Choosing Your Dream Retirement Home

Choosing Your Dream Retirement Home

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, April 12, 2018

For many people of a certain age in their lives, retirement is something more than just a dream, it’s something to start planning for. The dream of no more work, children all grown up and independent and finally some freedom to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Choosing a dream retirement home is an important first step in living a retirement luxury!

Many people choose to downsize when they retire, simply because it makes things cheaper and easier. That’s what retirement is all about – living the simple, easy life.

However, choosing your dream retirement home is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Read on for some tips on choosing your retirement home and make sure that you don’t fall into any of the common traps.

Think About The Future

When choosing a retirement home, you will need to consider the fact that this is a home that will probably last you well into old age. As hard as it is to think about getting older, you will need to think about making sure your dream retirement home can accommodate the physical needs that will arise as you age.

Make sure when you’re looking at houses that you consider how easy they will be to maintain when you no longer have the physical capabilities to do so. You should also think about how well the house will adapt when you aren’t as able. For example if the house has three stories, then you will need to think about whether you will want or be able to climb all those stairs when you’re older.

Location Of Your Retirement Home

Location is always important when choosing any home, but more so when picking out a retirement place. Once you are retired you probably won’t want to travel around as much. You’re not working, you don’t need to commute so why put yourself through hours of travel just to have a day out, or visit friends and family?

Making sure that your dream retirement home has everything you need and want right on your doorstep is a great option. Having a local supermarket just down the road will make life so much easier and having friends and family nearby will give you peace of mind and make retirement that much more comfortable.

You may also want to consider what kind of attractions and places to visit are nearby. Being retired means that you have so much free time to do all kinds of things. Things you never had a chance to do when you worked. Choosing a retirement place which is near lots of interesting things to do will give you a chance to get out and explore the places around you. Whether you’re into the countryside or arts, history and culture – do a little research around the place you’re thinking about and it will pay off in the long run.

Family And Friends

Speaking of family and friends, one thing that you will want to give serious thought to is whether or not you have guest bedrooms. Many retired people choose to go for a one or two bedroom retirement home, simply because it is easier to upkeep and maintain. However many people choose to have a guest bedroom or two in their homes.

Whether you decide to go for extra rooms or not will depend on whether you have family and friends that will want to stay. This is especially important if you have grandkids, or are expecting grandkids. They may want to stay with their grandparents with the cool house!

Planning The Interior

So you’ve found a great house, with a good amount of space, in a great location and will be easy to maintain. Now you need to decide how to decorate the interior. If you’re downsizing then you will need to decide which items of furniture you can afford to take with you and what items that you’ll have to get rid of.

Some people choose to get rid of all their furniture and start afresh when moving into their retirement home. Alternatively, a buyer may just choose to keep a few pieces that are more expensive or hard to come by such as living room suites, dining furniture or beds. However downsizing means that you can’t keep all items of your furniture, unless you want to live in a really crowded house!

You will also need to think about making sure that your furniture will last and adapt as you get older. Chances are that when you get older you won’t want to mess around with getting new furniture and having to get rid of old, broken stuff. Making sure that your furniture will last is important. Also making sure that it won’t look old or dated is important, that way you won’t have to bother decorating with every change of style or season.

Making Dreams A Reality

Once you’ve decided on all of the above, you will want to make it reality. Finding a home that fits all of your needs will be hard but if you are really dedicated you will find it. To make it easier, there are many leisure parks and retirement parks that are designed specifically with people like you in mind.

These places are designed with lots of facilities and amenities nearby, so you can never be without everything you need. They are often securely gated, with special locks given only to residents and pass codes for any visitors. This means that you will always feel safe and secure. These parks are also located in the midst of many great attractions, so you will never be far from things to do. You will also never be far from friends and family as all the parks have great transport links.

Hopefully, these tips will have helped you make some easier decisions when it comes to choosing your dream retirement home. If you’re interested in retirement parks that we have described then check out our pages of parks. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you! You can search for parks via our website.