caravan as opposed to a used model.  This is because second-hand caravans may arrive with extra costs and problems that you may need to fix in the long run.  You will need to balance whether it is worth paying more for a new caravan upfront, or more over time to maintain an older caravan.  If you are buying to let, you will likely find more interest with a new model, and it will be easier for you to manage as a landlord.

How Do I Take Out Caravan Finance at a Park?

If you want to pay for a static holiday caravan on finance, you should discuss matters with your chosen park.  They may be able to help you sign a deal where you can spread the cost of ownership for months and years to come.  However, these deals normally have high interest applied, which means the cost of spreading may be higher in the long run than to pay outright.  Make sure to look through any paperwork you receive carefully, and to consult a solicitor or financial advisor if you have any concerns.

You can also apply for finance with Pegasus Finance here.

Can I Buy a Static Caravan to Live In?

It’s generally advised that you only used static holiday homes for short periods.  You won’t receive the same protection and standards you expect from residential homes, and what’s more, you won’t be covered by appropriate park licensing.  Unfortunately, you cannot buy a static caravan on a holiday park to live in. Read read more on this subject on our blog

‘Can you live in a Static Caravan all Year Round?’

Can I Bring Pets With Me?

You will need to check this with your park operator.  While you will have ownership of your static caravan, some parks operate a strict no-pets policy.  However, many are open and willing for you to bring animals with you.  Many holiday parks in the countryside will allow dogs, for example, as local walks will appeal to dog walkers.

What Fees Will Holiday Parks Charge?

Site Fees for hosting a static caravan at a holiday park will vary from area to area.  These fees are based on location, amenities, size, and any additional services.  It is worth researching holiday park prices for the area you wish to have a holiday home.  Do be aware, too, that holiday parks will charge you for gas and electric, as well as other authority fees, where applicable.  Make sure to discuss fees and your contract with a park operator in detail before you sign anything.

How Long Can I Pitch at a Holiday Park?

This can vary from park to park, though anywhere usually from 15 years to 99 years for a new static caravan. If the static caravan is second hand it will be the remaining time on the lease. However, some parks don’t have stay limits, meaning that this is ultimately up for negotiation.

Can I Have A Pitch Anywhere?

On a new park, many parks will let you choose a pitch first-come-first-served.  Therefore, most of the time, you will simply need to choose from zones allocated by your park.  In some cases, however, holiday parks will allow you to reserve pitches for a deposit.

Should I Buy Insurance?

Yes.  Even if you are only going to use your static caravan as a holiday home, make sure to take out coverage for both the caravan itself, as well as for its purpose as a holiday home.  If you are going to let the caravan, make sure to take out business insurance, income support, and public liability cover.  These policies are all worth the monthly costs for the peace of mind they bring. See more of static caravan insurance here.

Who Keeps and Maintains My Static Caravan?

While you will be hosting on a holiday park site, it is generally going to be your responsibility to make sure that you maintain and care for your property.  Some parks will offer to drain and maintain your caravan through winter care schemes during the colder months for a fee, however.  Otherwise, you can expect to hold complete jurisdiction over your caravan.  This may vary from park to park, however, so make sure to check your contract in detail. Read more on maintenance here.

Can I Make Money From My Static Caravan?

The short answer is yes you can.  You can let your holiday home providing your park agrees to such measures.  Register with HM Revenue and Customs for self-assessment and pay regular taxes.  You will also need to pay for furnishings and safety features to ensure your tenants can be assured of safe, comfortable holidays.  However, do take this process carefully, as there are some schemes and services out there which come with complex terms and conditions attached.  Make sure to consult a solicitor for advice.

Will Parks Be Open All Year Round?

Thanks to the nature of British weather and climate, there is no guarantee of holiday parks staying open across the seasons.  Generally, you can expect holiday parks to stay open for up to 10 out of 12 months, but this will really vary.  Some people will want to holiday in the colder months, but some parks may not see the economic benefits of staying open.  This is something you should discuss with your operator.

What Can I Expect From My Park Contract?

When discussing buying a static holiday caravan and pitch from a park operator, your contract should cover your basic rights as a holidaymaker.  Make sure to look for information on fees, changes to rates, and what may be expected of you as a holidaymaker at the park.  You should also take time to check your contract for information on how long you can pitch up for, and where.  Some contracts can be long and complex, which is why it is important to make sure you read everything carefully.  Many park operators will be happy for you to take your contract away, or for you to discuss your options with a solicitor.

Read more about contacts and legal matter here.

When Can I Sell My Caravan?

You will need to check any contracts or licenses you sign with your park operator.  In most cases, park operators will let you sell your home and plot providing you adhere to specific terms.  When you will be able to sell your caravan, too, will depend on the terms you sign.  It is crucial that you retain any contracts or documents you sign for your home, as otherwise, your ability to sell later on may be seriously compromised. 

If you are thinking of selling pour static caravan go to our Selling Page.

Can Anyone Stay in My Caravan?

Yes – within the contract you sign with your park operator.  As the owner, you can allow friends and family to stay in your static home, or you can choose to let it.  It is free for you to use as you wish, providing you do not do so for any illegal activities or those which are likely to harm other residents or the park and its reputation.  These are general terms, however, which means it is always a good idea to look through the fine print with a solicitor.


Buying a static holiday caravan can be exciting.  However, there are plenty of points you will need to consider before you buy.  Above all, you should look carefully at your budget and sign up for applicable insurance.

UK holiday parks are warm and welcoming places, however, do always make sure you retain paperwork, and that you understand what you are paying for.  There are many holiday parks and sites for you to choose from up and down the UK, which means the hardest task is comparing and contrasting between them all.  Choose a static caravan that fits safely within your budget, and which is at a park that appeals to you.

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