Gold Shield Warranty

5 Reasons to use Gold Shield

Posted by Justin Allitt in Comment, March 7, 2018

When buying a park home, you obviously want to make sure that you are buying into exceptional quality!  All new park homes should arrive with quality manufacture as a guarantee.  However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of extra protection in place.  That, for many people who own park homes, is where the Gold Shield warranty scheme comes in.

While any park home agreement you sign will bind you to look after your property, there are still a few things that may fall outside of your control.  For example, what about housing defects?  You might also need help fixing problems in your property which could impact on your enjoyment of your new home.

You don’t want to spend weeks out of your home waiting for a repair.  You also shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of pounds out of your own pocket fixing issues that aren’t your fault!

Therefore, thousands of park homeowners go for gold with Gold Shield.  But what exactly does GoldShield do, and why is it thought to be the leading standard in park home warranties?

What is Gold Shield?

Gold Shield is the leading British standard for park home warranties in the UK.  The service offers property owners the chance to protect their homes for inherent structural damage for up to a decade.  Therefore, you should get plenty of coverage in the first ten years of your retirement without worry about defects.

Here at SellMyGroup, we highly recommend you look into Gold Shield if you’re buying a new park property.  All the parks we list with offer reputable, well-built homes; however, in case of a structural problem occurring, it is always a good idea to have extra backing.

Why Get a Park Home Warranty?

Just as you would take out insurance for a traditional property, or for your possessions, you’d make sure to protect an asset or a car.  A park home, of course, is an asset with a little bit of a difference!  It’s a huge investment.  Therefore, taking out a warranty just makes perfect sense.

What will you do if your home develops a fault weeks into ownership?  What if you don’t have the money available to fix a major problem?  If you’re going to enjoy your park home to the fullest, and if you’re going to honour your agreement, you should get as much protection as you can handle.

Gold Shield is a name in park home warranty standards that we believe you should invest in.  You only have to see how many home manufacturers choose Gold Shield as the standard for warranty protection!

Here are five great reasons why we think you should go for gold before settling into your new park home!

You Get Full Structural Cover for up to Ten Years

During the first ten years of owning a park home, you never know what could happen.  While all park homes offer incredible luxury and quality manufacture, if there are any slight problems or issues, you should never have to pay out for them yourself.  That’s where Gold Shield comes in.

Gold Shield will cover park homes which develop defects you weren’t aware of when you first bought your property.  For up to a decade, Gold Shield will cover you for defects and problems that stem from exterior fittings, interior design and more.

You will receive cover for windows, doors, frames, and even your roof.  If you’d like to know more about everything GoldShield covers you for, do make sure to check out their policy details before you buy.  Thankfully, their website is very helpful if you’re just starting out as a park homeowner!

Gold Shield Provides Reliable Contractors

If you do need any work undertaking at your property, Gold Shield will always supply contractors and specialists they fully verify.  Your warranty gives you access to tradespeople who can carry out maintenance work with your approval.

Parks and homeowners recognise Gold Shield as a leading industry name in insurance and warranty supply.  Therefore, the contractors who fix everything up for you are reliable and qualified in everything they do.  The last thing you need is tradesmen who don’t know what they’re doing!

Gold Shield works with a variety of trusted contractors and services.  That means they will carefully choose the right professionals to ensure your property defects are completely brought up to code.  They are incredibly precise.

It’s Easy to Register

Setting up with GoldShield couldn’t be easier.  In fact, you can check out the full list of Gold Shield partner manufacturers on the service’s website.  Therefore, when you buy a home from a specific brand, you’ll know if you’re getting GoldShield protection.

The process from here is very simple!  When you choose your perfect park home, you’ll get the chance to apply with GoldShield.  This means, alongside signing park agreements and other documents, your warranty starts from the date you move in.

This should be appealing to anyone who is worried about getting full protection from the word go.  While your park agreement will cover and protect you on many different bases, a GoldShield warranty will add an extra level of care that you can rely on should any problems arise that aren’t your fault.

SellMyGroup lists for parks and manufacturers that receive protection from GoldShield.  We’d strongly recommend you look at the parks and homes currently available on our site for more details.

Save Money on Maintenance and More

If you’ve read our full guide on park home maintenance, you will know that there are many different things you need to consider and pay for.  All park home agreements will expect you to take good care of your property.  But what happens when problems occur that you don’t expect to pay for?  Without a good warranty in place, it is therefore likely going to be you that foots the bill.  That’s money you are probably better off saving for other things, as we’re sure you’ll agree!

That’s why signing up with GoldShield just makes good sense.  When you sign up for a warranty, you will get protection for a wide variety of problems and common issues.  If a manufacturer gets GoldShield approval, that means your home meets all the necessary requirements.  You never have to worry about jumping through any additional hurdles!

If the thought of keeping up to repairs and extensive fixes is putting you off buying a park home, please don’t worry.  A GoldShield warranty will ensure that you have complete backing.  There are, of course, a few things that a warranty won’t cover you for.  Therefore, we recommend you carefully read through the cover you receive from GoldShield before you sign any documents.

In any case, simply registering for warranty means you will automatically save money in the long term.  Think of the costs that could escalate if you don’t receive the cover you need!

You Can Relax

The whole point of buying a park home is so that you can retire with ease.  The last thing you are going to need is to worry about what to fix and how to pay for repairs.  Therefore, taking out a GoldShield warranty should take much of this concern off your plate.  As you’ll receive a registration offer at the point of agreement, you can choose whether to go ahead from early on in your ownership.

Gold Shield’s ten-year warranty service is market-leading.  That means many of the biggest and best-known park home manufacturers are already giving new owners the chance to protect themselves.  The first thing you are going to want to do is to settle into your park home, safe in the knowledge that you’ll get the financial protection you need to bounce back from worst-case scenarios.

Choosing a GoldShield Warranty

From the start of your park ownership, you’ll likely get the chance to start a warranty with Gold Shield.  However, we understand that you’ll probably like to know a little bit more about the brand before you sign anything!  It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

Therefore, make sure to take a look at their full website and terms.  Gold Shield gives you a full rundown of everything you can expect from their policies and cover.  Here at SellMyGroup, we are confident that you’ll find all the cover you need for your new park home.  However, we understand that you’ll want to take your time looking through terms and conditions before you sign!

Buying and moving into a park home is very exciting.  Why risk your long-term happiness without a warranty?  You should also think about saving yourself money for years to come.  Unfortunately, you never know when problems may strike.  Therefore, we strongly recommend you contact Gold Shield, or consider signing a warranty agreement as soon as you get the opportunity.

If you’d like to know more about owning a park home and the maintenance involved, SellMyGroup’s regular guides and blogs will help break everything down for you.  However, for all things warranty and park home protection, make sure to contact a Gold Shield agent who can help you on your journey to park homeownership!