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A consumer guide to Park home living

Park home living

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, July 21, 2015

Park home living – your questions answered, a consumer guide to Park home living For thousands of people, security, peace of mind and a delightful living environment are just some of the benefits of park home living. Moving to a residential park can mean swapping urban life for a peaceful place in the country and becoming part of a friendly, like-minded community. Many downsize to a park home, releasing capital in their bricks-and-mortar to fund […]


Bird life


Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, July 8, 2015

Supporting and Encouraging Birdlife Bird life is so much a part of the British countryside and the outdoor experience that parks offer. Rufus Bellamy reports on the worrying decline in their number and what parks can do to help One of the joys of a holiday on a park is waking up to the dawn chorus. However, over the last 40 years there has been a drop in the population of the UK’s songbirds and such […]


Capital Gains Tax

CGT and Park Homes?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, February 15, 2015

Do you have to pay Capital Gains Tax on Park Homes? The simple answer to this is yes, selling a park home would be subject to Capital Gains Tax like any other asset. However, here is the possibility of the owner claiming PPR (Principal Private Residence) relief, as it is connected to services on the park (as opposed to just being parked). If you have another home, or have it let it out during the […]


Park Operators

Park Operators Sales

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, April 29, 2014

Advertising One of the most frustrating  and expensive areas for park operators when selling stock is getting the advertising right. The aim of advertising is to try and reach as many potential buyers as possible, whilst capturing the correct demographic for the least amount of money spent. Whist estate agents have little knowledge of the park industry and with Rightmove not offering a dedicated search on their desktop site, the avaiability to advertise stock on […]


park home rules

Park Home Rules

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, July 28, 2013

Changes in Park Home Rules: Age Rule, Mobile Homes Act 2013 Most residential Parks currently have an age rule in force or advertise as a retirement park. We have been asked with the the introduction of the Mobile Homes Act 2013, are current park home rules on age still relevant and are they enforceable? New Regulations New regulations are due to be published soon in relation to the implementation of your park rules, under the […]