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Thinking of Moving in Retirement

Moving in Retirement?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a Holiday Home, June 13, 2018

Thinking of Moving in Retirement? Once you’ve retired you probably want a more peaceful way of life, with a quiet atmosphere and a more relaxing way of living. This is completely understandable and we can see why more and more people are choosing to retire to a more peaceful locale. During our whole working life we are hurrying around and being busy. This appears to be truer and truer every day as we rely on […]


Reasons to buy a park home

Eight Reasons to Buy a Park Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a Holiday Home, June 12, 2018

There are many reasons to buy a park home, especially if you are retired. With so many features to a park home, there are so numerous reasons why this is such a good idea as you get older. Living in a park home allows you to maintain your independence for longer, and keep you comfortable at all stages of your life, whilst offering independent living in your own home. With so many  reasons why moving into […]


Buying park homes, lodges, static caravans

Buying a Static Caravan, Lodge or Park Home?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a Holiday Home, March 1, 2018

Have you ever been interested in owning a static caravan, lodge, or park home? There is now an easy way to make your dreams a reality. Whether you fancy a holiday retreat or a permanent change of scenery, Sell My Group has everything covered. If you’re looking to buy now or in the future, you can browse all the available options from the comfort of your own home. Forget touring the country as you try […]


Best Holiday Homer Investments

Buying a Holiday Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a Holiday Home, February 9, 2018

Why buy a holiday home? More people than ever before are investing in a holiday home. According to the Resolution Foundation, one in ten British adults is now a second homeowner. The majority of those buy second properties as holiday home investment. If you are thinking of becoming one of them, you can make the most of your holiday home investment by choosing wisely. Buying a holiday home in the UK is not just a […]


How to choose the best park home

How To Choose The Best Park Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Buying a Holiday Home, February 8, 2018

Lifestyle living is now a real feature of retirement. This new way of embracing life in your golden years has opened up a plethora of property options. Buying a slice of the countryside or a spot by the sea in a peaceful, secure environment is not just commonplace it can be cost-effective too. Downsizing to a residential park home, for example, can provide contemporary living while freeing up cash to spend enjoying yourself. But how […]