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10 Top Tips for Choosing a Park Home Estate Agent

Posted by Sell My Group in Selling, September 24, 2016

According to Zoopla, throughout our lifetimes, most of us will move house around eight times, but it can still be something of a stressful experience, which is why the help of an estate agent is so invaluable. This is especially true when selling a park home, as these properties require specialist knowledge that a specialist can provide can provide. However, you’ll quickly find that not all agents work the same, or provide the same level […]


Selling a park home

Selling a Park Home using Home Staging

Posted by Justin Allitt in Selling, July 14, 2016

Home staging is the preparation for selling a park home or any other property. Home staging has proven itself an effective means of hitting or getting close to the desired asking price. It can not only speed up the process of selling but if done correctly, raise the value of a park home property. Here are five home staging tips which are specifically aimed at those selling a park home. Create A Gender Neutral Master […]


Know Your Rights When Selling a Park Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Selling, May 16, 2016

In years gone by, when selling a park home, a significant amount of responsibility rested with the park owner and you would pay them a visit and complete any paperwork. However, all this changed in May 2013, The Mobile Homes Act was introduced to give more protection to park homeowners. Opinion is mixed on whether this has improved the selling of a park home. Some say the act was not needed, others disagree and say the act has […]


10 Top Tips for Selling your Park Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Selling, March 15, 2016

Selling a park home is similar to selling a ‘bricks and mortar’ home in many respects; it requires its owner(s) to undertake a lot of cleaning, maintenance, paperwork and patience often. It is important to understand though the differences that exist between selling a ‘bricks and mortar’ home and a park home property not only in order to ensure you succeed in selling your park home, but to ensure you sell it for the best […]


Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Does a Park Home need an EPC (EPC’s)?

Posted by Justin Allitt in Selling, July 16, 2013

We recently visited a park home for sale on Willowgrove Park (a holiday and residential park) in Preesall, Lancashire. Surprisingly, the estate agent  selling the home stated the owners needed an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) when selling a park home. So does a park home need an E.P.C. (Energy Performance Certificate) when on the open market to sell? As from 30th June 2011, The Department for Communities and Local Governments required EPCs for holiday lets in England & […]